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1999 Donor Level Contributors

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  • Joyce Abbott   
    My dedication is to my mother, Lillie Forson Rogers, the guiding light in my life. I would also like to say how much RootsWeb has helped me in my search for my ancestors. Much information that I have searched for for a long time has been discovered on RootsWeb.

  • Michael Abley

  • Bill Adams   
    RootsWeb is worth much more than this small token. Hope others follow suit. Keep up the good work!

  • J. R. Adamson

  • Jodi Aherns   
    I would like to thank my Mom who made it possible for me to purchase my computer and thus connect to the internet.

  • Ed Albert   
    In memory of my parents, where my genealogy began.

  • James M. Allen   
    On behalf of the Cheatham County Historical and Genealogical Association (CCHGA) of Tennessee and its Chapters in Ashland City, Pleasant View, Pond Creek and Lillamay/Sams Creek (PALS) and Kingston Springs.

  • Jan Nutter Alpert   
    Author of the book about our emigrant ancestor Hatevil Nutter of Dover New Hampshire, Randall Publishing, 1997.

  • American-French Genealogical Society   
    American-French Genealogical Society - AFGS is a non-profit genealogical and historical organization dedicated to the study and preservation of the French-Canadian culture. AFGS proud to be a donor to RootsWeb.

  • Archie Ammons   
    Dedicated to Karen and Brian.

  • Gene Andert   
    For Kosciusko County, Indiana Genealogy Research

  • Alyson Angus   
    In memory of Edward Ott, Seldon Ott, Bobby Ott, George Ott, and Ralph Martini. They were avid genealogists in my family and are sorely missed for their stories and enthusiasm.

  • Anonymous   
    From someone grateful for all the kind assistance of on-line genealogists, as well as the RootsWeb staff!

  • Vivian E. Arendall   
    As for the family tree,
    It's not how far it reaches-
    But how well the nuts,
    Are hidden by the peaches.

  • Douglas R. Armstrong   
    I am more than happy to contribute for the wonderful service offered by RootsWeb! I truly believe in paying back for all the RootsWeb has enabled me. Thank you RootsWeb!

  • Louise Armstrong   
    Inspired by my new-found family on the Armstrong list -- it is truly an amazing collection of friends.

  • John R. and Joanna M. Ashmun

  • Liz Ault   
    This dedication is in memory of John Llewellyn Ault. Last year I dedicated my membership to you, and hoped you let Jesus come to get you. You finally went on the eternal walk on December 11, 1998. We feel your love every day. I will keep on finding your family to leave your legacy to your grandkids and great-grandkids. Love always.

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