I am seeking information on the following people and their families:
These are the descendants of Edward Lamar Kelley.

1. John Edward Kelley: 9 Mar 1914-14 Dec 1996 East moline, Rock Island,
IL. He married a woman named Genevea and they had two kids: Coral and
Carol. Need info on them....births, etc
2. Francis "Mike" Murl Kelley: 24 Jun 1917-Jun 1983, Colona, Henry, IL.
He married a woman named Jessie. They had four kids: Robert Patrick,
born in 1946 in TN, Michael Rory birn 1948 in Moline. He died in 1988 in
Moline, Timothy Kelley who married a Linda, and Gary Kelley. Seeking
info on his wife and his children...any info..
3. Clarence W. Kelley: 15 Dec 1918 in Mercer Co., - June 1, 1995 in
Colona, Henry Co. He married Pearl Victoria Stephenson and they had 7
children: John Wesley, Charles Raymond, Clarence Leroy, Marjorie Ann,
Thomas Oliver, Steven Earl, Marlene Marie. Seeking additonal info on them
4. Rose Marie Kelley: She was born in 1922 and I have no idea when she
died....would like to know. She married Fred Briesch or Briecsh or
Breisch...not too sure of the spelling. They had Four children:
Frederick Richard : 1947 in Moline, he died in 1976 in Moline. Billy
Allen born 150 in Moline, Beverly and Roy. Seeking any info on Fred and
their children.
5. Helen Kelley: 1924 no other info...she married Robert Harrington and
they had two children: Patricia and Robert. Seeking info on Robert and
the children.
6. Edward Francis Kelley: b.: 17 Feb 1914 - 3 Jan 1991 in Rock Island.
Seeking info him, who he married because he had a son named Michael
Shayne born in 1942. Seeking Michael's info.
7. Joe Kelley: born abt 1916 and any info on him and who he married. He
had a son named Clinton born in 1943.
8. Mildred Kelley born abt 1924. She married a man named Brammer and
they had a son named Gary Kent born in 1955 in Monmouth.
9. Howard Lennie Kelley Jr born 1923. Seeking any info. He married Ellen
Blanche Kendall and I know they have a child, Denise. Any info is
10. Lawrence Everett Kelley: 1926 in Abingdon, KNox County. Not sure of
death date. He had a son named Lawrence Jr. Would like to know who he
married, when he died and the info on his son.
11. Robert Louis kelley: 1923 in Monmouth. He had a son named Gary Carl.
Need info on whether he died and who he married and his sons info
12. Philip Leroy Kelley: No info on birth or death or who he married: he
had two sons: Steve and Larry.
13. Jack Lee Kelley: 1938 in MOnmouth. Need info on birth, death,
marriage. He had a son named Kevin K. born in 1977. Seeking his info too
14. Peggy Kelley: no info except she married a Redding and had a son
named Chris Alan Redding.

Seeking additonal info on the following families of the above that I listed:
Frank D. Spaulding: married Rosella Florence Horton: Frank was born 10
Mar 1933 in Rock Island. Seeking whether he died and his wife's info.
They had a daughter named Evelyn Wanda Spaulding. Seeking info on her.
Charles Raymond Kelley: married Jacquline Dillon-Merrill. He was born 20
Jan 1941. They had three children: Shannon Paul, Charles "Shane" and
Jade Kelley.
Clarence Leroy Kelley: 9 Jan 1943...married Susan Carol Miller. They had
4 children: Carol Lynn, James Leroy, Crystal Renee and Brandy kelley.
Marjorie Ann kelley: 4 Nov 1944. She married Terry Van Klavern. They had
two children: Janene and Robin.
Thomas Oliver: 10 May 1947. He married Sharon Kay ? They had four
children: Tamara Lynn, Thomas Oliver jr, Lisa and Lorene Allen Kelley.
Steven Earl Kelley: 27 may 1953. he married Charlene. They had two
children: Sheila and Stacy Lynn
Marlene Marie Kelley: 29 oct 1954. She married David Holder and they
later divorced but had a chil named Paul Shannon Holder. She also
married William Shambaugh and they later divorced. She also married
Marvin L. Ong.
Patricia Harrington: no info. She married a man named Short and they had
a son named Scott Christopher Short.

