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Bits & Pieces

The following are odds and ends I've picked up during my research. Hope you find something here which will help you in your quest. :)

I have changed all the surname spellings to be consistent and all are sorted. If an individual's last name was spelled a bit differently, I've made a notation at the end of each description as to the actual spelling on the document.

I do not have the actual documents in my records regarding the entries below and believe each will give you enough information to either locate the record or order a copy from the appropriate county, state or federal agency. Costs, addresses, and phone numbers to these agencies are available at Vital Records Information State Index. This information is also contained in The Handybook for Genealogists, 11th Edition-book on CD (United States of America) published by The Everton Publishers, Inc. If you don't own a copy, I encourage to you purchase one. It was the first reference book I bought and having it at my fingertips has been invaluable. "The HandyBook" can be ordered from online, as well as from other booksellers.

WINCHEL, Abby L.        15 Jan 1869 m. Henry G. Halcomb, Hampden, MA (h prev. married)
WINCHEL, Abigal         03 Aug 1897 m. Earl B. Watt, Yakima Co., WA
WINCHEL, Anna C.        28 Mar 1837 m. Eugene W. Aliston, Putnam Co., GA
WINCHEL, Benjamin C.    12 Nov 1880 m. Hannah Carpenter Snider, St. Clair Co., MI
WINCHEL, David          12 Nov 1879 m. Charlotte Miller, Taylor Co., GA
WINCHEL, Ella M.        17 Dec 1879 m. George L. Tiffany, Hampden, MA
WINCHEL, Etta F.        1881-19??, Silent Grove Cemetery, Benton Co., AR
WINCHEL, Homer          19 May 1887 m. Julia Tiller, Black Hawk Co., IA
WINCHEL, Jedidiah       05 Jan 1709 m. Thankfull Smith, Hampshire Co., MA
WINCHEL, Jesse C.       1875-1960, Silent Grove Cemetery, Benton Co., AR
WINCHEL, Laura B.       21 Jul 1887 m. Frank Beuer, Black Hawk Co., IA
WINCHEL, Louis          06 Mar 1777 m. Obadiah Jones, Berkshire Co., MA
WINCHEL, Martin J.      02 Aug 1875 m. Ann Fannie Warfield, Hampden Co., MA
WINCHEL, Mary E.        12 Aug 1879 m. Benjamin W. Clark, Hampden Co., MA
WINCHEL, Mary E.        24 Nov 1853 m. Andrew McFarland, Tuscola, MI
WINCHEL, Nancy Eliz.    16 Sep 1852 m. Albert S. Wiley, Taylor Co., GA
WINCHEL, Sarah          02 Apr 1896 m. Alvin Herrick, Audubon Co., IA
WINCHEL, Sarah          07 Aug 1873 m. David Congdon, Tuscola, MI (w prev. married)
WINCHEL, Silas H.       27 Dec 1864 m. Jane Phillips, Greene Co., IL
WINCHEL, Thankful       04 Mar 1723 m. Isaac Lyman, Hampshire Co., MA
WINCHEL, Uriah          03 Mar 1836 m. Eliza Ann Richardson, Lawrence Co., TN
WINCHELL, Adaline A.    ?? Jan 1841 m. William N. Lester, LaPeer Co., MI
WINCHELL, Alvin         14 Nov 1889 m. Katharine Wirth, Greene Co, IL
WINCHELL, Anna B.       29 Apr 1887 m. Gavin R. Hardies, Crawford Co., KS
WINCHELL, Annie         22 Sep 1886 m. T. E. Riley, Logan Co., AR
WINCHELL, Birdie M.     01 May 1888 m. James E. Jurd, Cook Co., IL
WINCHELL, Chapman S.    19 Sep 1855 m. Jane E. Shores, Hampden Co., MA (name on doc: Winchill)
