In 1843, Hiram Kelly married Ann Martin ( a Widow), in Rabun County, GA. Then they moved to his home in, Buncombe County, NC, or Servierville, TN.   salud Symes

My gggrandfather was named  James Kelly.   He fought   in the cival war. 
Confederate side.  He waS BORN  AROUND   1842.   His birth was  in mcminn county
tn.   I run  into a block after this.  If I could get some help  It would be 
appreciated.                                                       Thanks
frank         Old  navy@aol.com

Does anyone have a David Kelley b abt 1828 TN in their family? Below is his
daughters family.
I'm helping a friend tie together his family, but the surprise for me was
the  Oakley & Kelley marriage since I have both families in SC.
Thanks for your help,
Derrell Oakley Teat

WILLIAM J.2 OAKLEY  (SAMUEL1) was born September 1849 in Alexandria, DeKalb,
Tennessee, and died July 14, 1935 in , Tennessee.  He married NANCY KELLEY
1870 in , Smith, Tennessee.  She was born February 1853 in , Smith,
Tennessee, and died March 24, 1936 in , Smith, Tennessee.

1880 Wm Oakley, Nancy Oakley, Fannie, Morris, Lessie and Nancys sister
Victoria Kelly, age 19 living in Smith County, Tennessee, right next door to
Titus & Helen Sampson and also Samuel Oakley., Smith County, Texas

1900 DeKalb, Tennessee Census William age 50, married 22 years, Nancy age
47, Father in Law David Kelley age72 widowed born in Tennessee is living
with them.

I am interested in finding the father of James Martin Kelly.  He is my 5th great grandfather who died around 1872.  He was established in Morgan county Tennessee and was married to Malinda (Hall) Kelly.  To my knowledge he had one son, Daniel Martin Kelly.

I have also been told that he was bushwhacked and murdered while going to the city of Knoxville for supplies.

Any info would be great


 Joe Kelly

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Metals & Ceramics Division

Office: 574-3177

Pager: 873-6464

  From: "Patti Costa" <pcosta@pacbell.net Subject: John Kelly - TN
 Thanks everyone!  Here is my story, and below is some info I found on
 "John Kelly's" that may or may not be mine.  But may be yours.

 My Great Grandfather's name is John Louis Kelly b. 4/4/1876 d.
 4/29/1949.  My Grandmothers birth record says her father was born in
 Knoxville, TN.  His Marriage License says his parents are J.M. Kelly and
 Elizabeth Duncan (guessing that they would have married in 1870s and
 that they were born around 1850s).  He told my grandmother that he was
 named after his father.  And his wife thought so too, because she put on
 the death certificate that his father was John L. Kelly (all from TN).

 Here is a bigger problem....John Louis Kelly ran away at the age of 14
 and never contacted his family again, Story is...His Parents owned large
 Plantation (can't find it.) Mother wore "fancy dresses" and went to lots
 of party's.  She had servants care for the children.  Only thing
 Grandmother remembers is that he had a sister named Mae (or May) and she
 is the only sibling that he mentioned throughout his life. He didn't
 like talking about his childhood and didn't offer any information.

 I sent away for Social Security Application for a John Kelly b. 4/4/1879
 and got a John Wesley Kelley's App.  It states his parents as Jonathan
 Kelly and Anna Belle Baskins and that he was born in Lauderdale Co. Ala.
 He applied for Social Security number in Waynesboro, Tenn.

 I found an obit (dated Feb. 1, 1923) for John L Kelly age 64 in
 Chattanooga buried in Mt Olivets Catholic Cemetery  and the dates seem
 right but it states that he was in the plumbing business.  The obit
 didn't give the wife's name but I called the Cemetery and they told me
 his wife's name was Lila (sp?)  and she is buried with him.   And this
 John L. Kelly had daughter named Margaret.  (really thought this could
 be the one, but the occupation is way off).

 I have the book "Hamilton County Pioneers" by John Wilson and it talks
 about the John Kelly's and Kelly's ferry.  Another possibility, but
 doesn't mention a John Kelly born about 1850s.

 Hope this helps someone!



