The following info comes from several msgs I have saved from the 
Kelley/Kelly mailing list.  If I have anything wrong, please correct.
Tyre Kelly/Kelley married 1st Sally Lincecum.  Info from Kelly mailing  list.
 Tyre Kelly ends up in South Alabama, as did Andrew Kelly (son of the 
immigrant John Jacob Khele/Kelly), and several of Andrew's sons.
Sally d/o Gideon Lincecum. (Autobiography of Gideon Lincecum, excerpts 
Info from Kelly/Kelley mailing list indicates that Tyre Kelley's birth  place
was SC
Info from Kelly/Kelley mailing list "Lincecums moved from Maryland in 1754 
to the Saluda River SC".  Can someone please validate this fact for  me?
I recently acquired a copy of "The Dutch Fork, an atlas of the Dutch Fork  of
Newberry District, SC", by Carl W. Nichols.
On page 70 of the book is a platt map.  A George Lincicum obtained  350
acres, 12 March 1765, on the Saluda River.  This land is bordered  by a Charles
Banks.  The land of Charles Banks borders on the land of Jacob  Khele, (John
Jacob Kelly), who obtained land on Buffalo Creek.  Andrew  Kelly of South Alabama,
s/o John Jacob Kelly.
Has anyone researched this George Lincicum to see if he is connected to the 
family of Gideon Lincecum?  If so then this fact could tie Tyre Kelly into 
the John Jacob Khele family of Newberry District,  South Carolina.
Ann Corum

I am trying to learn more about William Rosea Kelly (1867-1949)  who was
a brother to my grandfather, Washington Truman Kelly (1869-1923).  Both
were born in Blount Co., AL and were the children of William Washington
Kelly and Mary "Polly" Chamblee.

William Rosea married Sarah Emma Gilbreath in 1894 and I only know of
one child, Eva Kelly born 1895.  Were there other children?  When did he
move from Alabama to Texas?

Does anyone have information on William Washington Kelly.especially when
and where he died?

Thanks, Luther Kelly

Hello fellow Kelly Researchers! 

John Walter Morgan was married to Hannah Clementine Kelly born:  Oct. 1860 in Leake Co. MS, and died: December 16, 1936 in Wilcox Co. AL  They were married February 15, 1878 in Wilcox Co. AL. 

I am looking for specific birthdate of Hannah Clementine Kelly.  Her parents were Albert B. Kelly and Malinda Christine ? ( I need her maiden name)  Albert B. Kelly was born abt 1830 in Wilcox Co. AL and died September 22, 1863 at Kingston Hosp in Georgia.  Hannah's known siblings; John E.O. Kelly (b 1856), and William P. Kelly(b. 1858)

Albert B. Kelly's parents; Enoch S. Kelly (b. 1799 GA) & Sarah Green.  Enoch's parents were John W. Kelly, Sr.(b. 1765) & Hannah Moon Kelly.  Hannah Moon Kelly's father was Richard Moon.  Any info on these people is needed.  I do have Enoch's siblings (John W Kelly & Hannah Moon's children)

John Walter Morgan & Hannah Clementine Kelly's children were;  George Washington Morgan b. Dec. 30, 1882 d. May 8, 1939 (burial in Independance Cemetery, Wilcox Co. AL) - Annie Elizabeth Morgan b. 1886 (need specific dates) - Janie Morgan b. May 06, 1889  d. February 01, 1962, Jesse Morgan b. October 15, 1889 d. April 05, 1962 - General Lee Morgan b. March 1890 d. ? (burial in Kelly Cem. Pine Hill, AL) - Alma Alberta Morgan b. March 1897 d. December 29, 1939 (need spouse info & children of) - John C. Morgan b. December 10, 1897  d. March 30, 1991- Pratt C. Morgan b. January 25, 1900 d. January 23, 1977 - Lillie Dale Morgan b. December 1894  d.  1950  (My Maternal GGrandmother) - Charles D. Morgan b. August 1884 I need tons of info on Charles!  Exact date of birth and death, spouse info, children?  I have burial location, and that is all - Sunny South Cemetery, Wilcox. Co. AL. (My Paternal GGrandfather) - and Walter William? Morgan, no dates, info, etc.  

