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Brock Cemetery Pope Co., AR
Pope County, Arkansas Cemeteries

Brock Cemetery
Pope County, Arkansas

Thanks go to C. L. and Lina Boyd for their work on this cemetery information


June 1, 1994...
Take Highway 7 north from Junction of Highway 27 in Dover for 22.2 miles, turn right on Victor Road (Forest Service Road #1000), go 4.1 miles. Turn right on Brock Cemetery Road and go .6 miles. Cemetery on left.

          Bower, Iris Luene    B         1935     D         1987

          Branch, Maybell      B         1898     D         1898
          Branch, William M.   B         1838     D         1908
          Sp:  Emma Simmons              Md: 08 Sep 1883 Pope Co. AR F-88
          Caldwell, Mary E.                       D  02 Aug 1912
          Fa:         Treadwell
          Sp:  Jim Caldwell              Md:  02 March 1902 Pope H 271
          No marker, article in Courier Democrat survived by husband and 3 children.
          Ch:  William, George and a daughter.
          Chisum, Carl D.      B  20 Feb 1945     D  06 May 1984
          Fa:  George Chisum            Mo:  Lavada Freeman
          Sp:  Gracie McMinn
          Ch:  Beverly Carlene, Donna Sue, Carl Ray, and Rachel
          Chisum, Gracie L.    B  29 Mar 1947
          Fa:  Levi McMinn              Mo:  Becky Freeman
          Sp:  Carl D. Chisum
          Felkins, Mary F.     B  15 Oct 1867     D  23 Jul 1907
          Fa:          Prince
          Sp: James Henry Felkins       Md: 02 Aug 1885 Pope Co. F-179
          Ch: Margaret Ann, John William, James Lemuel, Walter Howard, 
              Henry Franklin, Martha E., and Elsie

          Hursh, Mrs. W. H.    B  15 Oct 1811     D  11 Apr 1916
          note: Courier Democrat 27 Apr 1916
          Keithley, Victory B. B  19 Nov 1867     D  11 Sep 1875
          Laymon, Boyce D.     B  18 Jan 1949     D 26 Jul 1980
                                                  Dover, Pope Co. AR
          Fa:  Jesse Laymon             Mo:  Iva Treadwell
          Mayo, Elmer           B  07 Dec 1896     D 12 Sep 1915
          Fa:  T. E. Mayo
          note: Courier Democrat article gives birth as 1889

          Prince, Monroe        B  12 Apr 1907    D  11 Dec 1999
          Born Victor, Pope Co. AR Died Russellville, Pope Co. AR
          Fa: Houston James Prince       Mo:  Alice McGowan
          Sp: Josie
          Ch: Herbie Joe, Mildred Elizabeth, Hartsill E.
          Prince, Benjamin H.   B  25 Sep 1889    D 14 June 1909 Tag, Pope Co. AR
          Fa: John  M.  Prince           Mo: George Ann Bond
          Roberts, Delmer       B         1904     D 05 Mar 1912
          Fa: Robert Andrew Roberts      Mo: Ella Rebecca Kelley
          No marker, buried on right of Katie R. Standridge
          Information from article in Courier Democrat 05 Mar 1913
          Standridge, Delma     B  04 Mar 1926     D 01 Nov 1926
          Fa: Travis Standridge           Mo: Myrtle Branch
          Standridge, Johnnie   B         1908     D        1910
          Fa: Will C. Standridge          Mo: Katie Roberts
             Funeral Home marker
          Standridge, Katie     B     Jan 1890     D 06 May 1910
          Born Mountainburg, Crawford Co. AR
          Fa: Robert Andrew Roberts       Mo: Ella Rebecca Kelley
          Sp: Will C. Standridge          Md: 04 Sep 1906 Pope Co. 1456
          Ch: Johnnie and James Russell.
          Standridge, Love Joy  B         1895      D       1899
          Fa: Michael Standridge           Mo: Maggie Redwine
          Standridge, Martin Owen B       1843      D       1922
          Fa: Samuel Owen Standridge       Mo: Carolyn Dempsey
          Sp: Nancy Jane Branch Ware       Md: 07 Aug 1867 Pope Co. AR D156
          Ch: Owen Michael, Andrew Scott, Dosey Ann BRANCH, James Madison (Matt),
              Rosie Lea JONES, William Clifford (Will).
              He was known as Bayou Mart.
          Standridge, Nancy Jane  B       1846      D       1926
          Fa: Michael Branch               Mo: Louisiana Hice
          Sp: 1. Charles Benton Ware       Md: 11 Jan 1863 Pope Co. D8O
              2. Martin Owen Standridge    07 Aug 1867 Pope Co. D156
          Ch: See above list.
          Standridge, Nancy Jane B 02 Jan 1909     D 08 Mar 1909
          Fa: Matt Standridge              Mo: Mary Peters
          Standridge, Versie     B 23 Jan 1921     D 25 Jan 1923
          Fa: Travis Standridge            Mo: Myrtle Branch
          Treadwell, David       B 10 May 1897     D 23 Apr 1991
          Fa: John Martin Treadwell        Mo: Margaret Rackley
          Sp: Etta Boyd                    Md: 1916 Pope L39
          Ch: Walsie, Otho, Elsie, Iva, and Corine

          Treadwell, Etta        B 10 Feb 1897     D 27 Nov 1989
          Born Huff, Pope County, Arkansas
          Fa: Henry Morgan Boyd            Mo: Lee Marie Stacy
          Sp: David Treadwell              Md: 20 May 1916 Pope L-39

          Treadwell, John Martin  B       1856     D        1928
          Born Tilly, Pope County, Arkansas
          Fa:                              Mo: Nancy
          Sp: Margaret Rackley             Md: 13 Jan 1872 Pope D-283
          Ch: James William, Martha, Viola Laymon, Betty Elizabeth, 
              George Thomas, David Solomon, and Ernest.

          Treadwell, Margaret D.  B       1858     D        1920
          Fa: W. C. Rackley               Mo: Malinda
          Sp: John Martin Treadwell       Md: 13 Jan 1872 Pope D-283
          Wilburn, Reba T.      B  30 May 1919     D 07 Oct 1996
          Born Russellville, Pope County, Arkansas
          Died Odessa, Missouri
          Fa: Ernest Treadwell            Mo: Rebecca Dorcuss Prince
          Sp: Paul Wilburn 
          Ch: Rosetta, Wilma Jean, James, Joe, Mary Nancy Doepker,
          Geneva McCoy, Carolyn Joyce Kirscbman, and Reba Walterscheid
          Bro: Jess, Delmar, and Clyde Treadwell
          Prince, John T.              No Marker
          B.       1880
          D.  18 Mar 1904 Tag, Pope Co. AR
          Courier Democrat article dated 24 March 1904
          Winters, (Grandma)           No Marker
          D  13 Jun 1908 Hatley, Pope County, Arkansas
          Courier Democrat article dated 18 June 1908

The above data was compiled and furnished by: C. L. and Lina Boyd P. O. Box 222 Dover, AR 72837-0222

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