Seeking addional information on the families of the above:
Evelyn Wanda Spaulding: she married a Ferguson. They had a son named
Rodney Gene Ferguson in 1954.
Debra Jean Kelley: 18 May 1959, She married Ronlad Belcher and they had
two: Amber and Jacob
Darlene Marie Kelley: 16 apr 1964. She married Benjamin Lee and had two
children: Nathaniel and Nicholas. She also married Grady Graham and had
a son named Aubry.
Amy LeAnn kelley: 6 Sep 1978 and married Mark James Finin. They had two:
Alexis and Nathaniel
Eric Matthew Kelley: 29 Sep 1982. He had a child: Christian Matthew Kelley.
Charles "Shane" Kelley: 23 Jan 1976. He married Lori and they had a son
named Dalton.
Carol  Lynn kelley: 1 Mar 1965 and married John Cecil Griffin and they
had three: Nicole, Stormy and Dakota.
Crystal Renee Kelley: 11 Aug 1970 and married Daryl Collis and they
divorced. they had a child: Victoria.
Brandy Kelley: 20 jul 1975 and married Michael Leach and a child named
Robin Van Kalvern: Oct 1966 and had a son named Drew. She also married
Brock Coverdill and they had two: Justin and Kevin.
Tamara Lynn Kelley: 23 Feb 1966: and married Scott Pierce and had two:
Michael and Jason. She also married Wayne Pierce and had a child: Ashley
Thomas Oliver Kelley Jr: 16 Apr 1969. he married Melissa and had three:
Hailey, Cody and another child.
Sheila kelley: Feb 1972: and had a son named Logan.
Paul Shannon Holder: Jan 1972...married Kim and had a child named Emily
Marie Holder aho married a Andy.
Amber Jean Belcher: 15 dec 1978 and had a child named Sebastian Lee

I know there is alot of named...but they are my ancestors and I would
love to have whatever information there is on them. I would really
appreciate any help from anyone on the lists. I thank you in advance for
any help that anyone mau give me.

Stephanie Grohol

I am looking for information, especially parentage and
place of birth in Ireland, for Francis G. KELLY. He
was first sighted in the US in Suffolk County, MA in
1860, married to Mary GLENNON, with a babya daughter,
Mary KELLY. Mary and Francis had two more children in
MA, Robert Emmett KELLY (1862) and Thomas Francis
KELLY(1864), and then moved to Chicago by 1870. In
Chicago, three more children were born, John (1866),
Kate, or Annie, unsure of the official name(1868) and
then William(1872). Sometime between 1872 and 1880,
Francis G. KELLY died. The family moved to East St.
Louis by 1890. I have lost track of the entire family
but Thomas Francis, who died in 1904. The only info I
have gleaned from census records on Francis is that he
and his parents and his wife were born in Ireland and
his approximate birth year is 1825-1830. If anyone has
any info on these KELLYS: Francis G, Mary, Robert
Emmett, John, William, and Kate/Annie, please contact
me! If we are kin, I have PICTURES of all of the
children in the 1880s.

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 I am new to this list and need help!  Does anyone have any knowledge of any
 of the following KELLY people from Edgar County, Illinois?

 Willa KELLY (1816 NC -?) married Presley DAVIS (1815 KY -?)

 Gillian KELLY married Unknown SPITLER

 Mary KELLY b. ca 1803

 Lively G. KELLY married 8 Sep 1833 William BRIANT

 America KELLY b. ca 1828 NC married 8 Mar 1849 Daniel A. WILSON b. ca 1824

 I need help finding out the relationships of these people!  I have
 occasionally seen this last name spelled KELLEY.