From: "John W Doughty" <jwdoughty@juno.com To: <KELLY-L@rootsweb.com Subject: Benjiman Kelly
 Does anyone know anything about a Benjiman Kelly born around 1750 some
 where around the Eastern shore of Maryland and died in Stokes Co. North
 Carolina.  He married Louisa Green and they had 3 sons. 
                      1. Greenberry, b.  Dec. - 13 - 1781 Maryland: d.
 Nov. 9, 1877, Robertson Co, Tn.
                      2.  Martin                                         
                      3.  Kanara       
 #5.  Greenberry married Mary Hamilton  May 29, 1819 .They had 2 sons:
                      1. William Berry, b. May 5, 1821 Robertson Co,TN 
 d. Feb,11, 1908
                      2. Richmond James
 #4.  William Berry married Nancy Bass Sept 24, 1846.  They had 6 sons and
 4 daughters. 
                      1. John Greenberry, b. Sept 30,1848 Robertson Co, TN
   d. Feb 2, 1937
                      2.Richmond Jethro
                      3. William Bascom
                      4. Fountin Pitts
                      5. Nancy Clementine
                      6. Robert Payne
                      7. Mary Elizabeth
                      8. Laura Anna
                      9. Martha Melissa
                    10. Wm. Jeptha
 #3.  John Greenberry married Jona Anna Beasley Oct 12, 1869.  They had 3
 sons and 1 daughter.
                      1. Theoflus Walton, b. July 5, 1871 Robertson Co, TN
  d. June 21, 1905
                      2. Rebecca
                      3. William Robert
                      4. Leonard Henry
 #2.  Theoflus Walton married Ara V. Barry Dec 21, 1898.  They had 2 sons.
                      1. Raymon Moore
                      2. James Vernon, b. Feb 4,1905   Robertson Co, TN
 d. June 8, 1996 Franklin, KY

 #1.  James Vernon married Novice Marie Uhls April 3,1928 in Gallaton,TN.
 They had 6 daughters & 1 son.




From: "Jim Kelly" <gnelogjim@apex.net


Below is a message I sent to a woman who was kind enough to send me some information about the Kellys of Madison Co., Alabama. I thought I would send it on to you because, who knows, someone out there might recognize some of these names. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about this. And I'm happy to share any information any of you might want.




Thanks for your reply. I am really happy to have all that information that

you sent. Thank you. Most of that information was new to me, but I did find

it helpful.

After looking at the information you sent, I feel your John Kelly is not the

father of my Henry Kelly. They are probably in some way related, but I feel

that one less John Kelly on my list of possibilities is a good thing!

I know that Henry Kelly, who was born in South Carolina in 1796, is the son

of John Kelly because Henry was in the War of 1812, but was too young to

receive the bounty for his service. His father, John Kelly received it.

Since Henry enlisted at Huntsville in October 1813, I thought that John, who

died there in 1818 was worth researching.

Here's my theory. I know John is the father of my Henry. I feel Nelson Kelly

is the father of my John.

Nelson Kelly was born in Sussex Co., VA. ca. 1730. He married Elizabeth

Jeffries in Stafford Co. in 1751 and died in Bedford Co., TN. in 1815.

In 1790 there is one Kelly family in Sussex Co. This is John Kelly (I have

no idea, don't ask.).

Another clue I have is that my great grandfather is Samuel Odum Cleveland

Kelly. His daughter told me the names Odum and Cleveland are both family

names, but I've never found out where they come in. However....after a brief

(?) stay in Fairfax Co., VA., Nelson Kelly ended up in Wilkes Co., NC. This

is where he lived when he served in the Revolution. On the 1782 tax list of

Wilkes Co. are listed Larkin Cleveland, John Kelley, Jeremiah Cleveland,

John Cleveland and Nelson Kelley.

In 1790 Laurens Dist (Old 96) in South Carolina are found Reubin Kellogg,

Thomas Kellogg and Nelson Kellogg. This is actually Nelson and his sons. Is

my John living somewhere else (back in Sussex Co., VA???) or still unmarried

at home???

In 1800, Laurens Dist., SC. are Nelson Kelley, Peter Kelley, Thomas Kelley

and Ruebin Kelley. Also, six of the seven John Kellys in South Carolina that

year have a son in the household of the age to be my Henry. (Big help there,


By the way, in both 1790 and 1800, there are Clevelands nearby. There is

also a Larkin Cleveland.

There is a John Kelly who is said to have been the first settler on Kelly's

Creek, which is on the Lincoln-Giles County line in Tennessee, just north of

Limestone Co., Alabama. He and Joseph Kelly record their marks on 27

February 1810. (John is first found there 26 April 1809.)In this same area,

there is a Caperton Kelly mentioned several times. I noticed that name in

the information you sent. Joel Kelly was also in the area. Assuming these

are all the same John Kelly, in Lincoln Co., he was a Justice of the Peace,

a lawyer and even owned a tavern. On his inventory, which was made in

Lincoln Co., TN. on 7 May 1818, he is listed as John Kelly, Sr. Among the

several books he owned was a Bible. (What I wouldn't give to find that!)

Names mentioned in this inventory are a hundred dollar note on Charles

Cavenaugh and Joseph and Nancy Kelly, the administrators. Eli Garrett had a

hand in seeing that the estate was settled. (Nelson Kelly's son William

married into his family.