I am searching for info on John Walter Morgan's parents.  I have his mother listed as Jincey E. Morgan born 1835.  She was the daughter of Martin Morgan and Cynthia Hare Morgan.  Martin was born about 1796 in North Carolina, son of James Morgan (need dates, info, spouse of James)  Cynthia Hare was the daughter of John C. Hare, Jr. born Abt. 1785 (need specifics on them also)  I can say that John C. Hare, Jr.'s father was JCH Sr. and his mother was Elizabeth Owen Hare. John Jr. had a sister named Euphrenia Frances Hare.

Jincey's siblings; Susan C. Morgan/Harville b. 1823, Martha Morgan/Swearingen b. 1828, Elisha H. Morgan b. 1831, William J. Morgan b. 1840, Nancy C. Morgan/Davis b. 1842, James C. Morgan b. 1844, Nathan C. Morgan and Mary Morgan/Kelly birthdates unknown.  I have no spouses, children listed for the boys. 

If ANY of these names are familiar to you, please share ANY information that you may have.  I appreciate any efforts, and information you may be able to share.  ~Thanks!

Praise God...the first Genealogist! 
Sherry Champion 
Volunteer @,,
Surnames Researching; Wilcox Co. AL>Avritt, Champion, Englett, Green, Hare, Harvell, Horton, Kelly, Martin, McKee, Melton, Moon, Moore, Morgan, Parker, Shaw, Sheffield, Small, West, Wilkerson, Williams, Williamson, Winfield

From: <
Subject: Re: [KELLEY-L] Georgia Kellys 1780's -1813

 John Sr., George A, Letty and Christopher KELLY and their families left
 Franklin County, Georgia making a hazardous crossing of Creek territory to
 the community of Hazel Green in northern Madison County, Alabama in 1813.
 John Sr's family consisted of John Jr., George, William, James M. and Hampton
 W. KELLY. George A's family included wife Sarah Ann KELLEY and son Russel J..
   Letty KELLY married R.F. LEE.
 Christopher's family at time of move included wife Elizabeth ALLEN. They had
 children Allen, Larkin A., Alphonso and Russell. Descendants of Larkin and
 Russell can still be found in the Madison County area.  James M. KELLY
 married Anna AMONET and moved to Marion County, TN in 1828. Some descendants
 to MO, AR and TX (early 1900s).........Ed



I am researching John Kelly (Kelley) b. 1838 in unknown county, AL.  He
married Felicity Shovan in 1854 in Ouachita Parish, LA.  His father was born
SC and mother was born AL.  I have literally been going through the 1850
census records for every county in AL and LA searching for a Kelly family
with a boy named John aged 11 or 12 in 1850.
Please mailto:
Jolie Blanchard
Researching Arrington, Blanchard, Conville, Barns, Hudson, Kelly, Sumner and
Webb in AL and LA

From: "Jim Kelly" <

Old-To: "Sue Davis" <, "Pat Bocek" <,

"Pam Fulbrook" <,

"Norman Franklin" <,


"Margaret Chambers" <,

"Lisa" <, "Gayle Stephens" <,


"Carolyn Smotherman" <,


Below is a message I sent to a woman who was kind enough to send me some information about the Kellys of Madison Co., Alabama. I thought I would send it on to you because, who knows, someone out there might recognize some of these names. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about this. And I'm happy to share any information any of you might want.




Thanks for your reply. I am really happy to have all that information that

you sent. Thank you. Most of that information was new to me, but I did find

it helpful.

After looking at the information you sent, I feel your John Kelly is not the

father of my Henry Kelly. They are probably in some way related, but I feel

that one less John Kelly on my list of possibilities is a good thing!

I know that Henry Kelly, who was born in South Carolina in 1796, is the son

of John Kelly because Henry was in the War of 1812, but was too young to

receive the bounty for his service. His father, John Kelly received it.

