Virginia Taylor Genealogy Page

Virginia Taylor Genealogy Page

This file covers all the family lines I am researching. The information is a mix of proven and unproven information from many sources. It is still a work in process so please bear with me. To correct mistakes write down the name and information which is incorrect as well as the main family connected to me.

The main families lines covered here are:

My Grandfather's Lines (Elmer Moe)Ancestors_of_Elmer_Moe

Moe/Moen from Sparbu, Norway and all over the USA

Pierpoint from VT, Wisc.,IA and SD (still looking)

My Grandmother's Lines (Zelda Estella Snider) Ancestors_of_Zelda_Estella_Snider

Snider from PA,WV,IA plus all over USA. (most proven line)

Clyde from Scotland, IA and SD (still looking) Glenn from PA, Washington Co.,IA and Keokuk Co., IA (still looking) McNary from PA,IA(trying to find

Mother's Lines My Grandfather's Lines) Ancestors_of_Eldo_Friman

Andrew Friman/ Enoch Marshall Marshall from KY?,OH,(name chanced to Friman)IL,IA,SD Brownlee from Scotland and USA

My Grandmother's Lines) Ancestors_of_Gladys_Benson

Benson from UK, VT (abt 20 yrs after Mayflower) Milk (all over USA) Amdor (still looking)

Husband's Lines) Taylor_and_Whitten_Lines

Taylor from Canada and Maine, USA Bulter from Maine Whitten from VA/NC

Daughter's )Miller_and_Pestka_Lines

Pestka and Miller from Germany, MT, SD

Virginia (Moe) Taylor

Letcher, SD 57359 USA



The pictures are mainly for the Moe, Snider and Clyde sides of the family. They appear to be start in the late 1800's. The family names believe to be connected to these pictures are Clyde, Glenn, Snider, Moe. Possible locations connected to the pictures are: Washington and Keokuk counties in Iowa. Keota, IA, Sibley, IA, Letcher, SD. I am sure there are other places but these seem to be the most likely. To_The_Picture_Gallery

A few of the family and other interesting tombstones in Letcher, SD. V. Campbell was the Letcher blacksmith for many years. Tombstones_Letcher_SD


Related_Websites List of links for areas and names in my genealogy plus sites and lists I found useful.

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