WINCHELL, Charles C.    07 Jan 1888 m. Mary E. Page, Cook Co., IL
WINCHELL, Charles J.    22 Dec 1883 m. Ida Leverich, Bremer Co., IA
WINCHELL, Charles       04 Sep 1857 m. Elizabeth Wilson, Henry Co., IA
WINCHELL, Chas. McLean  04 Jun 1902 m. Evelyn Mae Jones, Iroquois Co., IL
WINCHELL, Chauncey      05 Aug 1868 m. Sophia E. Davenport, LaPeer Co., MI
WINCHELL, Clary         25 Jun 1869 m. Gilbert Slaughter, Putnam Co., GA
WINCHELL, Clyden R.     27 May 1858 m. Louisa Winchell, Hampden Co., MA
WINCHELL, Cora E.       01 Jul 1858 m. Edward W. Wallace, Hampden Co., MA
WINCHELL, Cora Maude    15 Mar 1893 m. John West Goodsell, Bremer Co., IA
WINCHELL, Delia S.      28 Dec 1851 m. Marcus E. Andrews, Hampden Co., MA
WINCHELL, Della         26 Dec 1868 m. Saul Edwards, Putnam Co., GA
WINCHELL, Edney         27 Feb 1866 m. Squire Wilson, Androscoggin, ME
WINCHELL, Edward F.     23 Mar 1892 m. Dollie Munger, Midland Co., MI
WINCHELL, Edward H.     25 Jun 1891 m. Alice D. Fickinger, Cook Co., IL
WINCHELL, Edwin A.      06 May 1875 m. Jeannette Winchell, Erie Co., OH
WINCHELL, Edwin         21 Jul 1874 m. Matilda O. Crandoll, Erie Co., OH
WINCHELL, Edwin         27 Jul 1865 m. Mary Taylor, Fillmore Co., MN
WINCHELL, Eldora        29 May 1869 m. Janus M. Verity, Kalamazoo Co., MI
WINCHELL, Eliza T.      30 Apr 1863 m. Franklin Taylor, Hampden, MA (both parties prev. m.  W's name was Fowler)
WINCHELL, Emma M.       04 May 1899 m. Lewis P. Smith, Jersey Co., IL (w name may have been Terry, both parties prev. m)
WINCHELL, Estella       06 Nov 1878 m. Warren S. McKeel, Kalamazoo Co., MI
WINCHELL, Frances S.    13 Feb 1850 m. John R. Walton, Putnam Co., GA
WINCHELL, Francis D.    ?? ??? 1838 m. William Woodbury, Penobscot, ME
WINCHELL, Frank B.      12 Nov 1864 m. Hattie M. Prescott, New Hampshire
WINCHELL, Frank E.      26 Jun 1886 m. Hattie E. Hollinghead, Saginaw Co., MI
WINCHELL, G. W.         14 Apr 1884 m. Ponkie Morris, Mitchell Co., GA
WINCHELL, George        22 Apr 1869 m. Mrs. Benite Marascal, San Joaquin Co., CA
WINCHELL, Georgeanna    17 Nov 1861 m. Timothy R. Rose, Hampden Co., MA
WINCHELL, Harper        20 Apr 1878 m. Mary Messenger Gibbs, Berkshire Co., MA
WINCHELL, Hattie D.     26 Apr 1883 m. George Wolford, Tazewell Co., IL
WINCHELL, Hattie E.     14 Feb 1893 m. William T. Sinclair, Douglas Co., KS
WINCHELL, Henrietta S.  20 Jan 1880 m. Henry Ephraim Berry, Kane Co., IL (surname may be: Denney)
WINCHELL, Henry         08 Dec 1898 m. Hattie Townsend, Noble Co., OK
WINCHELL, Hiram         17 Mar 1827 m. May Ann Meriden, Baltimore Co., MD (name on doc: Winchall)
WINCHELL, Isaac C.      18 Nov 1877 m. Sarah P. Streeter, Tuscola Co., MI
WINCHELL, James A.      04 Sep 1856 m. C. C. Jameson, Shelby Co., TN
WINCHELL, James H.      21 Dec 1828 m. Sobetha Jackson, Upson Co., GA
WINCHELL, James M.      27 Apr 1839 m. Susan D. Sandford, Androscoggin, ME
WINCHELL, Jane E.       04 Jun 1864 m. Net Tinkham, Hampden Co., MA
WINCHELL, Jane T.       14 Feb 1831 m. Samuel R. Jackson, Androscoggin, ME
WINCHELL, Jenny         09 Oct 1792 m. John Perry, Androscoggin, ME
WINCHELL, Jessie V.     12 Jul 1885 m. John S. Crisp, Cross Co., AR