In Bedford Co., TN., the first name listed on the church register of Newhope

Baptist Church, dated 1 April 1809 is Nelson Kelly. Reuben is there, too

along with several Kelly women. There is a later list of church members

dated 2 November 1811, but the list was added to and there is no way to know

when each name was listed. On this list are: Nelson Kelly who is listed as

dead. (He died in 1813.) Reuben Kelly is also listed as dead. (He died in

1815.) Beside John Kelly, it says "Escd." Beside his wife, who is just

listed as "and wife" is written "dead". Later, beside John Kelly is written


I find a Larkin Cleveland all the way to Alabama, too. I can't help but feel

he fits in somewhere.

Now, to answer your question about the siblings of my Henry, in Limestone

Co., AL. is found the will of Thomas Kelly, who died in 1833. The will was

written 2 October 1833 and it was probated 14 October 1833. His widow,

Elizabeth was still living. Thomas' daughter, Matilda had Robert Austin, Jr.

as her guardian in 1835. She married William Wilkerson in 1836 in Limestone


Thomas' daughter, Louisa was the key. In 1835, Robert Austin, Jr. was her

guardian, but in 1837, her uncle, Henry Kelly was her guardian.. She married

Lorenzo D. Cox in 1838 in Limestone Co. Thomas' other children are Elizabeth

and John (of course!). I don't know what became of them. Joseph is linked

with Henry's family, too and John, who was in Limestone Co. in1820, is just

thought to be his brother. I guess it's possible that this is John Sr., but

if the John Sr. who died in Lincoln Co. in 1818 is Henry's father, then this

is more than likely his brother.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Henry Kelly was in Capt. Charles

Cavanaugh's company in the War of 1812. (Remember that name from John Kelly

of Lincoln Co.?)

My biggest problem with John Kelly of Lincoln Co. being the father of my

Henry is this. Nelson Kelly always signed his name with an X. Henry Kelly

seems to have always done the same. John Kelly could read, write, was

possibly a lawyer and a justice of the peace. Would a man that educated come

from someone who could not write and have children who could not? I know

illiteracy was common in those days, but one man being educated doesn't seem

to fit (at least not in my mind). Please, feel free to set me straight on

this point!

Henry Kelly and his first wife, who is unknown, only had one child that is

known, my great-great grandfather, John Nelson Kelly. (There's that name

Nelson--and John--again!) He was born in Alabama ca. 1822. His mother was

living in 1830, but died in Limestone Co. AL. soom after that as Henry Kelly

moved to Giles Co.,TN. where he married his second wife, Mahaly Smith in

1835. His third wife, the mother of John Nelson Kelly's first wife, was Mrs.

Luvicy Hunter, the widow of Jesse Hunter who died in Limestone Co. AL. in

1824. She was Cherokee and is known in my family by her Indian name, "Flower


I hope this isn't too confusing. I am sure I left something important out,

so if you have any questions, please ask. Again, thank you for the

information you sent. I know I will be able to put it to good use. And if

you have any clues for me after reading this, please pass them along.

Thanks for your help,




In response to Jennifer's post, as follows:

 I am seeking info on Elias (Elisha?) Kelly and Marianne Jennie Weeks
 (Meeks?). They were married, possibly in SC, because their son Marion was
 born there. They had at least one son, Marion Samuel Kelly, who married
 Julia V. Inman. Here's what I have so far:

Below is an outline of my KELLEY line -- my direct descendant being Joel (b.
abt. 1775), and his father has not been proved yet to be this Richard.
Considering the Joel, Samuel and SC commonalties with your line, I wondered
if you saw any further commonalties.

Pam Catlett Mullinax

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Descendants of Richard Kelley

