Robert Caffey Family


Robert Caffey Family

Husband: Robert Caffey

Born: 20 Jun 1814at: , Rockingham Co, NC
Married: 1837at: Shellyville, Meigs Co, Tn
Died: Abt 1870at: Lebanon, Laclede Co, Mo
Buried: at: 
Father: Thomas Caffey
Mother: Sarah Celia Stokes

Wife: Miranda (Babe) Chambers

Born: Abt 1819at: , , Mo
Died: at: , Laclede Co, Mo
Buried: at: 
Father: Canada Chambers
Mother: Betty Ann Thackson


Name: Daniel Newton (Boone) Caffey
Born: 09 Jun 1838at: Shellyville, Meigs Co, Tn
Died: 19 Nov 1909at: , Laclede Co, Mo
Buried: at: Graham Cemetery, near Charity, Dallas, Mo
Spouses: Emily Unknown  Mary J. McMahan  

Name: Elmira (Mira) B. Caffey
Born: 13 Jan 1840at: Shellyville, Meigs Co, Tn
Died: 28 May 1924at: , Laclede Co, Mo
Buried: at: Lonesome Hill Cem., Laclede Co, Mo
Spouses: Caleb (Cape) Houston Moore  

Name: Sarah Iris Caffey
Born: 1842at: Shellyville, Meigs Co, Tn
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: John P. Smith  

Name: Elizabeth Ann Caffey
Born: 1843at: Shellyville, Meigs Co, Tn
Died: Jul 1925at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: James Boyer  

Name: Margaret D Caffey
Born: Aug 1848at: , , Il
Died: 1920at: , Laclede Co, Mo
Buried: at: Lonesome Hill Cemetery near Phillipsburg, Mo
Spouses: Albert Biggs  

Name: Marina (Mary Ann) Caffey
Born: 22 Mar 1848at: , Laclede Co, Mo
Died: 09 Feb 1899at: , Laclede Co, Mo
Buried: at: Lonesome Hill Cem., Laclede Co, Mo
Spouses: James Wilson Yandle Jr.  

Name: Celia M Caffey
Born: 09 Aug 1850at: , Laclede Co, Mo
Died: 23 May 1934at: , Laclede Co, Mo
Buried: at: Lonesome Hill Cem., Phillipsburg, Laclede Co, Mo
Spouses: Allen Smith  Unknown Harper  George W Montgomery  Linden Marshall Biggs  Charles Chappell  

Name: Maranda (Babe) M Caffey
Born: 02 Sep 1856at: , Laclede Co, Mo
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Stephen Bilderback  

Name: Francis Marion (Frank) Caffey
Born: Feb 1862at: , Laclede Co, Mo
Died: 1919at: , Laclede Co, Mo
Buried: at: Lonesome Hill Cem., Laclede Co, Mo
Spouses: Mary Magdeline (Maggie) French  Ellen Atkinson  Sarah Hughart  

More Information:

About Robert Caffey:

Bounty Lands for Military Service -- CHEROKEE INDIAN REMOVAL. From Coffey
Cousin's Clearinghouse - Mar. 1986
Application made Nov. 9, 1850, Laclede Co. Missouri, by Robert Coffey, age 34 years. Enlisted 7 July, 1836 at Athens, Tennessee, for a 12 month period. Private in the company of Captain Miles Vernon, Regiment of Middle Tennessee, Mounted Volunteers, Colonel Joseph Bird. Discharged 7 July, 1837 at Decatur, Tennessee.

Application of Robert Caffey for Land Grant -- Obtained from National Archives,
Oct. 10, 1989, by James A. Willhite.

