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  2000 Patron Level Contributors

  • Richard A. Fuhrman   
    I think that RootsWeb is one of the best examples of how the Web can foster community-building, and I'm delighted to give it my support.


  1999 Patron Level Contributors

  • Patricia Hopkins Barnes

  • John Folsom

  • Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

  • International Black Sheep Society of Genealogists (IBSSG)

  • Megan Smolenyak   
    In gratitude to all the wonderful genealogists who have helped me with my book, as well as in my personal quest for roots.

  • Larry Tesler

  • Lucy Williams   
    In memory of my wonderful father, Dr. Winthrop Leeds, who passed away in March of 1998.


  1998 Patron Level Contributors


  1997 Patron Level Contributors

  • Pam Mardos Rietsch   
    In Memory of Lt. Cmdr. Vitas E. Mardos U.S.N.


 1996 Patron Level Contributors

  • No listings for this year.
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