Bedsted sogn Hassing herred Thisted amt

BEDSTED 1st February 1840 Census

Bested Folketælling Bd. 108  s. 1- 14
Rentekammeret Tabelvæsen og Statistik 3534,108
Thisted amt I
Hassing Herred s. 1 - 198

Bedsted sogn Hassing herred Thisted amt small new small file formatted as marked up text DOWNLOAD 473 KB C6226 FT-1840 Bedsted Hassing Thisted 78502 Big file formated as table

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there are two BEDSTED in Denmark

 7755 Bedsted Thy is the one here.

Bedsted  post code 7755 provsti - Sydthy, stift -Aalborg 

Bedsted post code 6240 Løgumkloster Sønderjylland
 provsti - Tønder, stift -Ribe 

Google Search: 7755 Bedsted Thy
Some older maps will be uploaded Der er nu så hyggeligt på Thy-banen Thy branch DSB railway and Bedsted station

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