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Bits & Pieces

The following are odds and ends I've picked up during my research. Hope you find something here which will help you in your quest. :)

I have changed all the surname spellings to be consistent and all are sorted. If an individual's last name was spelled a bit differently, I've made a notation at the end of each description as to the actual spelling on the document.

I do not have the actual documents in my records regarding the entries below and believe each will give you enough information to either locate the record or order a copy from the appropriate county, state or federal agency. Costs, addresses, and phone numbers to these agencies are available at Vital Records Information State Index. This information is also contained in The Handybook for Genealogists, 11th Edition-book on CD (United States of America) published by The Everton Publishers, Inc. If you don't own a copy, I encourage to you purchase one. It was the first reference book I bought and having it at my fingertips has been invaluable. "The HandyBook" can be ordered from Amazon.com online, as well as from other booksellers.

WELDON, Absolom         01 Jul 1823 m. Nancy Hilton, Pike Co., GA
WELDON, Amanda          15 Aug 1880 m. Monroe Smith, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, Amanda          24 Apr 1836 m. William Hartsfield, Pike Co., GA
WELDON, Amanda M.       19 Jan 1865 m. John Kenady, Shelby Co., AL (name on doc: Wilden)
WELDON, Amanda M.       27 Jul 1843 m. Henry S. Urguhart, Pike Co., GA
WELDON, Amy             20 Dec 1821 m. Moses Simonton, Jasper Co., GA
WELDON, Andrew          13 Jan 1833 m. Polly Peacock, Jasper Co., GA
WELDON, Andrew J.       04 Dec 1848 m. Hannah Ann Garrott, Jasper Co., GA
WELDON, Austin G.       08 Feb 1894 m. Clara Forney Smith, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, Bailey          28 Dec 1841 m. Sarah Martin, Pike Co., GA
WELDON, Bethaney        28 Dec 1836 m. Thomas Hancock, Pike Co., GA
WELDON, Caleb D.        04 Nov 1841 m. Harriett E. Dorton, Pike Co., GA
WELDON, Catherine       12 May 1807 m. William Wilkins, Lincoln Co., GA
WELDON, Daniel          25 Jan 1848 m. Susan J. Nivens, Shelby Co., AL (name on doc: Wilden)
WELDON, Effey Etta      12 Aug 1880 m. Porter Moore, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, Elizabeth       01 Jul 1821 m. Joseph Davidson, Jasper Co., GA
WELDON, Ella C.         17 Nov 1889 m. Euell O. Dawson, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, Fada Jane       26 Jun 1841 m. Stephen Carter, Harris Co., GA
WELDON, Geddy           12 Sep 1833 m. Abner Pettyhand, Talbot Co., GA
WELDON, George A.       02 Aug 1877 m. Lue Anna Sines, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, H.A.            18 Dec 1889 m. Elizabeth Isbell, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, Isaac           28 Feb 1815 m. Nancy Prior, Jasper Co., GA
WELDON, Isabella        16 Jun 1842 m. James M. Allums, Talbot Co., GA
WELDON, James           02 Mar 1893 m. M.C. Merrill, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, James           12 Mar 1818 m. Doratha Williams, Jasper Co., GA
WELDON, James           25 Aug 1824 m. Nancy Darden, Jasper Co., GA
WELDON, James H.J.      07 Mar 1880 m. Mary A.J. Wideman, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, James R.        09 Feb 1894 m. Lula Buttershaw, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, James S.        03 Jun 1862 m. Mary J. Nick, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, Jennett         05 Jan 1838 m. John Cowan, Newton Co., GA
WELDON, John            25 Nov 1840 m. Sarah W. Robertson, Chatham Co., GA
WELDON, John A.         24 Dec 1888 m. Lula Hubbard, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, John W.         08 Sep 1849 m. Elizabeth Pope, Dooly Co., GA
WELDON, John W.         13 Nov 1832 m. Jane C. Phillips, Jasper Co., GA
WELDON, Joseph          05 Dec 1845 m. Sarah D. Jones, Harris Co., GA
WELDON, Joseph          18 Jul 1822 m. Sarah Chaffin, Jasper Co., GA
WELDON, L. A.           20 Jan 1891 m. C.D. Messer, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, Ledia           18 Feb 1847 m. Franklin Compton, Pike Co., GA
WELDON, Margaret        14 May 1865 m. Leonard Bullock, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, Martha A.       15 Dec 1890 m. Robert Jefferson, Shelby Co., AL (name on doc: Wildon)
WELDON, Martha A.M.     29 Sep 1850 m. Thomas J. Warren, Pike Co., GA
WELDON, Martin T.       11 Jul 1865 m. Sarah E. Poundexter, Shelby Co., AL (name on doc: Weldin)
WELDON, Mary            04 Dec 1832 m. Andrew R. Beckerstaff, Jasper Co., GA
WELDON, Mary            06 Jan 1826 m. Mager Thornton, Jasper Co., GA
WELDON, Mary            12 Aug 1801 m. Jeremiah Crane, Warren Co., GA
WELDON, Mary            16 Oct 1851 m. John M. Brashire, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, Moses           18 Sep 1829 m. Unic Jay, Jasper Co., GA
WELDON, Nancy           05 Mar 1842 m. John L. Morris, Harris Co., GA
WELDON, Nancy           09 Jan 1840 m. Willis Duncan, Newton Co., GA
WELDON, Nancy           20 Nov 1810 m. Jonathan Miller, Hancock Co., GA
WELDON, Nancy           29 Dec 1842 m. William Taylor, Harris Co., GA
WELDON, Nancy           29 Nov 1840 m. Thomas Owens, Pike Co., GA
WELDON, Nancy A.        25 Dec 1886 m. James L. Stout, Shelby Co., AL (name on doc: Willdon)
WELDON, P.              22 Jul 1832 m. James A. Myhand, Talbot Co., GA
WELDON, Ranzy           26 Feb 1837 m. Sarah Magarrar, Talbot Co., GA
WELDON, Reese G.        21 Oct 1875 m. Eliza A. Adams, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, Rina            21 Feb 1867 m. Isaac Littleton, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, Samuel          17 Mar 1840 m. Locly Ann Aycock, Newton Co., GA
WELDON, Sarah E.        22 Sep 1869 m. William Turner, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, Sarah Jane      07 Aug 1846 m. George W. Allen, Harris Co., GA
WELDON, Simon           16 Feb 1830 m. Sally Waldrop, Jasper Co., GA
WELDON, Wilborn         27 Jul 1834 m. Abigail Ayers, Franklin Co., GA
WELDON, William         07 Nov 1887 m. Cora A. Grimes, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, William         31 Oct 1839 m. Jemima Crapp, Talbot Co., GA
WELDON, William A.      02 Nov 1875 m. Penelopy R. Wideman, Shelby Co., AL
WELDON, William A.      30 Jan 1845 m. Mary A. Nesbit, Newton Co., GA
WELDON, William R.      27 Dec 1836 m. Sarah Porter, Pike Co., GA


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