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Randers Census Folketælling master index FT-1860 and names

FT-1860 Købstad RANDERS register / indexes

with help from Kulturhistorisk Museum Randers: "Randers Lokalhistoriske Arkiv "
who have good name indexes in MSS on their shelves

surnames - A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Æ Ø Å - efternavn

street index / gade register - Randers, del I - Randers, del II - Randers del III

these are complete and are being checked.

HELP how to navigate 1860 census INDEX

For example:-
look at this page SØRENSEN this is a BIG name and is going to need to be indexed in some detail,

but see Ø surnames - efternavn Ø - for example the name ØRUM these six are indexed with hot links to all the tiff

look at I surnames - efternavn I
Ibsen, s. 461—

s. side / page numbers refer to the transcriptions in Kulturhistorisk Museum Randers og arkiv

to find page 461 s. 461 look in these indexes:-
Randers, pages s. 1- to 100- * 101 to 145 * 146 to 245 * 246 to 370 * 371- to 410- * 411- to 478- * 479- to 625- * 626- to 757- * Randers master index FT-1860 ALL pages

click on the link to see the TIFF image

This first draft index July 23 replaced by the newer versions DOWNLOAD 687kb RANDERS FT-1860 2003
This draft for the index to the 1860 census of the town of Randers
It is a partial list of pages and streets and some surnames and matriculation numbers Mtr. Nr. for the plots of land. (and spelling mistakes - which page is not being updated but when all the images have been reviewed there will be a list of owners and marticulation numbers made late in 2004

find on page
to search this enormous html page
after you have saved it you could open it in a spread sheet program too -

TIFF for example:-
Randers I - ark eller folio - Gadebetegnelse
this part of the archive and these folio are in very poor condition and the film is no better to read.
IF you cannot load those tiff YOU MUST INSTALL A VIEWER - see below for more help.

TIF images are here Statens Arkivers Kirkebøger og Folketælling på Internet

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HELP how to browse the online census

You must first obtain a password (just write to arkivalieronline@saf.sa.dk with your name, postal address and e-mail address) , then for your first attempt you had better right click for a new new window for this URL:-
Statens Arkivers Folketælling på Internet Folketællinger is danish for Census (abbreviation FT )

The drop down menus are as easy as A - B - C - D - E -

A - Vælg årgang - choose year 1860 - A


B - -- Vælg Stedbetegnelse -- Choose market town Købstad - B
København / Købstad / Landsogn -

C - Vælg Amt - Randers ignore - Choose County Randers - C

D - Købstad Choose Randers - D

E - click Hent oplysninger GET INFORMATION! - E

Opslag 1 There are 716 images of Randers FT-1860 which you may browse with a new interface in the new server.

click Hent Opslag

and you get a new window USING THE tiff PLUGIN ER - YOU HAVE INSTALLED ONE ?

navigate by dropdown menu or buttons < < _*_ > >

Opslag 4 shows how bad a condition the original MSS is in - the film or fiche is little better.

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Google Search: Randers Maps Some older maps have been uploaded this background is from onego to MAPS collection

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