Indiana Baptist History -- 1798-1908 -- Preface
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Indiana Baptist History


The author having through many years interested
himself in,gathering data for a history of the Baptists
of Indiana, had the impression that he owed it to his
brethren to undertake the work. He has found them
willing and glad to assist in the undertaking, and he is
under obligation to many; he would particularly men-
tion the help rendered by the Rev; J. K. Howard, of
Indianapolis, and the Rev. L. S. Sanders, of Franklin,
in gaining a knowledge of the Associations of south-
western Indiana; and the Rev. Charles Herring, of
Lima, in securing statistics of the Free Baptists of
northern Indiana. Certain facts are found here which
may also be found in Dr. William Cathcart's Baptist
Enclyclopaedia and in Dr. J. A. Smith's Baptists of
the Western States east of the Mississippi--but the
author furnished the Indiana notes for both these

As to the statistics of numbers and finances, only
approximate accuracy can be claimed, because of the
imperfect records and reports of the churches and be-
cause of the fact that the church year, the Association
year, the Convention year and the year of the different
national denominational organizations do not coincide
with the calendar year, nor with each other. The sta-
tistics given are substantially correct. The biographi-
cal sketches have been given in connection with the
Association or Society in which the person did most of
his denominational work. It is believed that the Index
is sufficiently full for the guidance of the reader; and
the cuts inserted will afford pleasure to the thousands
in the State who personally know the men and women
thus brought to remembrance.

If the reader shall find as much interest and profit in
a review of the high Christian character and heroic
deeds of the early Indiana Baptists, as the author has
found, the volume will not have been written in vain.
He wishes to record his indebtedness to his sons, Wil-
fred T. Stott and Roscoe G. Stott, for valuable assist-
ance as the work was being tarried through the press.

Franklin, Indiana, 1908, W. T. STOTT


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