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1998 Donor Level Contributors

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  • Paul Adams

  • Thomas B. Agan

  • Nancy Alexander   
    To all those who do basic genealogical research and have been so helpful to me.

  • Jan Nutter Alpert   
    Author of the book about our emigrant ancestor Hatevil Nutter of Dover New Hampshire, Randall Publishing, 1997.

  • James T. Anderson

  • Gene Andert   
    For Kosciusko County, Indiana Genealogy Research

  • Anonymous   
    From someone grateful for all the kind assistance of on-line genealogists, as well as the RootsWeb staff!

  • Sheila Anthony   
    In memory of my wonderful aunt, Eleanor Foster Watkins, who researched the family ancestors and gave me an abiding interest in genealogy.

  • Jeanne Arguelles   
    Thanks for all the ancestors, cousins and friends I've found through RootsWeb!

  • Louise Armstrong   
    Inspired by my new-found family on the Armstrong list -- it is truly an amazing collection of friends.

  • John R. and Joanna M. Ashmun

  • Liz Ault   
    To John Ault, not my father my blood, but by marriage. I am no longer your family by marriage, just through my kids and your grandkids. You have taught me so much about unconditional love. I hope you find your peace in heaven soon. With all the love in my heart, this is for you. From my whole being, your daughter, Liz.


  • Lynn Bain   
    In appreciation for what RootsWeb does for the genealogy community.

  • Eneth R. "Sally" Banks   
    My donation is made to honor your contribution to all genealogists.

  • Patricia Hopkins Barnes   
    In memory of my mother Anna Marie Brennan Hopkins and dedicated to my father Charles Eugene Hopkins.

  • Judi Barrett   
    Dedicated to my uncle Leonard Kosoff who died February 13, 1998.

  • Brian Bauer

  • Greg Berthelson   
    Flinx Furtherance: Yours, Mine, & Ours

  • Andrew Billinghurst  (listowner GENANZ)

  • John Blankenbaker

  • Tom and Donna Deming Bombaci

  • Bill Bottoms   
    Dedicated to genealogy of Bottoms & Bottom Families, and to continue the work started by Almira Bottoms Butler.

  • Yvonne Oliver Bowers

  • Bill Bowser

  • Kimberly L. Branagan   
    All the users of the RootsWeb - no matter how infrequently they access it - should be thanking Brian and his dedicated crew of volunteers for creating new standards for on-line genealogy research. Although it has been providing genealogy research services for a few years, RootsWeb is truly in its developmental stage, and we all know that the "growing years" require the most support. With strong backing and generous volunteers, soon RootsWeb will be surpassing the aggressive goals set by its volunteers, donors and users. All of us should try to augment our "use" of RootsWeb by becoming a volunteer or/or donor. : ))

  • British Isles Family History Society--U.S.A.

  • Keith W. Brown

  • Sharon Bryant   
    To those who have gone before us that we may know them.

  • Barry K. Buchele   
    Dedicated to my aunt Mary Watson Ritter who had a love for genealogy and got my family interested it through our daughter.

  • Cliff Burk   
    In appreciation for the work of our RootsWebMasters.

  • Julie Matthews Burnette   
    This donation is made in the loving memory of my mother, Linda Lou Gage, who was orphaned at age 12 and thus knew very little about her ancestry. How thrilled she would be to know that I have traced her line back to Charlemagne!

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