 1   Richard Kelley b: Abt. 1736 d: Abt. 1800  d: Abt. 1800
.  +Susannah (?) Kelley   m: Bef. 1755
. 2   William Kelley b: July 11, 1758 in Union Co., SC d: December 27, 1837
d: December 27, 1837 in Cass Co., GA
.....  +Elizabeth Singleton? b: 1764 d: August 22, 1850 m: November 01, 1782
in Rutherford Co., NC d: August 22, 1850 in Smith Co., TN
..... 3   Joshua Kelley b: August 14, 1783 in Lennor, SC d: May 16, 1863  d:
May 16, 1863 in Indiana
.........  +Nancy Beard   m: in TN
.....  *2nd Wife of Joshua Kelley:
.........  +Anna Elston Collins b: Abt. 1795 in Kentucky
..... 3   Rachel Kelley b: September 02, 1785 d: Bef. 1850  d: Bef. 1850
..... 3   Nancy Kelley b: May 14, 1787 d: Bef. 1850  d: Bef. 1850
..... 3   Easter Kelley b: July 11, 1789 d: Bef. 1850  d: Bef. 1850
..... 3   Jane Kelley b: May 17, 1791 in Greeneville Co., SC d: Bef. 1850
d: Bef. 1850
.........  +? Chatine
..... 3   Judiah Kelley b: November 14, 1793 in Greeneville Co., SC d: Aft.
1870  d: Aft. 1870 in Georgia
..... 3   Dinah Kelley b: October 24, 1796 in Greeneville Co., SC
.........  +John Kennedy, Jr.
..... 3   Daniel Kelley b: October 30, 1798 in Greenville, SC
.........  +Elizabeth (?) Kelley   m: Bef. 1825
..... 3   William Kelley b: June 09, 1802 in SC d: 1877  d: 1877 in Cobb
Co., GA
.........  +Lucy Partin b: Abt. 1796 in SC  m: Abt. 1820 in SC
..... 3   Richard Kelley b: November 21, 1805 in Greeneville Co., SC
.........  +Mary Jackson   m: December 02, 1829 in McMinn County, Tennessee
..... 3   Elizabeth Kelley b: May 01, 1807 in Greeneville Co., SC
.........  +? Partane
..... 3   John Kelley b: 1814
..... 3   Samuel Kelley b: 1816
..... 3   Alcey Kelley b: July 16, 1809 in NC
. 2   John Kelley b: 1760
. 2   Ben Kelley b: 1762
. 2   Is Kelley b: 1765
. 2   Hugh Kelley b: 1771
. 2   Delilah Kelley b: 1773
. 2   Joel Kelley b: Abt. 1775 in South Carolina d: Abt. 1862  d: Abt. 1862
in Bradley County, Tennessee
.....  +Letta Darlton(?) b: Abt. 1781 in South Carolina d: Abt. 1862  d:
Abt. 1862 in Bradley County, Tennessee
..... 3   Matthew Kelley b: April 01, 1799
..... 3   William Kelley b: July 07, 1802
..... 3   Richard Kelley b: March 15, 1804 in Bradley County, Tennessee
.........  +Caroline Eliza Ann Burkhart b: Abt. 1813 in Tennessee  m: Abt.
..... 3   Mary Kelley b: May 20, 1806
..... 3   John Kelley b: 1808
..... 3   Nathan Kelley b: December 01, 1810
..... 3   Elisha Kelley b: December 24, 1812 in McMinn County, Tennessee
.........  +Sarah (?) Kelley   m: Abt. 1838
..... 3   Susan Kelley b: March 01, 1814 in Tennessee
.........  +Andrew P. Miller
..... 3   Joel Kelley b: May 18, 1816
..... 3   Nancy Kelley b: May 16, 1818 in McMinn County, Tennessee
..... 3   Elijah Kelley b: November 23, 1820 in McMinn County, TN d:
December 23, 1875  d: December 23, 1875 in Bradley Co., TN
.........  +Julia F. McSpadden b: February 16, 1822 in Tennessee d: February
16, 1901 m: Abt. 1845 d: February 16, 1901 in Bradley Co., TN
. 2   Richard Kelley b: 1775
. 2   Matthew "Massey" Kelley, Sr. b: 1778 in SC
.....  +Anna McCoy b: 1777 in VA
..... 3   Mary Ann Kelley b: March 13, 1815 in McMinn Co., TN d: July 12,
1898  d: July 12, 1898
.........  +William Swann   m: Abt. 1830
..... 3   Matthew Kelley b: in TN
..... 3   Squire Kelley b: 1810
.........  +Mary Beauchamp b: Bet. 1800 - 1810
..... 3   Stephen Kelley b: in TN
..... 3   Mandy Kelley b: in TN

  From: "Clif and Sarah Thompson" <thompson@beaverisland.k12.mi.us To: <donkelly@grovenet.net Sent: Friday, August 25, 2000 5:44 AM Subject: Kelly/Kelley family history
 Dear Don - I wrote you some time back about Marquis Lafayette Kelley (b.
 1836 in Tennessee).  You have a Marquis Lafayette in your family and I was
 hoping they were related.  We could not immediately make a connection;
 however, I am hoping there is still a relationship here.

 You mentioned that you have a "Most Wanted Kelley's" web page and I have
 lost the address.  Could you please send it to me again so I can look at
 what you  have?

 I  have recently come by some new, encouraging information on my Marquis L.
 Kelley.  I hesitate to pass along information because I have not checked it
 out at all, but will be glad to if you wish.  I have it from another
 researcher and it really looks promising.

 I will look forward to the address of your Kelley's web page and will share
 what I have as well if you like, understanding that I have not documented
 any of it with regard to Marquis L. Kelley's parents.

 Thank you for your help.

