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Some Virginia & North Carolina Pre-1851 Marriages; most of the counties are where EAST people married. 

    When you open a large file and want to search for a name, most computers will understand the following method for searching: Hold down the Ctrl key, and press the F key. A small window will pop open. Type in the name of the person you want to find. Once the name is entered, hit the Enter key. For that search feature to remember the name after it searches one time, press the Cancel at the bottom of the search panel.
    Many biographies are multi-generations. When this happens, the children, grandchildren, etc are not in alphabetical order. If you know the parent's name, then search for him / her in alphabetical order, or else use the above method to find your person.
    Keep in mind that if a person has many given names, I may not know all of them. So be imaginative when searching for a person. If you can't find Martha Elizabeth Jones, perhaps she is listed as Mattie E Jones, or just as Martha Jones.
    Don't forget that many biographies have the word (Picture) in them. This indicates that there is a picture of the person, a grave, or a place. Go to the Pictures window to see those pictures.
    Most biographies have an ID number for the main person. These numbers are in [square braces] following the person's name, and consist of alternating Letters & Numbers. This was done to identify people with similar names. Also, at the end of most biographies are Source Codes (in parenthesis). To see where the information was obtained, check the Source Code window for that set of biographies.
    Updates and corrections can be added by contacting John E Young.
When sending updates to me, any of the following formats are acceptable:
FTM, GedCom, PAF, HTM, WPD (WordPerfect; my favorite), DOC (MS-Word), PDF (Adobe), TXT, RTF, JPG, TIF BMP (Best is to convert to JPG and not attach any BMP files; they are just too big to send if you don't have Broadband.)

    For census searches
, there are a few notes to keep in mind. Check the Census Info file.

There is a formula known as the “8870 Formula” which is explained below:
Let’s say you have the death date of an ancestor as 6 May 1889, with the gravestone note that he was 71 years, 7 months, and 9 days old at the time of death. Write the date 1889 May 6 as
                            subtract      710709 (71 yrs. 7 mos. 9 days)
                          the result  18179797
then subtract          8870
                       resulting in  18170927 (date of birth = 1817 Sep. 27)
If the first 2 digits following the year in the line above are greater than 12, then add one more year to the birth year, and subtract 12 from those two digits. Example, If your answer above was 18172227, then the birth year would then be 1818 and the month would be October (22 minus 12 = 10 for October).
As found in the Sep/Oct 1991 and Mar/Apr 1992 issues of
Everton’s Genealogical Helper