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This is a new web page project for me so this is just the beginning. I've been crafting and sewing for over 30 years now and I'm visioning this page to be a showcase for my projects as well as containing instructions. These projects all use muslin which is fun and easy to work with and if I make a mistake, inexpensive enough to toss. I hope you enjoy what you see here and will come back to see what's new.

muslin angel

One of my favorite and an easy project are these small muslin angels. With some scraps of muslin, string, a glue gun, some ribbon, cottonballs, and bits of garland, you can have cute package, Christmas, or plant ornaments, a magnet or even a pin. A great little project for a rainy afternoon!

bear angel

Another fun, fast and easy project are these bear angels. With some inexpensive stuffed bears, a glue gun, some ribbon, holiday trimmings, and bits of garland, you can make really cute ornaments or present decorations. Another great little project for a rainy afternoon!

bathsalt bags

This bathbag project is a little more involved and includes some sewing. There are a lot of bath salt recipes on the Internet. Mine is just another variation using items you probably have on hand and, if not, are available at your local grocery or drug store and very inexpensive to purchase. Like a tea bag, but bigger, it can be stuffed with other bath goodies like herbs or stuffed with potpourri as an air freshener and hung in a closet or room.


This sachet project also involves sewing. I fill with potpourri and toss them into the back window of my car and into clothing drawers. The potpourri can be refreshed or replaced, your choice, and these are nice little thank you or hello gifts to take with you when visiting.

The following are a few of my other projects. Some are from commercial patterns and others are my own. If you'd like the details regarding the pattern or receive instructions for the ones I've designed, send me an e-mail.

fat bunny

Fat and Fluffy Bunny. Enlarged picture is about 225Kbytes.

rose and grapevine wreath

Rose and Grapevine Wreath. Enlarged picture is about 225Kbytes.

Trucker Tot Pouty Doll

My version of the pouty doll, the trucker tot. Enlarged picture is about 62.5Kbytes.

Appliqued Heart Quilt

Appliqued Heart Quilt. Enlarged picture is about 321.6Kbytes.


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