The Dyball Family of Norfolk, England and Orleans County, NY

The Dyball Family of Norfolk, England and Orleans County, NY

This web page contains what information I have found on the DYBALL families of County Norfolk, England and Orleans County, NY, USA.

My ancestor, Mary Ann Dyball emigrated from Norfolk to Orleans County, NY about 1849 with her husband John Platten and many others. Her brother, Timothy Dyball was among those who made the same trip.

Please bear with me while I put up the information I have collected on the various branches of the family. As I have a regular job, it may take some months. Please bookmark this page, and come back to it to see more. I plan to eventually put the following pages in place. (Items that are not links are still under construction.)

I would like to include anything others have on other branches of the Norfolk Dyball family on this page. Of course no information on living members of the family other than a list of descendants (without relationships) will be published to respect your privacy. If it is unknown whether an individual is dead or alive, we will not publish information on those born after 1910 or married after 1930.

Please send e-mail to me at <> if you have any information you want included here.

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