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  1998 Donor Plus Level Contributors

  • Edith Lillie Bartley   
    Given in memory of my father, Leroy David Lillie, and in honor of my mother, Alice Farnham Lillie. Their research I respect and appreciate, but it is their fidelity and affection to their families, distant as well as close, still among us as well as long gone, which inspire me.

  • Cartroos Consulting, Inc. (Bob Carter)
    Homepage: or

  • Charter Technical Services, Inc.

  • James E. Craig

  • Dorothy Elwood   
    In loving memory of my father, Clarence Wesley Elwood and my mother, Alice Elizabeth Smith. They taught me the meaning and importance of "family" and from that came my love of genealogy.

  • Claire Furth

  • Martha Goodwin   
    In memory of the ancestors of all Goodwin, Rencher, Ferrell, Lindsey, Maricle, James, and Stephenson families of Mississippi.

  • Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

  • Harold "Hal" Maynard

  • Morford-L Subscriber   
    Thanks to all the good folks at RootsWeb.

  • NEGenWeb Project   
    The Volunteers of NeGenWeb held their first annual Meet and Greet in Aurora, Nebraska in August 1998. Prior to this meeting, one of the volunteers quilted a special wall hanging and donated it for a raffle to benefit RootsWeb. RootsWeb has provided webspace and their expertise and assistance to our group since November, 1997. This donation is our way of saying thank you to RootsWeb, and to help them in their efforts of supporting genealogy on the Internet.

  • Margaret J. Olson

  • Marlies and Fred Rump

  • Don Short

  • Diane Ward Sives   
    On behalf of the David Ackerman Descendants - 1662 a registered non-profit organization comprised of descendants and friends of David Ackerman who came to New Amsterdam in 1662.

  • Robert H. Smith   
    In recognition to anyone who has ever tried to research SMITH!

  • Charles F. (Rick) Wickwire

  • Lucy Williams   
    In memory of my wonderful father, Dr. Winthrop Leeds, who passed away in March of 1998.


  1997 Donor Plus Level Contributors


  1996 Donor Plus Contributors

  • Mark Merritt

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