 Thanks in advance,

 Sue Gates Davis



To Chicago from Ireland:

BIO:  In 1996, Sr. Mary Erginia celebrated her 107th birthday, but her memory reached backed to pre-Famine Ireland through the stories told her by her great-grandmonther, Honora Kelly, who as a 30-year-old widow escaped the Great Hunger and brought her seven children to Chicago in 1849.  Sr. Erigina lived with her great-grandmother and remembered her well.  "She wore a white fluted bonnet and smoked a clay pipe," she said.  "One or other of the children was always knocking it to the floor.  It would shatter.  Then I would run to one of the taverns on Archer Avenue and buy a new one for her for two cents."  This was the Archer avenue of Peter Findley Dunn's "Mister Dooley," the main thoroughfare of Bridgeport and the end point of the canal system that drw Irish laborers to the prairie town of Chicago.  The Kelly boys went to work there, and the girls found jobs too:  "Laundry workers first, then milliners."  One of Honora's grandsons, Edward Kelly, went from digging ditches f!
or the Dept. of Streets and Sanitation to become the Mayor of Chicago, and was the founder of the great machine that produced Mayor Richard Daley.  "Both my great-grandmother and grandmother spoke Gaelic," Sr. Mary Erigina remembers.  "They used it when they didn't want us kids to understand what they were saying.  But we studied the language at our school, St. Brigid's.  Every year the parish priest held a contest for the best Irish speaker and every year Joey Lombardi, who was 100% Italian, won."  In fact, the mixed nature of the southside Irish stronghold, Richard Daley's home turf, shatters a clique of immigrant insularity.  "We had Polish, German and Italian families living near us on Hillock Avenue," Sr. Erigina recalls.  "My grandmother was a Kelly, she married a Kelly, and my mother was a Kelly who married a Kelly."   She remembers the women gathering at the street-level shop around the pot-bellied stove, sharing stories.  "One lady, Mrs. O'Reilly, if you would ask h!
ow she was, she always answered, "Fine, with Pat working, thank God."  Work was key, and Chicago provided a lot of it.  As the city rebuilt after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, life was organized around the parishes. 

Sister's baptismal name was Agnella, after one of her mother's teachers at St. Brigid's, a sister of the Irish order the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The order, founded in Dublin by Mary Frances Clark, took root in the prairies of Iowa and then spread to the cities of the midwest.  Agnella entered that Order in 1906.  She came to the mother house in Dubuque, IA, carrying an envelope from the pastor of St. Brigid's:  "I would li ke Agnella Kelly to be called Sr. Mary Erigina, in honor of Ireland's great medieval philospher," the note read.  Mother Superior acquiesced, although "it was not a name I liked," says Sr. Erigina.  "But it's grown on me."  She spent more than 70 years teaching first grade, devoted to her "buttons and dolls" at Gesu School in Milwaukee and in Chicago parish schools.  Pat O'Brien was her pupil, and there are hosts of Chicago's priests, judges and politicians who remember this "tall, blue-eyed woman who would hug your tears away," as !
one of one of the "buttons" recalls.  Mason City, IA was her home for many years and in 1996 she lived at the BVM mother house in Dubuque wher she attended Mass every day.  At 107, the sister could still recite the Irish prayers she learned as a child, but "there is no sing left in me," she would say with regret.  "I can sing the songs in my mind, but I can't make music."  She remembers her Uncle Mike, soaking his wooden flute, and her Uncle Mart, tuning his fiddle for the musical evenings that drew the neighborhood.  There they were, the survivors of the great Hunger, saved by the greatest rescue effort the world has ever known.  It was mounted not by governments, or even by organized charities or religious groups, but by themselves.  One by one, family by family.  Sr. Mary Erigina remembers them.  She danced for her family on those nights more than a century ago, and said she could still see her great-grandmother Honora tapping along to the music. 