 Sarah Thompson




I am looking for the parents of John R Kelly.
John R. Kelly b. ? Jun 1834 Tennessee,  d. 10 May 1901, burial Mixon,
TX.  Cherokee county-Mixon Cemetery.  He married Josephine Hays no dates
on marriage.  To the best of my knowledge they had eight children.
Sarah Francis Kelly 
Lou Ella Kelly
Mary Eliza Kelly
James Harvey Kelley
Amarilla Kelly
Alta Mae Kelly
Addie Lee Kelly
Jennie B. Kelly
If any one has any info on these people please contact me.  Thank you
very mch


Would like to exchange info on James Kelly born about 1760 Pittsylvania
County, Virginia, married Anne and lived in Kershaw County, South
Carolina, Williamson County, Tennessee in 1819. Also, he lived in
Hickman, Perry and Maury Counties, Tennessee. Children were: Alexander,
William Thomas, John, Polly Mary, Elizabeth, Frances and Joseph.

Hello Kelly List,

The 1830 Census for Jefferson Co., TN lists a Benjamin Kelly with a daughter
age 20-30.  Does anyone have any information on this family?  Is this
daughter Charlotte Kelly, b. abt 1812, TN, who married Barnabas B. King, 7
Dec 1830, Jefferson Co., TN??  Any information appreciated, thanks!

Brenda King Finch

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Hi All!

I'm trying to find any information on the following Kellys:

William Nicholas Alexander Kelly, b. ?1871 ?1881--married Sarah Fee
He was raised in TN, according to his son, George (my grandfather), but also
lived in Knox County, KY, for a time, and had a tobacco farm in Lee County
(Pennington Gap?  Big Stone Gap?  Norton?), VA.  My grandfather was raised in
Lee County, so I don't think William spent much time in Knox County.  Went by
the name of Bill or WNA Kelly.

John Kelly--William's father.  Found one possibility in Claiborne County,
TN--as son of an Edward Kelly and Rebecca Sargent (Sergent).  Listed in 1850
and 1860 census.  Age would be right, but at this time I have no confirmation
that this is the John I'm looking for.  Lost family after 1860
census--haven't figured out yet where they went.

My grandfather said that John lived to be 96 years old, and that he was in
the Civil War.  Other than this information, I really don't know much else. 
I hope someone can help me.  My grandfather lived most of his adult life in
Harlan County, Kentucky.  I'm assuming at this point that the Kellys I'm
looking for would be in that tri-state area of VA-TN-KY.

Thanks for any help!


From: Paula Kelley Ward To: Sent: Sunday, July 25, 1999 2:19 PM Subject: Matthias Kelly 1797-1872, TN,KY,VA,MO.
Thank you to L'Ene HATCHER-CROSS who found this website. I want to remind everyone that information about any spelling variation of the name: KELLEY, KELLY, O'KELLY, etc. is welcome on this list.
My Kelley/Kelly family is from Southwest Virginia but to my knowledge is not related to the below family. Historical Sketches of Southwest Virginia, Publication 6 - 1972

By Emory L. Hamilton Mrs. J. C. Mitchell of Appalachia, VA has in her possession an old fire-damaged Bible belonging to some of the Kelly family which has names and dates recorded as below:
Patrick Kelly born June 2, 1707
John Jackson Kelly born June 2, 1707
Matthias Kelly born December 28, 1777
No doubt this is a direct Kelly line and it remains for some family genealogist to make the connections.

