Nordic and Kalmar Union

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Unionbanner  Kalmarunion

yet another Scandinavian cross flag.

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Kalmar Union Banner

I have only seen one example of this flag, it was  indoors at the Danish National Museum's
exhibition on Margaret 1st of Denmark * 1352   +  28. oktober 1412
 and the
Kalmar Union  1997.  Commemorating 600 years of the Kalmar Union

Alex Heick  says it is well documented in contemporary sources
Rigens banner  Et nordisk flag


THE Kalmar Union  existed for 25 years under Margareta Valdemarsdotters leadership 
Kalmar 1397. 
Wikipedia Kalmar_Union

>> Kalmarunionen/union.htm
At a conference held at Dalaborg Castle, in March 1388, the Swedes were compelled to accept all Margaret's conditions, elected her "Sovereign Lady and Ruler", and engaged to accept from her any king she chose to appoint.

 On February 24, 1389, Albert, who had returned from Mecklenburg with an army of mercenaries, was routed and taken prisoner at Aasle near Falköping, and Margaret was now
the omnipotent mistress of three kingdoms.
<< Margaret_I_of_Denmark

Og det er aldrig afskaffet I stedet er det blevet glemt . . .

And the banner has never been abolished but forgotten -  probably deliberately because of 250 years of Scandinavian wars.

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Union Kings

1375-1387 Oluf III
1387-1412 Margrethe
1396-1439 Erik of Pomerania
1440-1448 Christoffer of Bavaria

BTW the other Denmark
very politically uncorrect since 1945

which red ??  there are two

Official web page  by the Foreign Ministry in Copenhagen

Denmark, a publication by
The Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in co-operation with the editors of the
Danish National Encyclopedia, gives an in-depth description of Denmark.
The chapters on Denmark were written by leading Danish experts.
This Internet version was made available in May 2003
 and is based on the printed book Denmark, which was published in 2002.

The Danish Royal Wedding this year -  2004
 Hans Kongelige Højhed Kronprins Frederik og Frøken Mary Elizabeth Donaldsons bryllup den 14. maj 2004

The Danish Royals

The Crown Prince of Denmark

The Crown Princess to be    Mary Elizabeth Donaldson
5 February, 1972. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

John Dalgleish Donaldson born 5 September, 1941
(Professor of Applied Mathematics)
Henrietta Clark Donaldson born 12 May, 1942
(Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor of The University of Tasmania)
they were 
married in Edinburgh, Scotland 31 August, 1963.

They emigrated to Australia from Edinburgh, Scotland in November 1963 and became Australian Citizens in 1975.

the next Queen of Denmark if all goes well
a bit cleverer than poor Diana

1989 - 1993
University of Tasmania. Graduated 1994 with Bachelors of Commerce and Law (BCom.LLB).
Highlights: Finalist in University Mooting (Mock Trial) 1993.

1994 - 1996
Certificate in Advertising from the Australian School of Advertising.
Certificate in Direct Marketing from the Australian Direct Marketing Association.

you need brains to be a successful royal.

her last job Microsoft Business Solutions - Denmark
Role: Project Consultant - business development, communications and marketing.


where Dannebrog "fell to earth" in Estland
commemorates  where Dannebrog fell to eartth in ESTLAND

Stedet hvor Dannebrog efter sagnet fald ned under Valdemar Sejrs korstog i Estland.
Dette var efter fortællingen grunden til at danskerne vendte et truende nederlag til
en sejr over de Estniske hedninge.

Kampgruppen AKOS Danish division

The Norwegian people

1. The "Dannebrog", the flag Norway had under Denmark's dominion (ca.1300-1814).
Dannebrog Norway under Denmark  (ca.1300-1814).

2. The flag Norway had when in union with Sweden, before design of  Norwegian flag (1814).
Norway union with Sweden (1814)

3. The flag Norway had when in union with Sweden (1814-1905)
Norway  in union with Sweden (1814-1905)

4. The Norwegian National flag.
Norwegian National

5. The Norwegian Official flag for use by public authorities only.
Norwegian Official flag

The Museum of Danish Resistance 1940-1945