Daniel Newton (Boone) Caffey Family


Daniel Newton (Boone) Caffey Family

Husband: Daniel Newton (Boone) Caffey

Born: 09 Jun 1838at: Shellyville, Meigs Co, Tn
Married: Abt 1897at: , , Mo
Died: 19 Nov 1909at: , Laclede Co, Mo
Buried: at: Graham Cemetery, near Charity, Dallas, Mo
Father: Robert Caffey
Mother: Miranda (Babe) Chambers
Other Spouses: Emily Unknown  

Wife: Mary J. McMahan

Born: Dec 1863at: , , Mo
Died: Jun 1920at: , Laclede Co, Mo
Buried: at: Good Springs Cemetery, Laclede Co, Mo


Name: Eveline Caffey
Born: 02 Nov 1893at: , , Mo
Died: 11 Sep 1975at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Virgil Lee Long  

Name: Infant Caffey
Born: 11 Apr 1898at: 
Died: 11 Apr 1898at: 
Buried: at: Graham Cemetery, near Charity, Dallas, Mo

Name: Infant Caffey
Born: 12 Mar 1899at: 
Died: 17 Mar 1999at: 
Buried: at: Graham Cemetery, near Charity, Dallas, Mo

Name: Russel T Caffey
Born: 08 Jan 1903at: 
Died: Dec 1958at: 
Buried: at: Graham Cemetery, near Charity, Dallas, Mo
Spouses: Maggie Bradshaw  

Name: Maggie Caffey
Born: 17 Dec 1903at: 
Died: at: 
Buried: at: Graham Cemetery, near Charity, Dallas, Mo

Name: Infant Caffey
Born: 03 Aug 1905at: 
Died: 03 Aug 1905at: 
Buried: at: Graham Cemetery, near Charity, Dallas, Mo

More Information:

About Daniel Newton (Boone) Caffey:

Home in 1870: Union, Laclede, Missouri
Daniel N Caffey 31
Emily Caffey 31
Robert Caffey 9
Mary D Caffey 7
Sarah E Caffey 5
Maranda A Caffey 2

1880 Census Place: Union, Laclede, Missouri
D N Caffey , Head, 42,Tn,NC,Tn,farmer,
Emily Caffey , Wife, 42,Tn,fla?,fla?,keeping house,
Robert Caffey , Son, 19,mo,Tn,Tn,at home,
Mary Caffey , Daughter, 16,mo,Tn,Tn,at school,
Ellen Caffey , Daughter, 14,mo,Tn,Tn,
Jane Caffey , Daughter, 9,mo,Tn,Tn,
Frances Caffey , Son, 4,mo, Tn,Tn,
Cordelia Caffey , Daughter, -1,mo,Tn,Tn,

Daniel's will (copy in file) lists spouse as 'Mary J. Caffey'. 1880 census lists Emily.: 1900 census Washington Twp., Webster Co, Mo lists Daniel living with wife, Mary (initial illegible) b. Dec 1863, in Mo Children, Francis (Thomas F. in census), Cordelia and Evelyn listed as living with them at that time.

I, Daniel N. Caffey, of Marshfield, Missouri, being of sound mind and memory do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my last will and Testament.First. I direct that at my death all my just debts and funeral expenses be first paid out of my estate,Second. To my wife Mary J. Caffey, should she survive me, I give and bequeathe the sum of Four Hundred Dollars, but only on the condition that she live with me as my Wife during the remainder of my lifetime; and should she fail to live nith me as a wife should during the remainder of my life then she to take nothing. Third. To my son Thomas P. Caffey -I give nothing for the reason that I have heretofore provided for him. Fourth. To my daughter Mary Caffey, my daughter Ellen Brake, my son Robert Caffey my daughter Evaline Caffey and the children of my deceased daughter Jane Doty I do hereby give, devise and bequeathe all the rest residue and remainder of my property, both real, personal and mixed and whereever situate in equal shares. That is the children of Jane Doty to have one share OR one fifth in said property.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 21st day of
August 1909,
(signed) Daniel N. Caffey

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