Our family pride is a photocopy of page one of the famous O'Kelly book written in 1351 AD. Chief O'Kelly asked that the memories of the  "filadh" story tellers, be recorded for history.

The book was written by scribes who worked for Muircheartaigh O'Ceallaigh, (O'Kelly), Bishop of Clonfert, and later Bishop of Tuam.

The book is referred to as a "bolg an tsolathair", or assorted records. The pages are lavishly recorded in two columns, and recorded  the genealogy and history of the O'Kelly family and their famous women.

The book was stolen from the O'Kelly family in 1757, but was later found by William Betham in 1814 who sold it to the Duke of Buckingham.

In 1883 the record was donated to The Royal Irish Academy in Dublin, Ireland where it was protected from further damage inside a special display case.

In 1941 the pages of the book was microfilmed for a facsimile edition. In 1985 it was restored with special made original style materials and afterward placed in a temperature controlled display case at the Royal British Academy in the City Dublin.

Genealogy: Some of our ancestors came from Ireland, England and Scotland. Read about them here.

Map Of Europe  Showing the areas Celts are known to have come from.

Read about the Border Reivers, Celts and Vikings.

Rutledge Of the Anglo-Scot Border  The border family who was everyone's prey.

Celt Influence in Ireland    Celt culture in the UK and Ireland.


Alaska     Stories From Alaska.

Computer And The Lion   The computer program left us laughing.

Indian Tales    Indian stories, as told by grandma and great grandma.

Astronomy & Science:

Beyond the Stars  A series of stories and poems about inter stellar exploration.

Council Creek: Our backyard is a swamp filled with wildlife.

Council Creek   Twelve month record of 1998.

Council Creek II   Twelve month record of 1999.

Hobbies Old and New:

My Old Cars   If I still owned them, I could retire.

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