State of Missouri} Co. of LaClede} SSDI.
On this fourth day of October in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and fifty four, personally appeared before me John B. Harrison a Justice of the Peace within and the Co. of LaClede and State of Missouri Robert Caffey, aged forty years, a resident of the Co. and state aforesaid, who being duly sworn according to Law declare, that he is the identical Robert Caffey who was a private in the Company Commanded by Captain Miles Vernon. This claimant does not recollect the number nor kind of regiment to which he belonged OR his company belonged. But states to the best of his knowledge and recollection that the Officer commanding the Regiment was Colonel Joseph Byrd, in an expedition against the Cherokee Indians, commonly called the Cherokee War; that he volunteered in Meigs Co. State of Tennessee, and was mustered into service at OR near Athens in McMinn Co. state of Tennessee, on OR about the seventh day of July, Eighteen hundred and thirty six, by one Major Merle Payne for the term of twelve months, and continued in actual service in said war for the term (space) of twelve months, and was honorably discharged at the Town of Decator in Meigs Co. state of Tennessee on OR about the seventh day of July Eighteen hundred and thirty seven, on the account of his expiration of term of time of service. Which he believes will more OR less appear by sefferencz to the muster rolls of said company, his original certificate of discharge, having been lost OR mislaid. This affiant states that he hereby serves herein a statement from under the hand of Captain Miles Vernon, who commanded the said company in which he (applicant) served so as aforesaid, serving about the since your affiant was mustered into service, and how long he (affiant) served with equity within my knowledge. And that full faith and credit is given their sayings; and that they are residents of LaClede Co. in the state of Missouri. Given under my hand at office this forth day of October A.D. 1854. J.B. Harrison
Justice of the Peace

We las B. Cates and Thos. M. Alsap residents of the state of Missouri and in the town of Lebanon in the Co. of Laclede do solemnly swear that Robert Caffey signed the above declaration and Power of Attorney in our presents in the Co. and State aforesaid and that his signature is genuine and that we believe he is the identical man who served so as stated in his declaration and that he is about the age herein as stated.
Ias B. Cates
Thomas M. Alsap
Sworn and subscribed before me this the day of October A.D. 1854; and I do hereby certify that the said above names las B. Cates and Thos. M. Alsop are men of good moral character and that their credence is received with full power and effect ....(portion missing)...when and how mustered out of service which said statement bears date October the fourth day of A.D. 1854.
He (affiant) states, that he has already received from the United States a Land Warrant for Eighty Acres; and that he (affiant) makes this second declaration for the purpose of obtaining Eighty acres more of Bounty Land to which he believes he is entitled to under the "Act Granting Bounty Land to Certain Officers and soldiers who may have been engaged in the Military service of the United States". Passed September the 28th A.D., 1850. Never having known hiMself entitled under any former act of Congress. He hereby revokes any application made for Co. Land (except as above stated) previously made, OR that may have heretofore been presented (except as aforesaid) in his name at the Department; and he (affiant) does by there presents irrevocably constitute and appoint Don A. W. Kirchwell of Cave Spring in Wright Co. State of Missouri his true and lawful attorney, with full power of substitution, to prosecute the above mentioned claim, and the benefit of this deponent, upon this OR supplementary application, the Bounty Land Certificate OR Warrant to which he may be entitled, whenever the same may prove issued.
Robert Caffey

Sworn to and subscribed before me this day and year above mentioned (written); and I do hereby certify that I believe the said Robert Caffey to be the identical man who served so as aforesaid, and that he is the age above stated.
Harrison Justice of the Peace

I Robert Caffey do solemnly swear that I have solee the above warrant as stated and assigned over the same and do not now recollect the accuracy of such warrant and that the same cannot be returned
Robert Caffey
Sworn to and subscribed before me this October the fourth A.D. 1884.
J.B. Harrison Justice of the Peace

About Miranda (Babe) Chambers:

1880 Census Place: Union, Laclede, Missouri
Miranda CAFFEY Self F W W 65 Tn Occ: Farmer Fa: Tn Mo: NC
Francis CAFFEY Son M S W 18 MO Occ: At Home Fa: NC Mo: Tn

Living with son, Francis, at time of 1880 census Family plot on homestead (Kissee Cem?).

This story was related in a email letter from Jewell Alline Hutton to Robert D. Morris: "Miranda Caffey (Babe) helped my grandfather raise his children each time he was widowed. My mother (Gertrude (Gertie) Alline Caffey) recalled how Babe would spend days at a time staying with them. She would mend, make new clothes, cook and just generally be there. My Uncle Burl said he remembered her with great affection. My grandfather's first wife died of cancer. He married the next woman who had been his housekeeper during first wife's illness. The second one died in childbirth and then he got Mary M to marry him. She almost died early in their marriage from Typhoid fever. This illness left her very crippled and she had to crawl around the house for years. My mother had to do the washings, clean house, cook meals, etc before and after school. Mother was just 8 years when Grandpa Caffey died."

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