The Moses Root Genealogy Page

The Moses Root Genealogy Page

This web page is my repository for the information I have collected on the family of my 4*great-grandfather, Moses Root.

In April 1804, the families of Moses Root and Matthew Dunham were the second party to settle in what is now Orleans County, New York. Moses settled on the land that he had previously purchased from the Holland Land Company east of what is now the hamlet of Kuckville in the town of Carlton.

The key document that outlines the early years of Moses's family in Orleans County is the memoir of Moses's son Reuben, which was published in Child's 1869 "Orleans County Directory" and also in Thomas's 1871 "Pioneer History of Orleans County, NY". In it we learn the critical facts about Moses's family -- that he came to Carlton from Otsego County with a 3-year stopover near Sodus Bay along the way, that he and his eldest son Reuben fought in the battle of Lake Erie during the war of 1812, and that the family contained five sons and one daughter. We also get a personal glimpse into what life was like for the earliest settlers of Orleans County.

Although a few branches of the family remained in Orleans County, it seems that many, if not most, branches moved westward to Michigan, particularly Barry and Lapeer counties during the 1860's and 1870's.

This page is still under construction, but I eventually plan to include the following information here:

I also would like to include any other information others are willing to share with me on the family of Moses Root. Of course no information on living members of the family other than a list of descendants (without relationships) will be published to respect your privacy. If it is unknown whether an individual is dead or alive, we will not publish information on those born after 1910 or married after 1930.

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