Since Henry enlisted at Huntsville in October 1813, I thought that John, who

died there in 1818 was worth researching.

Here's my theory. I know John is the father of my Henry. I feel Nelson Kelly

is the father of my John.

Nelson Kelly was born in Sussex Co., VA. ca. 1730. He married Elizabeth

Jeffries in Stafford Co. in 1751 and died in Bedford Co., TN. in 1815.

In 1790 there is one Kelly family in Sussex Co. This is John Kelly (I have

no idea, don't ask.).

Another clue I have is that my great grandfather is Samuel Odum Cleveland

Kelly. His daughter told me the names Odum and Cleveland are both family

names, but I've never found out where they come in. However....after a brief

(?) stay in Fairfax Co., VA., Nelson Kelly ended up in Wilkes Co., NC. This

is where he lived when he served in the Revolution. On the 1782 tax list of

Wilkes Co. are listed Larkin Cleveland, John Kelley, Jeremiah Cleveland,

John Cleveland and Nelson Kelley.

In 1790 Laurens Dist (Old 96) in South Carolina are found Reubin Kellogg,

Thomas Kellogg and Nelson Kellogg. This is actually Nelson and his sons. Is

my John living somewhere else (back in Sussex Co., VA???) or still unmarried

at home???

In 1800, Laurens Dist., SC. are Nelson Kelley, Peter Kelley, Thomas Kelley

and Ruebin Kelley. Also, six of the seven John Kellys in South Carolina that

year have a son in the household of the age to be my Henry. (Big help there,


By the way, in both 1790 and 1800, there are Clevelands nearby. There is

also a Larkin Cleveland.

There is a John Kelly who is said to have been the first settler on Kelly's

Creek, which is on the Lincoln-Giles County line in Tennessee, just north of

Limestone Co., Alabama. He and Joseph Kelly record their marks on 27

February 1810. (John is first found there 26 April 1809.)In this same area,

there is a Caperton Kelly mentioned several times. I noticed that name in

the information you sent. Joel Kelly was also in the area. Assuming these

are all the same John Kelly, in Lincoln Co., he was a Justice of the Peace,

a lawyer and even owned a tavern. On his inventory, which was made in

Lincoln Co., TN. on 7 May 1818, he is listed as John Kelly, Sr. Among the

several books he owned was a Bible. (What I wouldn't give to find that!)

Names mentioned in this inventory are a hundred dollar note on Charles

Cavenaugh and Joseph and Nancy Kelly, the administrators. Eli Garrett had a

hand in seeing that the estate was settled. (Nelson Kelly's son William

married into his family.

In Bedford Co., TN., the first name listed on the church register of Newhope

Baptist Church, dated 1 April 1809 is Nelson Kelly. Reuben is there, too

along with several Kelly women. There is a later list of church members

dated 2 November 1811, but the list was added to and there is no way to know

when each name was listed. On this list are: Nelson Kelly who is listed as

dead. (He died in 1813.) Reuben Kelly is also listed as dead. (He died in

1815.) Beside John Kelly, it says "Escd." Beside his wife, who is just

listed as "and wife" is written "dead". Later, beside John Kelly is written


I find a Larkin Cleveland all the way to Alabama, too. I can't help but feel

he fits in somewhere.

Now, to answer your question about the siblings of my Henry, in Limestone

Co., AL. is found the will of Thomas Kelly, who died in 1833. The will was

written 2 October 1833 and it was probated 14 October 1833. His widow,

Elizabeth was still living. Thomas' daughter, Matilda had Robert Austin, Jr.

as her guardian in 1835. She married William Wilkerson in 1836 in Limestone


Thomas' daughter, Louisa was the key. In 1835, Robert Austin, Jr. was her

guardian, but in 1837, her uncle, Henry Kelly was her guardian.. She married

Lorenzo D. Cox in 1838 in Limestone Co. Thomas' other children are Elizabeth

and John (of course!). I don't know what became of them. Joseph is linked

with Henry's family, too and John, who was in Limestone Co. in1820, is just

thought to be his brother. I guess it's possible that this is John Sr., but

if the John Sr. who died in Lincoln Co. in 1818 is Henry's father, then this

is more than likely his brother.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Henry Kelly was in Capt. Charles

Cavanaugh's company in the War of 1812. (Remember that name from John Kelly

of Lincoln Co.?)

