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My Family History

September 2013 Update -- It again has been several years since I've updated this site. I still have not returned to researching but choose to leave the site up to help those who may find it and make connections to their own family. I no longer have the time to perform look-ups and my guest book is gone because the provider is no longer in existence. Things change quickly in cyberspace! Please feel free to use the contact button to the left and send me email but if you are asking me to research for you or want more information than is posted here, you will not receive a response. If we are fairly closely related and you have questions, if I have documents or information I will gladly respond.

January 2008 Update -- it has been several years since I have been able to spend time researching. I hope to begin again this year and if not, I plan to add more documents and a couple of books that are no longer copyrighted to my family files. I will be updating my family database with information provided by family members researching specific lines I am not. All of this will take some time. Thank you for your patience.

Come in and make yourself comfortable. I hope you find assistance and information to help your search. I have been researching my ancestors for over 8 years and happily my mother, who began researching her family over 25 years ago and who has amassed more than a roomful of documents, pictures, and the like, has helped me tremendously by sharing not only her documents and stuff, but her memories as well.

Information from my family database has been added to WorldConnect at Rootsweb. Happy hunting! Please contact me if you find someone and would like more information. If I have more, I will be happy to share it with you. As an aside, if you have not yet added your family data to this site, please consider doing so. It is a terrific, free tool for us all.

This page has become too long so I have taken each of the family lines for which I have information and given each a page of its own. I hope this makes your visit more enjoyable.

P. S. When you're ready to take a quick break, visit my crafts page and browse a bit before coming back and diggin' in.


My Family Lines

I am researching these family lines. Some are farther along than others. Each contains a description of the family's timeline as well as links to each family's Bits and Pieces, my family database, as well as other data and information, and links to pages relating to the same surnames.

My Bits and Pieces links include index information I've picked up along the way. Some of the information applies to my lines, some does not. I have tried to include enough information for you to obtain a copy of the original document from its source.

Canada |  McClain |  Moore |  Mullings |  Schwartz
Sharp |  Shinkle |  Sims |  Weldon |  Winchell |  Wright


Whether we share "roots," our interest in genealogy, or you just like my page, I would enjoy hearing from you.


Miscellaneous Transcriptions

ballSan Francisco Title Abstract

This index is from an old (1850 to 1918) title abstract book relating to a piece of property in San Francisco, California. It was found in an empty apartment in Washington state. The apartment had been vacated via a "midnight move." We have been unsuccessful in our attempts to find the owner. So, until an "owner" comes forward, I am keeping the book and have transcribed the index. Here's hoping you find one of your ancestors! If you find something here and would like more information, please e-mail me.

ballIndiana Baptist History, 1798-1908, by William T. Stott

This book includes not only the history of the Baptist Church as it was established in the state of Indiana, but also includes biographical sketches. Included are both white and black churches which were established during this time period.


There's a lot of help for "newbies" wanting to write their own genealogy homepages here:

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