San Francisco Title Abstract
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San Francisco Title
Abstract Index

This information from the Abstract of Title dated 22nd day of September, 1896 by John S. Rolls, Searcher of Records, for the Counties of San Francisco, Alameda and San Mateo. Continued by City Abstract Company, under Search No. 8982 (20732/65378) for No. 4, Block 235, Western Addition as shown by the various records in City & County of San Francisco. Made at the Request of MARY STE. K. FOUTE the 26th day of March, 1885.


"All that lot of land situated in the City and County of San Francisco State of California bounded and described as follows:

Commencing at a point on the Southerly line of California Street distant Eighty two feet Six inches (82ft 6in) Easterly from the Easterly line of Buchanan Street thence Easterly along said line of California Street Twenty Seven feet Six inches (27ft 6in) thence at right angels Southerly One hundred and thirty Seven feet Six inches (137ft 6in), thence at right angles Westerly Twenty Seven feet Six inches (27ft 6in) and thence at right angles Northerly One hundred and thirty Seven feet Six inches (137ft 6in) to the point of beginning.

Being part of 50 Vara Lot No. 4 in Block No. 235 of the Western Addition."


"DISCLAIMER: Some of the middle initials of individuals were very hard to transcribe. I have done my best to figure it out. Please do NOT take as gospel any middle initial of any individual in the following index."

Pg                                                            Date         Document Description

