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  • American-French Genealogical Society   
    American-French Genealogical Society - AFGS is a non-profit genealogical and historical organization dedicated to the study and preservation of the French-Canadian culture. AFGS is proud to continue being a donor to RootsWeb.

  • Darlene Anderson

  • Arizona State Genealogical Society


  • Edith Lillie Bartley   
    Given in memory of my father, Leroy David Lillie, and in honor of my mother, Alice Farnham Lillie. Their research I respect and appreciate, but it is their fidelity and affection to their families, distant as well as close, still among us as well as long gone, which inspire me.

  • Terry Chevako Bava

  • Newton Brand

  • Norma Corbett Bruce   
    In honor of my parents, Olive and Howard Corbett, who celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this year with every living descendant attending the celebration.


  • Dorothy M. Call

  • Nelle B. Cook

  • Melinda Cornwell   
    Thank you RootsWeb!

  • Jan Cortez   
    Dedicated to finding all my roots......

  • Bob Crawford

  • Steve Crouch


  • Dallas Genealogical Society

  • Mark Daly   
    In memory of my father and in honor of my mother, two very special people.

  • Marie M. Davis   
    To Immigrant Ship's Transcriber's Guild, its staff and volunteers, whose dedication, energy, strained eyes and volunteer spirit have created a new and wonderful site where searchers looking into the past may find a clue or two. I salute you all and thank you for the information which can be found at

  • Wilson DeCamp

  • Marian E. Douglas

  • E


  • Carolyn D. Feroben

  • Flint Genealogical Society

  • Grace Nesbitt Fulford   
    Lovingly dedicated to the memory of Florence Euphemia Sinclair; grandaughter of Islay pioneers, cherished wife of William Paul Nesbitt and mother of Grace, beloved grandmother of Sandi, Christopher and Kersten, and adored "Gigi" of Alyssa and Matthew.  March 7, 1911-June 10, 1999  You are truly the wind beneath our wings.


  • Billie McDonald Goldwire   
    In memory of my Grandfather, Newton Clyde Connelly (1896-1965), who was responsible for my interest in genealogy.

  • Gowen Research Foundation , a non-profit heritage society.


  • Tom Hesler   
    In memory of my father, Berle G. Hesler and to RootsWeb for their devotion to the genealogical community.

  • Jo Hogle   
    In memory of Robert J. Schadewald.

  • Ken Hollingsworth

  • Leslie Hope

  • Adrian Hopkins

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