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Name: Hugh Watkins

In all Scandinavian -sen name genealogy you have
 to be clear that these are patronymics
 and were used anywhere whenever
someone called Søren had a son.

Like my WATKINS from Wales - they are
 and are 99.9% unrelated see my FAQ

Danish personal names and naming

Danish Archives FAQ

Ø is Danish and short for oe
ö umlaut is German Swedish Icelandic for oe
ó is older handwriting or oe
o is English usage

-sen is Danish, Norwegian, German and Scandinavian
-son is Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish
-datter is Danish
-dotter Swedish

Sørensen Sørenson Sörensen Sörenson
Soerensen Soerenson
Sorensen Sorenson
Soransen Soranson

but families move across frontiers so the forms
are in other countries too.

Sørensdatter Sörensdatter
Sørensdotter Sörensdotter

used the male form when the laws
on surnames came into force.

Icelandic the patronymic system is used by law
In a family of four, a couple with a boy and a
girl, all four will therefore
usually have different last names.
Icelandic telephone directory - Icelandic first names
Danish spelling on Iceland

Sören Sörenson
Ensk-íslensk orðabók með alfræðilegu ívafi.
[English-Icelandic Dictionary]. Reykjavík 1984
Some Icelandic horse-names

Rootsweb > BoardsSurnames > Sorenson  or Sorensen

The way forward in Danish genealogy 
is by parish and occupation.

To this day Civil Registration is done
by the local church offices and
- unlike the UK
there are no national indexes.

The Central Office of Civil Registration
 is not available to genealogists for
another 50 years or so (Google CPR number)

The need for a strong defence force means
that there are very good records going
back to the 1780ies but these are not
on line or even filmed lægd ruller

The project of indexing of
 folketælling = census is going well
 - coverage and county maps -
 and soon images of all
 church books and census
 will be on line, if unindexed,
to about 1891.

In 1923 police records, card indexes
of residents, were turned into the
Folkeregister for each kommune
= town or administrative unit,
often containing several parishes today.

Googling some of these terms with
place names, will find pages
about these administrative practices.

I am making another FAQ:-
Danish family history with Hugh
"How to find your Danish roots,

or your cousins abroad"

Is your data on the web where
 Danish researchers  might find it ?

good sharing

Hugh W

Jensen Nielsen Hansen Pedersen Andersen Christensen Larsen Sørensen Rasmussen Jørgensen Petersen Madsen Kristensen Olsen Thomsen Christiansen Poulsen Johansen Knudsen Mortensen Henriksen Jansen Eriksen Jespersen Mikkelsen ARE the most common -sen = son of surnames
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