This manuscript begins with a Matthias Kelly, who was probably a son of John Jackson Kelly, Sr., who had married Rebecca Jackson and lived in Tennessee. Matthias Kelly married Abigail Sturgill, daughter of John and Jemima Wells Sturgill. After their marriage they lived for awhile in Kentucky, probably Harlan County where some three or four of their oldest children were born.
Sometime in the 1830's they moved to the vicinity of Big Stone Gap which is his lifetime was known as the Three Forks of Powell River. All this section was then Lee County, becoming Wise County in 1856. Matthias is said to have operated one of the first stores in Lee County somewhere in the Big Stone Gap vicinity.
Sometime in the 1850's he moved his family to Milam, in Sullivan County, Missouri where he lived through the Civil War years and had moved back to Wise County by 1870. While living in Missouri his son Franklin Newton Kelly married on May 9, 1861 to Salomey Jane Neighbors, and they had a son, John William Kelly born May 19, 1862. Franklin Newton enlisted in the Missouri State Militia as a Bugler in Company C of the 1st Cavalry Regiment commanded by Captain James McFerrin, and was killed April 28, 1864, near Warrensburg in Johnson County, Missouri.
Two birth dates have been uncovered for Matthias Kelly and which one is correct remains to be proven. The first is December 28, 1797, and second December 28, 1800. He died December 15, 1872, and is said to have been buried about halfway between his old home site and Cadet alongside the L&N Railroad on a knoll and it has been said a large tree is growing out of his grave.
On January 3, 1818 he was married to Abigail Sturgill, born November 30, 1801. After the death of her husband, Abigail went to live with her oldest son, John Jackson Kelly at the Brick Store in upper Lee County in Turkey Cove.
She died here and was laid to rest in the Jonathan Richmond Cemetery across Highway 58 from her last home, now the Dave Isaac place. Abigail's picture, her loom, and some cloth she wore are now on display in the Southwest Virginia Museum at Big Stone Gap. Their children were:
John Jackson Kelly, born October 6, 1821, married Jane Booth Anna Kelly, born February 15, 1824, married Hiram Davidson
Rachel Kelly, born November 23, 1825, married (1) a Gibbs (2) a Stoner
Jemima Kelly, born October 30, 1827, married Elkanna Gilley
Rebecca Kelly, born October 23, 1829, married a Marion
Matthias Kelly, born April 7, 1832, married Rebecca McKnight
William Henry Kelly, born February 20, 1835, married Mary Creech
Patrick Jasper Kelly, born March 24, 1837, married Mary Jane
Sarah "Sally" Kelly, born April 5, 1839, married a Spencer Franklin Newton Kelly, born May 25, 1842, married Salomey Jane Neighbors
Jane "Jennie" Kelly, born 1845, married a Parker
John Jackson Kelly, oldest son of Matthias and Abigail, lived on Callahan Creek, at or near the present Appalachia, VA. Kelly Branch of Callahan, still bears his name.
He owned large acreages of land on Callahan, Looney and Roaring Fork Creeks of Powell River. He reared his large family here where he operated a grist mill, blacksmith shop and gun smith shop. He made "flint- lock rifles, bear traps and tools for the pioneer settlers."
After his children had all married and gone from home he sold his large land holdings to the coal companies and bought the old Gen. Jonathan Richmond home and Brick Store in Turkey Cove in the edge of Lee County just west of Big Stone Gap.
Here he spent the remainder of his life, dying on June 30, 1909, and was laid to rest in the Richmond Cemetery. He married Jane, the daughter of Rev. William Booth, who was born October 21, 1817 and preceded him in death on January 17, 1893.
Their children were:
Matthias Kelly, born December 1, 1840, died April 13, 1908, married Mary McKnight
William Jasper Kelly, born August 15, 1843, married Katherine Day (2) Lura Clarkston
Clerinda Kelly, born November 24, 1844, married John Lewis
John Jackson Kelly, Jr., born February 26, 1847, married Ella Jane Lewis
David Kelly, born March 20, 1848, married (1) Abagail Stidham (2) Roxanna Lewis
James J. Kelly, born October 9, 1849, married Sophia Robinette
Isaac Newton Kelly, born March 20, 1851, married Mary Olinger
Abagail Kelly, born February 17, 1853, married Lafayette Wade
Dorinda Emeline Kelly, born October 24, 1854, married F. M. Clarkston
Sarah Jane Kelly, born November 4, 1856, died young
Jemima Kelly, born September 8, 1858, married Sampson Bishop
Rebecca Marion Kelly, born September 8, 1858, married William Coldiron (Jemima and Rebecca were twins)
John Jackson Kelly, Jr., fourth child of John J. Kelly, Sr. and his wife Jane Booth, was born at the old Kelly home on Callahan Creek February 26, 1847.
He married Jane Lewis and settled at what is known today as Kelly View, on Route 23, between Norton and Appalachia. Here he built a six room, two story log house where his family of twelve children were born, Dr. John Jackson Kelly, Jr. being the eleventh born of these children, several of whom died young.
Emerson Kelly
Lawrence Willard Kelly married Genette Kilgore
Dr. J. J. Kelly, Jr., married Trula Watkins
Minter Dale Kelly never married
Lora Jean Kelly never married
Gustova Bronx Kelly never married
Viola Kelly married Lawson White
Oprha Kelly married Rossiter Rapp
Pages 35 to 38
Paula Kelley Ward KELLEY List Manager PWard@Express-News.net

From: D J Pennington To: Sent: Saturday, July 24, 1999 12:27 PM Subject: Spelling
I think I started something. This is the information I have.
My father, D D Kelly, is the fourth child of Samuel James & Julie Maude (Chatman) Kelley. My father was born in Jonesboro, TN.
My grandfather, Samuel James Kelley, was the son of William & Hannah Reedy Kelley of Washington County, Tennessee. Grandpa was born April 24, 1892.
When my grandparents passed away, they were living in Hawkins County, Church Hill, Tennessee.
I know my uncles and aunts but I have no information of who my fathers aunts and uncles were.
Thanks for being interested, Donna Jo Kelly Pennington Looking for Pennington, Davis, Berry, Wright, Hudson, Kelley (Kelly), Chatman
My father's family is Kelley - east Tennessee area. After joining the service, he found out on his birth certificate he was Kelly. It was too late to change so we are Kelly. I think out of a family of 7 children (plus my father has a twin sister who is Kelley) there were 3 children with Kelly.
We don't have a problem. We just know it started way back.
Donna Kelly Pennington