My biggest problem with John Kelly of Lincoln Co. being the father of my

Henry is this. Nelson Kelly always signed his name with an X. Henry Kelly

seems to have always done the same. John Kelly could read, write, was

possibly a lawyer and a justice of the peace. Would a man that educated come

from someone who could not write and have children who could not? I know

illiteracy was common in those days, but one man being educated doesn't seem

to fit (at least not in my mind). Please, feel free to set me straight on

this point!

Henry Kelly and his first wife, who is unknown, only had one child that is

known, my great-great grandfather, John Nelson Kelly. (There's that name

Nelson--and John--again!) He was born in Alabama ca. 1822. His mother was

living in 1830, but died in Limestone Co. AL. soom after that as Henry Kelly

moved to Giles Co.,TN. where he married his second wife, Mahaly Smith in

1835. His third wife, the mother of John Nelson Kelly's first wife, was Mrs.

Luvicy Hunter, the widow of Jesse Hunter who died in Limestone Co. AL. in

1824. She was Cherokee and is known in my family by her Indian name, "Flower


I hope this isn't too confusing. I am sure I left something important out,

so if you have any questions, please ask. Again, thank you for the

information you sent. I know I will be able to put it to good use. And if

you have any clues for me after reading this, please pass them along.

Thanks for your help,




I got a reply from my aunt who is in a nursing home in Texas.  She gave
me a few bits of info that I didn't have before.

My GF, Brinkley Kelly (Kelley is on my birth certificate) was born in
Arkansas.  His father & mother Joe (Joseph?) Kelly & Emma Gibson Kelly
were from ALABAMA.  They migrated to Arkansas & later on to OK.  Joe &
Emma farmed for many yrs. in Andarko, Caddo County, OK.  Emma died in
Hugo, OK (where I was born) don't have a yr.



I am Brenda & live in Alabama.  My maiden name was Kelley, although some
family members spell it Kelly, & was originally from Oklahoma.  My
parents were divorced when I was very young and I don't have but a few
names to go on.  If there's anyone on the list with any information on
Kelly's in Oklahoma I'd really love to hear from them.  I'm looking
forward to learning about the Kelly families.

I have four grown children & seven grand children.  My husband, Chris,
and I raise smooth Collies & have two Border terriers as pets.  I'm on
the Collie-L & the AWCA Collie Rescue-L.


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Need information on John (F?) Kelley born 29 Mar 1805 possibly Glascock or Warren Co GA. died 12 Sep 1883 Eldridge Walker Co AL. Married in GA to Martha Ann Franklin born 1815 Baldwin Co GA died 1887 Eldridge Walker Co AL

KELLY, John:
QUERY: John b. circa 1814 NC. Moved to Pike Co. AL between 1840-42. First two children b. GA, Mary and James. Last three b. AL, Nancy, John, Joseph. No records except census. Believe wife's name Rebecca. Thanks. Susanna

Seeking descendants of the following family:

Joseph Si Louis Kelly/Kelley, b. 4 Apr 1860, Coosa Co., AL., d. 19 Jun 1944, Clanton, AL., Chilton Co., AL. Married: 21 Dec 1879 Coosa Co., AL.