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 My 4-g grandmother was Virtue KELLY born 1794 in Stephentown, NY, died
 1884 in Polo, Ogle County,Illinois.  I know nothing of her family.  She
 married Valentine SWEET.  Their children were:  1) Almira born 1828, 2)
 Emaline, 3) Thomas born 1812 in NY, 4) Dennis born 1812 in NY, 5) Morgan
 L. born 1820 in NY, 5) Lucinda Marilla born 1824 in NY.

 Any information would be appreciated.

 Betty Jackan

Williamson County:


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I am looking for information about John KELLY b. abt 1769 in England.  His spouse is unknown.  He had two sons, John Alexander KELLY, born 12-29-1821 in Ohio and William KELLY b. 1826 in Ohio.
My line comes from William KELLY.  He married first Palina Ann Wiley on 11-04-1840 in Williamson County, Illinois.  They had my ancestor George A Kelly.  William then married Emily Sisney 07-07-1847 and they had two children John KELLY and Marion KELLY.
William died when he was about 30 on 08-11-1856.  His wife Emily Sisney Kelly took the three boys and married Joseph HOLDER in Illinois.  They moved to Texas County, Missouri.  John Alexander KELLY, brother to William also moved to Texas County, Missouri.
One person told me that after William died, his brother John Alexander KELLY raised George A KELLY since both of his parents were dead.  I haven't been able to prove or disprove that.  He did end up in Texas County Missouri whether he came there with is uncle or his step mother.
George met and married Leanna DUFF in Missouri.  They had my great grandfather, Alonzo Harrison KELLY on July 1, 1866.



From: Subject: [KELLEY-L] Fulton Co, IL Kelleys
If you believe your Kelleys were in Fulton Co., Ill in mid 1800s then you may be interested in info. I have. I sorted through wills from an LDS microfilm for that time period and made notes about who was mentioned in Kelley wills for that time period. I've been too busy to type out all this information, but I would be happy to check my notes if you give me specific names and death dates.
KELLEY Family Most Wanted Webpage CENSUS LINKS DIRECTORY Census

From: Scrapatch Subject: John Kelly, IL/IN b 1869
Looking for a John Kelley b. abt 1869 IL, m Emma Louise Piepenbrink. There first child Robert James Kelley b. July 16, 1897 in Cook Co., IL and their second child / Elsie Mildred Kelley b. July 16, 1897 in (913 Madison) Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., IN. Story is that he ran off, but his wife Emma is listed as a widow on the 1920 Census.

Subject: James Kelly/Ann Shortel
Looking for siblings of James Kelly & Ann Shortel. James: born early 1830's reportedly in Cork, Ireland. Ann: born about 1836 in Ireland. They were married in 1858 in Jo Daviess County, IL. Ann died in 1907 in Jamestown, ND. James might have come to U.S. around 1848. Since most families back in the 1800's were rather large, I must assume each had brothers & sisters. Anyone have relatives where these names appear?
Harold Kelly

From: Tomikin Tom Rea Subject: Kelley, Charlotte
Seeking information on Charlotte Kelley b. 22 Dec 1875, place not known, died Aug 1980 Laguna Beach, Orange Co., CA. married Andrew Jackson Banta, 1915 in Chicago. They had 2 daughters Jane Etheleen Banta, and Amy Dorcas Heislene Banta.
Tom Rea

I see there was some interest in this topic. I am continuing to analyze the
Illinois census through 1880 to try to establish some likely relationships
between a group that came in about 1840. I am focusing on a William, John H.
James H., Francis, Henry and Ebenezer. Eventually I will post a THEORY about
who I think are brothers and who are uncles. Especially John and William's
identities are getting tangled up with others of the same name. Intriguing
to me is that many of the families name a son Francis/Frank, perhaps for a
grandfather who never came to Illinois. Anyway, until I post some more
specific information, I wanted those with KY Kelley/Kellys who went to
Illinois to be aware of a book "Kentuckians in Illinois" by Stuart Seely
Sprague, Genealogy Publishing Co., Inc, 1987. It has extracted a lot of
information from many other sources and gives the source for its information.
I ordered the source information for one of the entries in the Sprague book
from the LDS library in Salt Lake, Utah, and hope that will give me still
more citations of primary sources to help me with Kelleys. The Sprague
book extracted information from multiple sources, not just Fulton Co., Ill.
Sarah Sheffield

Jim Patty Norlin Jan 25, 1999.