 3  Diagram
 5  Index
 7  Merrit W. Welton              Joseph H. Horsfall        06/29/1850   Pre Claim
 9  Joseph H.Hosfall          to  Charles W.Ingalls         02/14/1851   Deed
11  Merit W. Welton           to  Roger Baldwin, Jr.
    Charles H. Ingalls            Charles T H Palmer        04/14/1851   Deed Trust
17  Charles T H Palmer
    Roger Baldwin             to  Sardis T. Pine            04/22/1851   Mortgage
21  Merit Welton &
    Elizabeth Melton
    Roger Baldwin Jr.
    Charles T H Palmer        to  George Brown              09/02/1852   Deed
25  George Brown              to  George C. Bates and
                                  William T. Price          01/03/1853   Deed
27  Franklin B. Austin        to  Thomas R. Hope            01/07/1853   Deed
29  G. Mirriam                vs  Merril Welton             03/09/1853   Cert of Sale/Suit
31  George C. Bates
    William T. Price          to  Franklin B. Austin        06/04/1853   Deed
33  Franklin B. Austin        to  William T. Price          06/07/1853   Deed
35  Nathaniel Knapp           vs  Merit Welton              08/10/1853   Writ of Attachment
37  Franklin B. Austin        to  Nathaniel Gray            12/14/1853   Deed
39  William T. Price          to  Franklin B. Austin        12/28/1853   Deed
41  Franklin B. Austin        to  Salisburg Haley           01/07/1854   Deed
43  Salisburg Haley           to  J. T. Wright              02/25/1854   Deed
45  Franklin B. Austin        to  G. W. Taylor              1854         Deed
47  Notice of Thomas R.
    Hope's death, appt of
    PR, heirs & subsequent
    sale                                                    09/02/1854   Note
51  Samuel A. Eveleth, Adm
    of Thomas R. Hope         vs  Frank B. Austin
                                  Nathaniel Gray
                                  Edward W. Taylor
                                  Salisbury Haley
                                  J.T. Wright               12/30/1854   Suit
52  John T. Wright            to  Catherine Eliza Campbell  03/15/1855   Deed
55  Franklin B. Austin
    E.W. Taylor
    Nathaniel Gray
    Mary E. Hope              to  Salisbury Haley
                                  J.T. Wright               03/17/1855   Deed
61  Salisbury Haley           to  Catherine Elisa Campbell  03/27/1855   Deed
63  Catherine Eliza
     Campbell (femme sol)     to  Hanry A. Cobb             02/02/1859   Power of Attorney
65  Catherine E. Campbell     vs  David L. Turner
                                  Samuel W. Borrman
                                  John Perry, Jr.
                                  The Lone Mountain
                                  Cemetery Co.              04/11/1860   Suit
67  Catherine E. Campbell
    by H.A. Cobb              to  Joseph Whittle            07/15/1861   Deed
69  Joseph Whittle            to  Albert W. Kenneday        07/22/1861   Deed
71  Salisbury Haley           to  Henry A. Cobb             09/16/1861   Power of Attorney
73  Catherine E. Campbell     vs  Merrit Welton
                                  Elizabeth S. Welton
                                  Roger S. Baldwin
                                  Charles T.H. Palmer
                                  Trustees of
                                  Elizabeth S. Welton       02/11/1862   Notice of Lis Pendens
75  Salisbury Haley
    Catherine E. Campbell
    by AIF H.A. Cobb          to  Daniel E. Martin
                                  William H. Devalni        03/26/1862   Deed
77  John T. Wright by AIF
    George S. Wright          to  Salisbury Haley
                                  Catherine E. Campbell     03/26/1862   Deed
79  Daniel E. Martin &
    William H. Devalni,
    by his AIF, Philip
    Caduc                     to  Joseph Whittle            04/01/1862   Deed
81  William H. Devalin        to  Philip Caduc              04/03/1862   P of Atty
83  Merit Welton
    Elizabeth S. Welton
    Charles S.H. Palmer       to  Catherine E. Campbell     09/02/1862   Deed
85  Albert W. Kenneday        to  George W. Dam             06/26/1867   Deed
87  George W. Dam             to  Harriet A.R. Semken       09/27/1867   Deed
89  Harriet A.R. Semkin       to  Woodbury Bradford         02/20/1868   Deed
91  William J. Quarles,
    Adm of the Estate of
    Thomas R. Hope            vs  Peter Donahue, et al.     04/17/1868   Lawsuit
93  Samuel Soule, Adm of
    the Estate of
    Thomas R. Hope            to  Woodbury Bradford         01/13/1870   Deed
97  Benjamin P. Avery, et al. vs  Samuel Soule (Adm,
                                  Thomas R. Hope estate)
                                  Mary E. Stanly
                                 (formerly Mary E. Hope)
                                  John M. Hanley
                                  Joseph F. Norman
                                  James H. Norman
                                  Matilda F. Maupin
                                  Chapman W. Maupin
                                  Anna M. Harvey
                                  Robert F. Harvey          03/30/1872   Lawsuit
101 The USA by the
    President, Chester A.
    Arthur, by William H.
    Crook, Secretary          to  The City of San
                                  Francisco                 06/20/1884   Patent
103 Henry L. Dodge            to  Luther C. Dodge           08/18/1856   P of Atty
103 Merit Welton
    Lamson S. Welton
    Amy Welton
    Lydia Emma Welton         to  Frank M. Pixley           11/02/1864   Deed
104 Frank M. Pixley           to  Frederic Iken             05/09/1865   Deed
105 Frank M. Pixley           to  Frederick Iken            02/09/1865   Deed
107 Merit Welton
    Lamson S. Welton
    Amy Welton
    Lydia Emma Welton         vs  Charles T.H. Palmer
                                  Charles H. Longee
                                  D.L.D. Sheldon, et al.    07/13/1865   Lawsuit
108 H.L. Dodge                vs  Merit Welton &
                                  Wesley Diggins            03/06/1866   Writ of Attachment
109 H.L. Dodge                vs  Merit Welton, et al.      08/11/1866   Writ of Attachment
110 Merrit Welton             to  H.L. Dodge                12/12/1866   Sheriff's Cert.
111 Merit Welton              to  H.L. Dodge &
                                  L.C. Dodge                01/28/1867   Sheriff's Cert.
111 M.L. McDonald             to  Lamson S. Welton          11/00/1867   Assnmt of Judgment
112 H.L. Dodge by AIF
    L.C. Dodge                to  William Hale              11/11/1867   Deed
113 H.L. Dodge                to  Lamson S. Welton          12/11/1867   Assnmt of Judgment
113 L.C. Dodge                to  Lamson S. Welton          12/04/1867   Sat Jgmt
114 Lydia Emma Welton         to  Lamson S. Welton          09/29/1870   P of Atty
115 Frederick Iken            to  Lamson S. Welton          11/10/1870   Deed
115 William Hale                                            02/04/1873   Ntc of Death, Will, Probate
116 Susan M. Hale             to  Susan L. Hale             12/05/1874   P of Atty
117 Lamson S. Welton &
    Lydia Emma Welton         to  Woodbury Bradford         06/03/1874   Deed
119 Susan M. Hale             to  Lamson S. Welton          02/16/1875   Deed
121 Lamson S. Welton &
    Lydia Emma Welton         to  William Hale              11/18/1875   Deed
123 William Hale              to  Amy Welton Ver Mehr       12/01/1883   Deed
129 Woodbury Bradford         to  Susan C. Bradford         12/31/1884   Deed
131 Woodbury Bradford         to  The Hibernia Savings &
                                  Loan Society              03/30/1885   Mortgage
139 Susan C. Bradford
    (widow of Woodbury Bradford
    by R.C. Foute             to  Mary S. de K Foute
                                  wife of R C Foute         10/15/1891   Deed
141 Mary S. De K Foute &
    R C Foute                 to  Security Savings Bank     10/15/1891   Mortgage
143 Walter Malloy &
    Linda G. Malloy           to  Edward Ewald, the
                                  younger                   04/16/1895   Deed
148 Security Savings Bank     to  Mary S. De K. Foute &
                                  R. C. Foute               10/01/1896   Extension of Mtg.
155 Mary S. De K. Foute &
    R.C. Foute                to  Security Savings Bank     09/24/1901   Mortgage
157 Robert Chester Foute                                    08/07/1903   Note of Death, probate of will
163 Mary S. De K. Foute       to  Security Savings Bank     11/10/1904   Mortgage
167 Mary S. De K. Foute       to  Security Savings Bank     11/02/1909   Mortgage
171 Mary S. De K. Foute       to  Security Savings Bank     01/09/1906   Mortgage
173 Elsie Hamilton Leicester
    & John F. Leicester       vs  Mary S. De K. Foute       05/00/1908   Lawsuit
177 Mary S. De K. Foute, a
    widow                     to  Elsie Hamilton Leicester  07/08/1908   Deed
179 Mary D. Foute                                           07/24/1906   Note re commit to asylum
    Mary de K. Foute          to  Augusta Gibbs Foute,
                                  an unmarried woman        06/25/1914   Deed of Gift
    Augusta Gibbs Foute       to  Security Savings Bank     09/20/1917   Mortgage



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