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 My g-grandfather, PATRICK KELLY, and at least two of his brothers, DENIS and
 JOHN emigrated from Co. Kerry, Ireland, in 1879.

 Family lore has it that they went to work in the silver mines in Utah. I have
 Patrick's citizenship intent , dated 1861, and his citizenship certificate,
 dated 1866, (Patrick also bought a farm in Massachusetts in 1886) both from
 Summit Co., Utah, so I assume family lore is correct. I have found a small
 amount of info on the silver mines that were active during that time. 

 My questions are: Does anyone know of solicitations that may have gone out to
 young Irish men to attract them to work in these silver mines? Does anyone
 know of publications that may lend info on silver mining during this period?
 Would anyone know of what port they generally might have arrived in to work
 in Utah in 1879? I know this year of arrival, but don't know where to begin
 to look for a port of arrival.  I find it curious that Pat & Denis ended up
 in Massachusetts after their 5 or 6 year stint in Utah, and John ended up in

 Any and all help with these questions is much appreciated. Thank you!