Christopher P Kelley wrote:
I was reading through past messages from the list a little while ago when I came across the large spelling discussion from March, and a question became evident to me. My family's version of the Kelley/Kelly schism (for want of a better term) says that a distant relative got mad at the family and left, changing his name from "Kelly" to "Kelley." I don't doubt the story's authenticity, but the question is whether this is isolated to our group only, or if its a legend back through the ages. Comment on the "rebel ancestor" theory is invited.
Chris Kelley

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I am looking for Rufus Emmett KELLEY (or could be Emmett Rufus KELLEY) who was married to Tipie BARR on 4 September 1912 in Giles County, Tennessee, probably in Pulaski. They had two children, a daughter, Vador and a son, Belvin Dean. I believe that about 1916, Rufus was killed by a bull.
The son was adopted by a family named Shields in Giles County. All family is now dead and I would like to find out who were the parents of Rufus and where did he come from?
Jan Kelley Bellevue Washington USA Jan

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Banjamine To: Sent: Thursday, July 22, 1999 9:38 AM Subject: Most Wanted Kelly Alexander Kelly, born 1750, County Armagh, Ireland. Brought to America in infancy. Lived Greenbrier, VA. Enlisted as Revolutionary soldier July 9, 1776, taken prisoner at Germantown Oct 4, 1777.
Moved to Tennessee, Lt. Col. of Knox County Regiment. Elected senator from Blount County, March 28, 1796, reelected Sept 18, 1797.
Received 3,000 acres on Tennessee River in 1824, Sequatchie Valley. Drowned in Sequatchie River soon after arrival.
Son, Col. John Kelly, Born Jun 2, 1779, died Nov 26, 1845, at Kelly's Ferry, TN. married Apr 8, 1798 to Nancy Mayo, in Monroe County, TN.

Here is some info I have found so far that might help you. SALINE COUNTY AR 1880 Census Reference Chart: 1) Dwelling # 14) Months unemployed this year 2) Family # 15) Currently ill? if so, specify 3) Name of every person whose place of 16) Blind abode on 1 June 1880 was in this family 17) Deaf and dumb 4) Color 18) Idiotic 5) Sex 19) Insane 6) Age 20) Disabled 7) Month born if during census year 21) School this year 8) Relationship to household head 22) Cannot read 9) Single 23) Cannot write10) Married 24) Birth place11) Widow / Divorced 25) Father's Birthplace12) Married with census year 26) Mother's Birthplace13) Profession, occupation, or trade of each person male or female
ELLY Marrion W M 32 F TN TN TN
Harriett W F 36 W K NC NC NC
Delana I W F 12 D AR TN NC
Mary W F 10 D AR TN NC
Emmer W F 8 D AR TN NC
Nancy W F 6 D AR TN NC
Emeline W F 2 D AR TN NC Marion KELLY b. abt 1842 TN 30 Aug 1867 Saline, Arkansas
Harriet PRYOR
HARRIET PRYOR (SAMUEL M.3, THOMAS J.2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. 1845 in NC. She married MARION KELLY Aug 30, 1867.
Marion Kelly purchased 160 acres of land in Saline Co. KELLY MARION 29 3S 15W 160 1883/01/15
Go to this WEBSITE :Descendants of Samuel Pryor http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/l/a/n/Eddie-G-Landreth/GENE4-0005.html or its home page http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/l/a/n/Eddie-G-Landreth/index.html Children of HARRIET PRYOR and MARION KELLY are:
DELANA J.5 KELLY, b. Abt. 1868, AR.
MARY KELLY, b. Abt. 1870, AR.
EMMA KELLY, b. Abt. 1872, AR
NANCY KELLY, b. Abt. 1874, AR
EMOLINE KELLY, b. Abt. 1878, AR

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i am looking for information on the kelly family, they were from arkansas and for a while were in dodd city arkansas. my great grandmother was emmer kelly and married a nalley, i am looking for emmer kelly's family history any and all help would be so very appreciated anita disaldo@brightok.net -----Original Message----- From: AGS-D-request@rootsweb.com To: AGS-D@rootsweb.com