WINCHELL, John          02 May 1852 m. Mary E. Perkins, Oakland Co., MI
WINCHELL, John          12 Feb 1767 m. Ann Given, Androscoggin, ME
WINCHELL, Kittie        22 Dec 1883 m. Patrick McDermott, Bremer Co., IA
WINCHELL, L. Alice      07 Sep 1893 m. John W. White, Cook Co., IL
WINCHELL, Leeman        10 Aug 1856 m. Sarah Hill, Oakland Co., MI
WINCHELL, Lizzie        16 Oct 1867 m. John L. Wellborn, Putnam Co., GA
WINCHELL, Lulu B.       22 Dec 1895 m. Guy E. Spaulding, Douglas Co., KS
WINCHELL, Martha C.     23 Oct 1864 m. George C. Merritt, Boise Co., ID
WINCHELL, Martha        02 Jun 1768 m. Benjamin Barnes, Androscoggin, ME
WINCHELL, Mary E.       28 Jun 1868 m. Edmond R. Morgan, New Hampshire
WINCHELL, Mary          08 Aug 1771 m. John Given, Androscoggin, ME
WINCHELL, Mary          13 Nov 1837 m. Hiram Henry, Androscoggin, ME
WINCHELL, Mary          1850 Grayson Co., TX Federal Census, p. 184, E.D. 8
WINCHELL, Miles         27 Jan 1880 m. Irene Taylor, Fillmore Co., MN
WINCHELL, Phidelia      15 Nov 1848 m. Alden S. Corliss, LaPeer Co., MI
WINCHELL, Phila         20 Aug 1825 m. James E. Cotty, New York Co., NY
WINCHELL, Philander     04 Apr 1855 m. Ann Hodges, Oakland Co., MI
WINCHELL, Phoebe Ann    20 Sep 1831 m. George Waterbury, New York Co., NY
WINCHELL, Purlina F.    30 Dec 1856 m. Calvin W. Wingate, Taylor Co., GA
WINCHELL, R.W.          08 Nov 1878 m. Mintie Vance, Travis Co., TX
WINCHELL, Rachel        1870-1938, Weddington Cemetery, Benton Co., AR
WINCHELL, Raswell F.    20 May 1857 m. Mary C. Kitchen, Boone Co., IL
WINCHELL, Russell       08 Sep 1877 m. Addie E. Wood, Kalamazoo Co., MI
WINCHELL, Ruth          ??-??, Weddington Cemetery, Benton Co., AR
WINCHELL, S. Robertson  02 Aug 1870 m. Calphurnia E. Corson, Oakland Co., MI
WINCHELL, Sabra A.      11 Mar 1849 m. Elias Jewell, Du Page Co., IA
WINCHELL, Salley        05 Sep 1794 m. John Fulton, Anddroscoggin, ME
WINCHELL, Samuel        12 Nov 1794 m. Sally Fulton, Androscoggin, ME
WINCHELL, Sarah         10 Jan 1854 m. Oliver Good, Taylor Co., GA
WINCHELL, Sarah         16 Feb 1775 m. Arthur Hunter, Androscoggin, ME
WINCHELL, Sarah         28 Jun 1889 m. C. H. McCullock, El Paso Co., TX
WINCHELL, Seymour       28 Sep 1848 m. Martha Ball, Oakland Co., MI
WINCHELL, Silence       07 May 1808 m. Francis Small, Androscoggin, ME
WINCHELL, Silence       23 Nov 1786 m. James Purinton, Androscoggin, ME
WINCHELL, T. H.         22 May 1861 m. Elizabeth Dunseith, Orleans Parish, LA
WINCHELL, Thomas        1850 Grayson Co., TX Federal Census, p. 183, E.D. 8
WINCHELL, W. A.         24 Jan 1900 m. Emma A. Coneman, Bremer Co., IA
WINCHELL, W. H.         03 Jun 1896 m. Maria C. Jaurs, Webb Co., TX
WINCHELL, Walter        06 Aug 1899 m. Mary E. Flatt, Greene Co., IL
WINCHELL, Wilber Dorman 02 Mar 1881 m. Elizabeth J. Dougherty, Tuscola Co., MI
WINCHELL, William G.    26 Oct 1897 m. E. M. Howard, Jersey Co., IL
WINCHELL, William S.    25 Jan 1892 m. Emma Smith, Bremer Co., IA
WINCHELL, William       10 Nov 1851 m. Mary E. Morrison, New Hampshire
WINCHELL, William       14 Apr 1838 m. Eliza French, Penobscot Co., ME


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