o County, Colorado, Thursday., Aug. 12, 1937 Number 158


  M. L. Kelly, aged about 80 years and residing alone at 1023 Carson avenue in La Junta died as a result of injuries received Wednesday when struck by an automobile on South San Juan avenue.
 Kelly was walking along the street coming into La Junta when a car, driven by Estel Robinson came up from the rear.  According to Robinson he turned his car in order to miss the aged man and at the same time Kelly thought he was getting out of the way of the car and stepped. in front of the or it.  In Robinson's effort to miss the man his car ran into the ditch beside the road and turned over.  In the car with Robinson were his mother and sister.  None of them were injured,  but the car was somewhat damaged.
  It was at once seen that Kelly was seriously injured and he was rushed to the Mennonite hospital where he died about 11:30 Wednesday.  He was severely injured about the head, his arms were cut and he received bruises over his body.
  Acting Coroner T. J. Cooper was called into the case when the man died and was making an investigation this afternoon before he decides whether an inquest will be held.
  The remains were removed to the Peacock Funeral home, where they wer will be prepared for burial.
  The only known relatives of Kelly live in Ada Okla. and an effort is being made to get in communication with them this afternoon.

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  Funeral services for M. L. Kelley, automobile accident victim who died of injuries sustained last week when struck by a car driven by Estel Robinson, were conducted at the Mennonite church Saturday afternoon by the Rev. J. A., Heatwole.
   Arrangements were taken over by T. G. Kelley of Ada, Okla. and Mrs. Cora Carrier of Wichita, Kans., son and daughter of the deceased, who arrived Saturday morning.
   Kelly was 80 years of age at the time of his death, and is survived by seven children, including the two already named and Mrs. Myrtle Reddick, Roger, Ark,; Mrs. Ethel Hayes, Roger, Ark.; Oscar Kelley, Tulare,, Calif.; Oletta Kelley, Hinesville, Ark.; and Gene Kelley, Hindsville Ark.  He was preceded in death by eight sons and daughters.
   Funeral arrangements were handled by Peacock mortuary and interment was at Fairview cemetery.

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I typed what I saw, omitting the other articles on the page.  These copies were given to me and had no identifying data with them  I have not checked the FHL Card Catalog to determine if these newspapers are on film there.

I felt sad for Uncle Marcus as I read these.  Your Uncle Gene told me that Marcus had been buried before he heard of the death..  I felt Gene felt bad that he did not have a choice about attending the funeral.

When I took Gene to the cemetery where Grandpa Hiram and  the M. L. Kelly infants were buried he spent a long time standing by the graves staring at them.  He was visibly sad.


Jo Russell


From: To: Sent: Thursday, July 22, 1999 3:00 PM Subject: Most Wanted Kelly  Looking for information about THOMAS J. KELLY born 1866 in Palmerston County  Dublin. he came to the states in 1880 according to the 1900 census for Indian  Territory now Oklahoma he was a naturalized citizen. in 1900 he married  Sarah (Sally)) Elizabeth Catherine Hamby in Ft Smith Arkansas Sep 6th he was  working for the RR the Frisco Line when they met and married. they moved  about quite a bit and for the most part were associated with RR work the last  know message from Thomas was a note to my Grandmother that he was sick and  staying in the usual place in Ft. Smith. I have not been able to determine  where Thomas came into the states or what ship he came on. My grandmother  shows up on the 1910 Colorado Census as a Widow so somewhere between 1904  when he sent the note and 1910 something happened to Thomas and so far I have  not been able to find anything about him anywhere so if someone has any  information I would be very appreciative my e mail address is