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  1997 Donor Level Contributors
  • Yvonne Oliver Bowers

  • DIS-Norge   
    DIS-Norge is a Norwegian association of genealogists. We have had six mailing lists running at RootsWeb since late 1996.

  • Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants

  • Marc Nozell

  • John Perilloux

  • Susan Carter White Pieroth   
    To my great grandmother Amelia Maria Carter Kennedy, whose genealogy research is still appreciated today.

  • John Longstreet Rhymes

  • Kay Rockett

  • Marlies and Fred Rump

  • Doug Schorey

  • Marilyn Hough Stern

  • Larry Tesler

  • Thomas A. Wilde   
    In memory of my Mother and Father, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Wilde.

  • Barry and Megan Zurawicz



  1996 Donor Level Contributors

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