KELLY, Edward:
QUERY: Ggrandfather Edward b. Mar 1852 Co. Cork. Parents Michael Kelly and Elis Mahoney (his death cert). One family story was that at age 12 in 1864 he stowed away on a ship bounded for America. His siblings are unknown. He was m. April 1, 1877 McLean Co. IL to Mary Murphy b. June 1859 KY. Most of their descendents are documented. We would like to verify his parentage and birthplace in Ireland in hopes of finding if he had any siblings. Thanks.

Patrick and Sandra Kelly Jan 24, 1999.

KELLY, Thomas P:
QUERY: Grandfather Thomas was born Jan 2, 1864 County Roscommon, parish of moore of moycarn, Ireland. He was the son of Patrick and Margaret Kelly. Thomas came to Waterbury, CT and died there Mar 5, 1905. He was married to Mary Kenny. Thank you. Jan 18, 1999.

QUERY: Do these KELLY names / dates / places ring a bell?:

Patrick b. Clare/British Army/retired Kingston, Jamaica.
Mary b. Clare, Ireland d. Dover, England, carriage accident.
Charles b. Jan 21, 1873 Barbados, believed d. Kingston, Jamaica.
Geraldine Augusta CROSSWELL" b. 1888 Port au Prince Haiti.

Peter O'Kelly Jan 16, 1999.

O'KELLY, Peter:
QUERY: Peter (O'Kelly / Kelly) b. 1751 Kilkenny, Ireland. Family landed in Annapolis, MD 1766. Lived Laurens Co. SC 1775. Married Jane Ewing. Children: Enoch L. (m. Sarah Green), Sarah (m. Zadock Adair), Ewing, John (m. Sarah George), Margaret (m. John Spinks. Lived Wilkes Co. GA 1781-82, Green Co. GA 1782-92, Laurens SC 1792-1801, Livingston, KY, 1801-1812, and d. Wilcox Co., AL ca. 1839.

Ken Jones, NH Jan 16, 1999.

KILKELLY, Patrick:
QUERY: Patrick was born County Galway, Irelend. He came to Huntingdon, PA and shortened his name to, "Kelly." He served in the Civil War. His son, James Squire Kelly born in Huntingdon, PA was my ggrandfather. Any information under the names Kilkelly or Kelly would be much appreciated. Willing to share information.

Steve Kelly Jan 15, 1999.

KELLY, Michael:
QUERY: Don - I submit the following: Seeking information regarding the family of my paternal grandfather: Michael James KELLY, b. May 1, 1873 Carraghs West Townland, (1901 census says Fortaugustus Townland, Roscommon) Kiltullagh Parish, County Roscommon, Ireland; emigrated to USA in 1910 (ship unknown) d. June 23, 1964 Providence, RI. Parents were James KELLY, a tailor (legend), b. abt. 1832 and Catherine (MURRAY), b. abt. 1838. Siblings unknown. Grampa Mike m. Mary Margaret Morrison July 2, 1912, Pomfret, CT. Mary b. September 24, 1885, d. May 22, 1977, Providence, RI. Her parents in Paisley, Renfrewshire Co., Scotland were David MORRISON and Isabella (WHYTE), siblings unknown. Any info greatly appreciated.
TIA, Steve Kelly.

My gggrandfather, Jonathan KELLY emigrated to Canada from Tyrone abt 1818, settling in Quebec. There seems to be no trace of where in Tyrone he came from. Names of his seven sons, in birth order, are James, Robert, Jonathan, Thomas, George, Samuel, Joseph. He married in Canada Sarah Jane BATES who was also from Tyrone. -Colin ==== CoTyroneIreland Mailing List ====

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