Elizabeth Henrietta Rich, b. 21 Dec 1860, d. 10 Oct 1930 Both are buried at Bethel Primitive Baptist Cemetery in Chilton Co., AL.
1. Roxie Ann Kelly/Kelley, b. 29 Dec 1880, d. 28 Mar 1948 m. Walter H. Gillespie
2. Tyre Edward/Edmund Kelly/Kelley, b. 15 Jun 1884, d. 19 Jan 1963 m. Janie Dubose
3. Eula L. Kelly/Kelley, b. Oct 1886
4. Anne Belle Kelly/Kelley, b. 7 Jul 1888/89, d. 12 Jul 1961 m. Oscar Brinson Allen While
5. Joseph Marvin Kelly/Kelley, b. 6 Feb 1892, d. 6 Dec 1967 m. Louella M.
6. Oscar Z. Kelly/Kelley, b. 3 Oct 1896 (census), 1894 (gravestone, d. 14 Dec 1963
7. Suddie E. Kelly, b. May 1898 m. Harrison N. Smith

Joseph Kelly/Kelley moved from Coosa Co., to Chilton Co., between 1900 & 1910. He appears on the 1910 Chilton Co., Alabama census. In the 1900 census, he appears in the Coosa Co., AL. In his household is one Jacob Kelly b. 1816, SC. listed as the father of Joseph. Jacob does not appear in the 1910 census.

Ann Corum
Hazel Green, AL

Searching these lines Andrew Jackson (Jack) KELLEY m. Susannah (Susan) A. Hughes, ALABAMA to ARKANSAS Matilda CATER m. John DUNBAR and then m. James LUM MISSISSIPPI to ARK. (includes Ashley Co) Cousins Welcomed Linda Pledger Smith

I am the, immediate, past editor of the Tennessee Valley Genealogical
Society's Quarterly *Valley Leaves.* The June 2000 issue had the
following Kelly Family Bible (of Madison County AL) submitted -
Holy Matrimony
Thos. B. Kelly of Madison County Ala
and Brancie A. Garner of Madison County Ala
on the 7th day of March 1866 at Susan B. Garnerıs residence
by the Rev. W. T. Andrews of __ _________
Conference M. E. Church South
Witness Catherine Kelly, Witness Susan B. Garner

Eugene Lee Kelly Died August
27th 1893. Madison County Ala

Susan B. Garner died August
3rd 1901 Madison County Ala

Thos B. Kelly died September 1 1909
Madison County Alabama

Billie G. Kelly died Feb 11 1915
at Toney Ala Madison Co.

Brancie Ann Kelly Died June 25 1916
at Toney Madison Co. Ala

Sue Jennie Kelly died Sept
29th 1938. At harvest Madison Co. Ala

Billie G. Kelly & Miss Annie
Jones was united in marriage
on the 8th day of February 1893

Robert Wilson and Colie Irene
Kelly was united in Marriage
on the 6 day of June 1907

Thos B. Kelly was born in Madison County
Ala, on the 28th day of November 1838
Brancie A. Garner Kelly was born in Madison Co
Ala, on the 11th day of February 1847
Billie G. Kelly was born in Madison County
Ala, on the 19th day of January 1867
Sue Jimmie Kelly was born in Madison County
Ala on the 14th day of November 1868
Colie Irene Kelly was born in Madison County
Ala on the 24th day of August 1870
Eugene Lee Kelly was born in Madison County
Ala on the 13th day of June 1872
Nicholas Abercrombie Kelly was born
in Madison County Ala The 22nd day of  September 189
Joseph Eugene Kelly was born on the 17th day of June 1894
Mary Lucille Kelly was born on the 30th day of Dec. 1895
Thomas Jones Kelly was born on the 11th day of Oct. 1897
Annie Sue Kelly was born Apl. 26 1900
Cecil Laverne Kelly was born July 5, 1902

Thos B. Kelly volunteered in the Confederate States
Army on the 1st day of May 1861, Under Capt.
Thos W. Dobbs, Co. F 9th Ala Regiment Infantry
Discharged the 6th day of February 1862 Volunteered
again in the 4th Ala. Cavalry on the 11th day
of April 1862 in Capt. Truit Co. B Forrestıs Old
Regiment Surrendered the 11th day of May
1865 at Huntsville Ala to Col. Horner
and was paroled on the 13th day of May 1865
Moved to the Wilborn place on the 14th
day of December 1869. - Father A. F.
Driscalıs last Sermon was preached from
the 6th chap. 33 vrs of St Matthews.

Richard A. Smallwood, Sr, CGRS