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Danish census resources are enormous:-

1787 1801 1834 Kbh. mangelfuld Copenhagen is patchy, 1840
from 1845 Fødestedet med includes place of birth, 1850 1855 1860 1870 1880
(1885 kun Kbh. Copenhagen only,) 1890 (1895 kun Kbh. Copenhagen only,) 1901 1906 1911 1916 1921 1925
(images online)

1930 spec. tilladelse! special permission needed!
1940 spec. tilladelse! special permission needed!
1950 spec. tilladelse! special permission needed!

Statement of Mission !

well a SOM ?
they are all the fashion these days, this site exists to help researchers find the resources they need in Denmark.

Any and all corrections, suggestions for improvement and further information will be most welcome SO PLEASE mail me

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Jensen Nielsen Hansen Pedersen Andersen Christensen Larsen Sørensen
 Rasmussen Jørgensen Petersen Madsen Kristensen Olsen Thomsen
 Christiansen Poulsen Johansen Knudsen Mortensen Henriksen Jansen
 Eriksen Jespersen Mikkelsen 

ARE the most common -sen = son of surnames and can be tricky to manage.  

Rootsweb FAQ updated bad links and mailto fixed jan 3 2004

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because your family is bigger than you know

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Hugh Watkins

sixth yule day

Library and the MAP room now open with a >BIG plan of Randers in 1858
1840 Census Bedsted sogn Hassing herred Thisted amt all nice and ship shape now

 help with finding village stuff on the new server too

a no tables version here 
Bedsted sogn FT-1860 small

British Archives FAQ: " Hugh, one of my AOL Genealogy chatters asked me if England has a National Archives like ours?" and many Danes have connections to UK
Randers Census Folketælling index of indexes

RANDERS FT-1860 and more
MAJOR UPDATE OF WEB SITE with new URLs 15/12-2003
census and church book images
In Autumn 2002 Statens Arkivers Filmningscenter was funded by Kulturministeriet to carry out this project.
Efter de foreløbige beregninger vil scanningen af de cirka 120.000 mikrokort vare fire år,
It is estimated that scanning 120 000 fiche will take about 4 years.
The format is TIFF (TIFF FAX GRP 4 - black and white) and I use this viewer - AlternaTIFF which is a web browser add-on (ActiveX control or plug-in)
Kirkebøger - church books or parish registers, will include ALL up to 1892 - see drop down menu for availability, expected completion in 2005
Census and parish register
Folketælling - census 1801 1840 and 1860

Danish Archives FAQ 
updates and tidied Quite a day doing this site and listening to the radio
details here GENEALOGE

Names FAQ - Hyppige spørgsmål

Yes , I got distracted from the indexing today. Every day I see between 200 and 400 messages from lists and usenet and emails and hang out in various groups where I learn as well as contribute. eg Google Search: dnkcen and archives Google Search: dnkcen

There are two current threads Google Groups: View Thread "Huguenot names in Scandinavia" with some dumb pseudo-etymology which anoyed me. and Google Groups: View Thread "Familienavne" which inspired me to put something together as I could remember seeing a page on reserved names to answer this question
1. Findes der på nettet en liste over beskyttede familienavne?
BUT I could not find it without going all over the shop and around the houses searching and searching because the user had written beskyttede familienavne instead of forbeholdte navne.
My Danish is good, for an englishmen, I am told but that is like a dog walking on two legs the amazement is not that it is done well but that it is done at all. So he caught me out by that incorrect terminology, RETSINFO is a wonderful site listing all danish laws and much in advance of anything on offer by the Westminster parliament website but you need the correct spelling and the right words to get in.

Hugh W
Randers Census Folketælling INDEX surnames and streets
The final structure of the index is emerging; 
a RODEKONTOR was the word for a tax collector's office
where you used to go once a month to pay your taxes.
Randers, and all other Købstad (market towns) were divided up into tax districts called RODE.
Likewise the census is in three  DEL  but the third street list
is very big (200KB still)and now I found I missed a chunk out. OOPS

So I may divide it up more, for example  Udenfor Østerport outside the East Gate there are
three windmills:- Christiansborg  Mill
Niels Møller with wife and three children and 14 staff,
he farms as well, and Lod Møllen  Peter Hansen his wife and 4 children
has only six staff, and lastly Laug Møllen 
run by Frederich Christian Albrecht wife, no childen and five workers.

December 18 2003 Found another mill Hvide Mølle White Mill widower Anders
(and a dificult to read surname.)

There are a lot of soldiers and the 5th Dragoon regiment has its depot
and the conscripted village boys all have patronymic last names
but the officers have surnames, there are permanent staff from Jutland
and horse doctors form Copenhagen.
Neils Peter Schjønning is the son of a soldier whose single mother has found herself a Copenhagener, a master saddle maker, to marry Neils Peter's birth is listed as Andersen and I met some of his descendants this year and this single image solved the riddle of where that surname came from.

some notes on cataloguing at the Danish Archives

Danish Archives FAQ

1860 census of the town of Randers
A useful page about using the Danish Census Images,
while it refers to Randers Købstad - or market town
you can learn how to access any folketælling or census images on-line, including 1801 and 1840 too,
by understanding the drop down menus and a couple of words of Danish,which I have translated for you.

BEDSTED census 1840
THIS was my first effort at transcribing from images.
I chose Bedsted AKA Bested, because it was small and I had studied the village when researching the ancestors of a friend from New York.
Local knowledge can be critical in reading ms place names for example.
My extraction has been submitted to Dansk Data Arkiv, who adminster this site with census and much more,
but the site was down 0500 gmt 11 24 2003 which is not unusual at weekends and peak times :-))

This is the 1840 census for Bedsted
DOWNLOAD 473 KB FT-1840 Bedsted Hassing Thisted Danmark

BEDSTED 1st February 1840 Census
Bested Folketælling Bd. 108 s. 1- 14
Rentekammeret Tabelvæsen og Statistik 3534,108
Thisted amt I
Hassing Herred s. 1 - 198


is where I have lived for about twenty years in Copenhagen,
and I plan to transcribe all available census for the estate up to 1925.

the Digital Reference Library
with links to about 97 volumes so far
EASTER EGGS and other OT stuff NEW December 3 2003
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site news from here too Viking Memories my shingle
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work done:-
updated January 1 2004 Hugh Watkins AND FROZEN

January 1 2004 Rootsweb FAQ December 30 Randers map uploaded to the Map room
December 29 big scan made in Brum
December 28 Bedsted tidied
December 24 new British archives FAQ
December 22 2 24 updated arkive FAQ, Randers indexes
December 16 17 18 name index first stage finished, Archive FAQ updated
December 12 13 14 should be writng Xmas cards but been writng h t m l
doing Randers name index ABC and U V W X Y Z Æ Ø Å - efternavn ,
then redoing street index in small chunks, lastly details of the big -sen names. ABOUT TWO to THREE weeks.
December 11 first ftp - background image from 1895 map of Denmark
KONGERIGET DANMARK The Kingdom of Denmark
December 9 wrote the Names FAQ - Hyppige spørgsmål
December 6 7 8 structure of surname and street indexes and made about 35 new pages made with several hundred links.About 800 to go.
December 4 Brumleby FT-1860 links completed, 1860 Census Randers indexing project
December 3 DAISY and a ship in the Easter Eggs
November 30 1840 census for Bedsted added
November 29 2003 the Digital reference Library added
November 27 links page added
November 23 and 24
moved Danish Archives FAQ to its final position and structured the site

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