Links for Danish census dnkcen

Links for Danish census dnkcen

Some new links - DECEMBER 18 2003

maps of Denmark today and yesterday Danmark før og nu unfortunately you need a modern street address to use it effectively.

Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen - Note these Danish pages are best for genealogists - Miljøministeriet department - Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen maps and land registration - Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen in english - Home page

Århus Kommunes Biblioteker - Aarhus town library - Local History
- Land registration plot numbers and modern street numbers.
- Burgess Rolls for Aarhus from 1750-1862
- marriages from 1760-1870 in the parishes of the former Aarhus County with 37.666 names
- Short encyclopedic articles about Aarhus
- Censuses database 1787, 1801, 1834, 1845 and 1860 Aarhus amt
- database of old historical photos free of copyright
- Extracts from the local historical archives in the Aarhus area.

Søn- og helligdage i vielsesdataene the latin names of holy days in the old church calender used in parish registers around 1800

Danish / English glossary from census and marriage documents: the county of Aarhus, Denmark

Denmark - from Mary's Genealogy Treasures

The NORDIC FAQ (the usenet s.c.nordic FAQ)

meaning and origin of some surnames Google Search: danish

Google Search: danish Onomastics

Dictionary com onomastics: The study of the origins and forms of proper names

Danish names The 10 most common family names in Denmark in 1971 and 1999 - Surname categories: patronymic, occupational, nickname or place name and also matronymic

the official spelling of Danish place names today: Autoriserede stednavne i Danmark, Udgivet af Stednavneudvalget og autoriseret af Kulturministeriet

CENSUS in Danish is folketælling which means people-counting
Google Search for : folketælling - OR - Google Search English pages for: folketælling

folketællinger is the plural - CENSUSES
Google Search for: folketællinger - OR - Google Search English pages for: folketællinger

Census on CD ROM Folketællinger på cdrom

Danish Census Source transcription project Kildeindtastninger
Overview of all transcribed census records amd work in progress
Userguide: To get to the maps showing transcribed parishes, click on the square for the desired year and county in the table.

Which is really useful if you get NO HITS in searches of this census database search Census transcriptions
BIG List of ALL parishes in the database

To check any base search JENSEN or JENS JENSEN to see if it is working,
in english we would use SMITH or JOHN SMITH.

One of the organisers - Lars Jørgen Helbo's Homepage
"I am also taking part in the big project of entering all Danish census-records from the years 1787 to 1916"

Google Web Katalog - World > Dansk > Samfund > Slægtsforskning who messed with this URL ?
Google Web catalogue - World > Danish > Society > Family (history) research

Google Directory - Regional > Europe > Denmark > Society and Culture > Genealogy

Google Directory - Regional > Europe > Denmark > Society and Culture > Genealogy > Surnames

Rigsarkivet - Slætsforskning: "Practical information about the Danish National Archives"

Oversigtskort SSF - Sammenslutningen af Slægtshistoriske Foreninger
A clickable map of Denmark showing Family History Societies
and a list of addresses and emails SSF - tilsluttede slægtshistoriske foreninger

Facts about genealogy in Denmark:
"This article from 1970 is basic information for anyone who endeavours to make research in Denmark."

Horlacher Genealogy Site: Denmark: Gary T. Horlacher has made a very important reference site for Danish sources besides church records
An alphabetical list of all of the parishes in Denmark showing the district, different county names, different military levy districts, and date the earliest church records start for each parish is found on this site.

Various Naming Customs: "Additional surnames appear in Denmark besides patronymic surnames"

HGS: 1700 Census Project: "By order of 19 Oct 1700 a list was to be made of all men in Denmark (most lists seem to be dated December 1700 or January 1701).
It included statistical columns listing a mark for age brackets over 18, 14-18, 10-14, 5-10, and 1-5 as a way of finding out how many men the government could count on in the case of a war.
The 1700 census of men includes a listing of all men by household, giving the property appraisal (hartkorn), the name of the head, his age, all those men in his household, their relationships and occupations, and their ages.
The 1700 census appears to have also been taken in Norway, Iceland, and other areas under Danish rule and many of these have been transcribed and published."

more on Mandtalslister men-countng-lists

Google Search: mandtalslister

And follow the money trail Skattemandtalslister tax collectors lists.

Old danish handwriting help Google Search: gotisk skrift

Index of Counties (Amter), Districts (Herreder) and Parishes (Sogne) in Denmark
I use this all the time to locate parishes

and I use this too - especialy for hamlet and farm names not in the base above.
An on-line database, containing app. 56.000 Danish place names with info about Parish, Community and County.:
To use in English click on "the Canadian flag - which is meant as a greeting to our family in Alberta!"

PARISH REGISTER in Danish is kirkebog which means church-book
Google Search: kirkebog - OR - Google Search English pages : kirkebog

kirkebøger is the plural - PARISH REGISTERS or CHURCHBOOKS or CHURCH-BOOKS
Google Search: kirkebøger - OR - Google Search English pages: kirkebøger

Parish registers on diskette Kirkebøger på diskette

Genealogical resources in Denmark - JewishGen Scandinavia SIG:

HFH - Hvem Forsker Hvad Who is Researching What is a year book for genealogists and local historians published each year in September
HFH: "deadline for HFH 2004: 1. april 2004"
HFH english pages: "a journal in which researchers can place advertisements with requests for information and help, or with listings of fields of research. "

Published by:-
SSF - Sammenslutningen af Slægtshistoriske Foreninger Umbrella Organisation for Family History Societies in Denmark
Samfundet for dansk genealogi og PersonalhistorieThe Society for Danish Genealogy and Biography
DIS-Danmark - Databehandling i Slægtsforskning Society for Data Processing in Family History research

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