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These are only a few of the ways to spell this last name. This site is hopefully always under major construction. Please help me to develop it and please come back to visit often.

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I am Deborah Byrd and am the web spinner for this site. My Baisden family is in Hernando, Suwannee and Hamilton counties, Florida. Other of this surname can be found in Conneticut, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennesse, Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Washington and Texas in the USA. The name is also found in County Kent, England and in Bermuda. The earliest Baisdens I have found in the USA are in South Carolina during the 1600ís and in Isle of Wight county, Virginia in the 1730ís. It appears that these early settlers moved from the island of Bermuda. Where is your family?


The information on this site has been contributed by many different people and is not for commercial use. Everything on these pages are the representation of hours of work by your cousins and none of the material on these pages is to be used for profit. If you have any comments and contributions (see submittal rules below) please pass them on. Email me at

I am using the Message Boards at Ancestry/ to post Queries and other data such as deeds, bible records, probates/wills, biographies, pensions, etc. You may post the information directly without waiting for me to process it. Cuts out the middleman.

The Ancestry/Rootsweb message boards have information on the items listed above. Once at the board, select the type of message you want to see and the board will sort the messages to show only the type selected or it will display all of the messages if no specific type of message is selected. Keyword Searches may also be done on a specific board or all of the boards located on Ancestry/Rootsweb.

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The genealogy section includes Baisden family lineages and collateral family lineages. Lineages are posted according to the state where the family lived. Each lineage includes the name and email address of the submitter so you can write write to them directly.

The goal for each lineage is to develop consistency in spelling of the name, family members, dates when each family member lived, and the locations were the family lived.

To make the lineages easier to handle, some of them are broken in smaller segments. Not all children and descendants are listed with their parents, instead a child and its family may be listed separately. There is no central index for all names listed in the lineages. To locate specific people in each lineage, use the find function in your web browser.



Records home page holds records not posted to the GenConnect boards listed above. This page is where donated information such as, birth, marriage, and death records; church records; court records; census; and anything else that may be of interest to the family could be found.

I am thinking of taking a poll on careers of family members, from the few I have talked to seems like we have a lot of engineers and teachers among the Baisden/Basden descendants. Found a lawyer in England, an Economics Teacher in Trinadad/Tabago and some business entrepreneurs, and of course lots of parents.


Page Donations

Would you like to submit a lineage to the Page? Well here is how. Send me a Gedcom file in ANSI 5.5 format. If you include living persons in your file, please remove all data but their name. I won't add information on living people to the pages.

What is a Gedcom?

I have been asked what is a Gedcom. Gedcom is the .ged file extension given by your personal computer genealogy program to a file name. Not all programs automatically add the .ged to the end of your file. The export function on the computer program provides the option to choose the file format for the exported file.

When the LDS church created Personal Ancestral File (PAF) as one of the earliest personal computer Genealogy programs, PAF used the .ged as the file extention. By default the Gedcom file became the standard to move files between different computer genealogy programs.

If you have Family Tree Maker or another program which can do a written genealogy report make one and save it as an RTF file and send that also. I will get your data up as soon as possible. I use the RTF format because my web page creator can convert those files to html language.

If you have any ideas or comments please write.

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