I am searching for a JOHN__(?)___KELLY born in Ireland (date unknown). He was one of six brothers brought to America by their father (name unknown). Mother of brothers was dead. Brothers were carpenters and brick masons. John (who may have been the youngest of the brothers) married a SUSANNAH POWELL (nee NAYLOR?) JOHN and SUSANNAH moved to Kansas. It is not known how many of their children were born there (although it is known that JOHN ELIAS KELLY -- my grandfather -- was born in Kansas).
At some point they started back to West Tennessee in a (covered wagon) where JOHN had previously settled and married SUSANNAH when he was age 40. JOHN ___?___KELLY died in Joplin, Missouri and was buried there. SUSANNAH brought her children back home to Tennessee, Lauderdale County.
JOHN ELIAS (b.20 June, 1878) in Kansas married SALLY ANN MILLER (b.28 June, 1873 in Murfreesboro, TN) They settled in Lauderdale County, Tennessee and had 11 children, one of whom was my mother.
Any help in developing this KELLY line would be sincerely appreciated. Oral history said that JOHN___?___ and his five brothers drifted apart after they lived in the America for a while. They may have entered through a Philadelphia port, but I do not know this to be a fact.
Kay McDonagh KMcdon8376@aol.com

James M. KELLY, b (c1805 - c1845), married abt 1827 Anna H (?),(1805 - 8/28/1875). Children: All born in Marion County, TN; John R. b 1828, Riley A. b 1830, Amanda 11/28/1833, George Washington b 5/24/1838, and William b 1840. James M. appears in 1830 and 1840 Marion County Census. Anna is listed as HOH in 1850 Marion census. Anna is living with son, Riley A., in 1870 Lawrence County (Black River TW) AR census. Family may have lived in MO in 1860's. Searching for parents of James M. Kelly and Anna. -

Alexander Kelly, b. County Armagh, Ireland, ca. 1750, d. 1824, Marion County, TN.
Brought to American in infancy, Lived Greenbriar, Virginia during Revolution. Enlisted July 9 1776, taken prisoner at Germantown, Oct. 4, 1777. After war moved to TN, Lt. Col. of Knox County Regiment (name on muster roll Aug 27, 1794) Elected senator from Blunt Country, March 28, 1796, re-elected Sept 18, 1797. Received 3,000 acres on Tennesee River in 1824, Sequatchie Valley. Drowned in Sequatchie River soon after arrival.
One male child, Col. John Kelly, b. Jun 2, 1779, d. Nov 26, 1845 at Kelly's Ferry, TN. Spouse Nancy Mayo, m. Apr 8, 1798, Monroe County, TN. Information about Irish origins most wanted.

Jean Jan 7, 1999.

KELLEY, Herschel:
QUERY: My brick wall is Herschel Kelley b. abt 1904 Athens, TN. Parents UNK. Sister named Pauline. Other siblings UNK. Married to Winifred LaRose HEDGE May 17, 1922. Moved to Richmond, VA after a child was born in 1923. Only record is one of divorce. In Athens he worked as a lynotypist (type setter) for the Athenian newspaper.
Thanks in advance. Jean

Any help appreciated.

Sam D. Kelly b.1811 in NC. He was married three times:
Wife I: Amelia, no last name, either born or married in TN. no children
Wife II: Elizabeth, nothing else available. She was the mother of the children listed below.
Wife III:Parthenia Wells Whinn no other information. The marriage may have been in Miss.
Children: Nancy Kelly b. Tn 1828 d.1851 no other information.
Elizabeth Kelly b. 1831 d.1878 in Miss (probably Bolton, Miss) not far from Jackson,MS
Elizabeth Kelly married Richard Albert Myrick 1822-1906
Richard was the son of Richard Myrick born in Barnwell SC in1790 who was the son of John Myrick ( Richard 1790 had a brother Owen)
The children of Elizabeth and Richard Albert were:
Lillian Myrick 1860-1927 m Joseph Elliot Smith( son of Carl Gibbs
Smith,GA;)( Edward Moffat Smith and Lila Gibbs GA); (James Smith VA and Sara MoffatVa.GA;
Charles Smith and Jane Pinckard VA)(dau of Thomas Pinckard and Ann Corbin Griffen)(gr. grandson of Edwin Conway VA)
Renson Myrick 1852 no other information
Edwin Kelly Myrick 1851-1878 m. Daisy Belle Knapp dau of Belle Knapp, no maiden name known, of Vicksburg MS( had Edwin Kelly Myrick,jr; and Daisy Belle Myrick)
Sam Myrick 1854 m. Nellie Knapp of Vicksburgh MS( also Daughter of Belle Knapp)
Eva Aline Myrick 1861-1890 m. William M. Carstarphen1852-1919
Where did Sam D. Kelly originate? What were th maiden names of his wives??????
Beverly Smith Riverside, CA

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