Panarama from Clinch Mountain overlook of the Holston River Valley.

This single webpage is dedicated to recording information on families Wilson and Rutledge who lived at a place in Hawkins County, TN that between 1820 and 1840 was known as Hickory Cove. We have not found a map of that area, but alternate information seems to suggest it was located north of Rogersville.

They belonged to a church called Hickory Cove Church and records kept by members of that church are the only  record I have seen that puts all known members of that Rutledge family in one place at the same time.

In the memory of the members of the church other landmarks were mentioned which must be close to Hickory Cove to have been noteworthy; Richeason Creek, Richarson Creek (may be the same) and Big Creek. Other churches were also mentioned; Christ Church, Richeson Creek Church, Runmalses School House, Runeals School House (perhaps the same as meetings were held there), and Surgeonville Church which joined the group of churches in that area.

Names of relatives known to have been members of the Hickory Cove Church were Thomas Rutledge and wife Polly (we believe Polly Wilson), Sarah, Emanuel (a minister), Lorenzo Dow Rutledge and Lucy, all believed to be siblings except Sarah whom at this point is not placed in the family, could have been a sister or a wife of one of the Rutledge brothers..

Other Rutledges named were Thomas and un-named sons), E. Rutledge (perhaps Emanuel) and S.D. Rutledge whom due to bad spelling might be Lorenzo Dow Rutledge. It is said that Lorenzo was named after a famous preacher.

Hopefully there will be enough information here to describe the area in which they lived that members of the Hawkins list or the Rutledge list may be able to find a map of the area, and further kinds of records with some of these names listed.

Helpful would be maps, land, census and cemetery records.

The father and mother of this Rutledge group may have been members too, but we are unable to name them. If you find anything, please contact me at