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I hate to throw stuff away

so I freeze the old pages and keep them here
this site started to take shape November 23 and 24 2003
When I moved Danish Archives FAQ to its final position and structured the site

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Site History dnkcen updated January 1 2004 Hugh Watkins AND FROZEN Danish Census welcome updated April 3 2004 Hugh Watkins AND FROZEN

Danish parish registers and census online helpupdated December 1 2004 Hugh Watkins FROZEN

work done:-
updated January 1 2004 Hugh Watkins

January 1 2004 Rootsweb FAQ December 30 Randers map uploaded to the Map room
December 29 big scan made in Brum
December 28 Bedsted tidied
December 24 new British archives FAQ
December 22 2 24 updated arkive FAQ, Randers indexes
December 16 17 18 name index first stage finished, Archive FAQ updated
December 12 13 14 should be writng Xmas cards but been writng h t m l
doing Randers name index ABC and U V W X Y Z Æ Ø Å - efternavn ,
then redoing street index in small chunks, lastly details of the big -sen names. ABOUT TWO to THREE weeks.
December 11 first ftp - background image from 1895 map of Denmark
KONGERIGET DANMARK The Kingdom of Denmark
December 9 wrote the Names FAQ - Hyppige spørgsmål
December 6 7 8 structure of surname and street indexes and made about 35 new pages made with several hundred links.About 800 to go.
December 4 Brumleby FT-1860 links completed, 1860 Census Randers indexing project
December 3 DAISY and a ship in the Easter Eggs
November 30 1840 census for Bedsted added
November 29 2003 the Digital reference Library added
November 27 links page added
November 23 and 24
moved Danish Archives FAQ to its final position and structured the site

gwords randers denmark danmark census folketælling genealogy genealogi
updated June 19 2004 Hugh Watkins
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