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Surname Links

These are some of the webpages I have found that relate to surnames I am researching. Hope these help you. If you have a page which relates to one of these names and would like be listed here, e-mail me with the URL, title, and surname and I will be glad to add your link. Please let me know if any of these links are broken and I will attempt to find a new URL or delete the entry.

Canada (and variations)

ball Canedy Genealogy

ball The Cheney Family, 1603-1998

ball Canida Family

ball Canaday Family Genealogy Website

ball Kennedy Family Genealogy


I have just begun researching my husband's family and do not have much information to share on this family. Here's a link for those of you who visit.

ball Green Genealogy at

McClain -- McLain



ball Moore Family Index

ball Moore News Archive

ball Moore Family of Western North Carolina

Mullings -- Mullins

ball Mullins/Mullings Family History

ball The Mullins Family Genealogy

ball Mullins Family Research

ball The Mullins Family Home Page

ball Mullins (Mullen)


ball Our Family Trees -- Schwartz


ball Sharp/Hedge Family Genealogy

ball Judith Ramey Sharp's Genealogy Page

Shinkle (and variations)

ball Shaking the Tree: Genealogy by Merrill Bolender

ball Wanda's Web World

ball Shankle Family Home Page

ball Bolender and Shinkle

Sims (and variations)

ball Sims Family Genealogy


ball The Jedrick J. Weldon Family Home Page


ball Mary D. Taffet's Home Page: Genealogy

ball Debbie Winchell's Genealogy Notes


ball Wright, Davis, Terry, Wolverton Page


There are many others located at:

ball The Genealogy Forum

ball Ancestry Message Boards

ball GenSource

ball Family-Oriented and Commercial Genealogy Pages


My Family Pages:
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Shinkle |  Sims |  Weldon |  Winchell |  Wright

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