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1999 Donor Plus Level Contributors

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  • Paul Adams

  • James T. Anderson


  • Edith Lillie Bartley   
    Given in memory of my father, Leroy David Lillie, and in honor of my mother, Alice Farnham Lillie. Their research I respect and appreciate, but it is their fidelity and affection to their families, distant as well as close, still among us as well as long gone, which inspire me.

  • Christine Blevins   
    Dedicated to my husband's Grandparents: Aunt Golie and Ivory Jackson. Thank you for getting me out of my rut.

  • Tom and Donna Deming Bombaci

  • M. Broughton Boone   
    To my grandmothers, Cam Boren and Mary Broughton, who nurtured my interest in my past and taught me to look to my future, and to my great grandfather, William Clement Boren. Sir, I never met you, but the great accumulation of genealogical research you left for me to take up will give me a lifetime of enjoyment.

  • Lauren Fearncombe Brockman   
    To my dear Mom and Dad who instilled in me this passion for family history and to my dear, dear sister, Judy Fearncombe, who left us much too soon. I miss you so much!

  • Bill Brownell


  • Louise Calaway   
    I am committed to assisting the free flow of information on the web in memory of all of those who came before and all of those who will follow.

  • Patricia M. Calchera

  • Patti Caldwell

  • Patricia Caster   
    Given in memory of my Mother Edith Maddux, who was able to meet some of her Father's family at a reunion only six months before her passing.

  • John D. Cooke

  • H. Royce Culpepper   
    In memory of Mrs Velma Lowman Foshee, died August 1998, who spent the last 25 years of her life collecting over 42,000 names of Foshees (many spellings) and related people.


  • Michael P. Devine   
    This gift is provided in memory of Donald Edward Devine and Katherine Alice Tormey, the loving parents of Michael P. Devine.

  • Barbara Yancey Dore (aka) RootsLady   
    In loving memory of all my ancestors and for the benefit of all their descendants.

  • Dennis G. Dover   
    In memory of my family and my gratitude to those family researchers who have come and gone. Their dedication makes the task easier.

  • Linda C. Dumas


  • East of London Family History Society (EoLFHS)  
    To promote and encourage the study of family history amongst those living in or having ancestral links with, that area of Greater London north of the Thames extending from the edge of the City of London at Bishopsgate and Aldgate, eastwards through the London Boroughs of Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham, to the edge of Metropolitan Essex at Havering. Founded 1978.

  • Evyonne Andrews Eddins   
    In memory of my early Texas ancestors.

  • Melinda Kaye Elmore   
    For my grandmother, Martha May Roberson Nelson, who taught me to honor the past.


  • Patti Caldwell Fasy   
    This donation is made in memory of my mother Doris Lorraine Grim Kinter Caldwell Kipp, who's birth family I found two years ago. Mum, you now have roots!

  • Wil Franklin   
    Donated on behalf of my parents Wilbur and Edna Franklin who not only support but have joined me in the search for our ancestors.

  • David M. Friscia

  • Dianne L. Fulton   
    In loving memory of my grandmother, Evylene Paramore Springer, whom I miss greatly.


  • Bill Good   
    Dedicated to my mother's grandfather, Henry F. Short. One of these days we'll find out why you falsified your military and wedding certificates. There is no record of you being born in NY City 13 March 1876 even though that's what you told the Army. There is also no record of Lee and Beatrice Short who you listed as your parents when asked by the Malden, MA city clerk in 1902. Then again, you lied to the census taker in 1900 when you told them you were married because you already a child. One of these days we'll find out your secret. We consider it our ultimate genealogical challenge.

  • Jim and Deborah Guy   
    To all the relatives that have been so considerate in sharing their knowledge about our family past, so that our project may bring knowledge to our family of the future.


  • Walter Hampson

  • Harneds of North America   
    John H Harned, Thomas L Harned, and the many other members of theHarned/Harnett family.

  • Edward J. Hayden

  • Paul and Hazel Henderson   
    In appreciation for all the persons who use their own time and resources to make genealogical research a possibility by contributing so much to the system.

  • Sherry Hicks

  • Jennifer L. Hill-Corley   
    In memory of Clara Belle Shingleton Hill, George R. Hill, and George Shingleton Hill, the grandfather I never met, but have always loved.

  • Hugh Holland   
    This donation was made in hopes that others will follow suite and allow RootsWeb to achieve all of their goals.

  • Charmaine Riley Holley   
    In memory of Joel McLean Holley who returned home earlier than we might have wished.

  • Linnie Howell

  • Hudson Family Association

  • Eddie Joan Taylor Huskey   
    Dedicated to "Duchess" AKA Mary Alexandrena Kirk Taylor. My French, Indian, Scot grandmother I love but never met.

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