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North Dakota

Thrashing in Dakota. Either the person in the tractor or the person on the right in the wagon is Harmon Dillon

Thrashing in Dakota. Harmon Dillon is on the wagon in front..


Dillon Kids

In the back seat, Dorothea Wood Dillon holding Jess Dillon. In the front seat, Buster and Agnes. Boy on the running board is a Wood. The picture was taken in Kansas.

Taken in Kansas. In the front from the left Jess Dillon, Buster Dillon, an unknown, and Agnes Dillon. Kenneth Dillon tells me Leon Dillon is the boy in the middle, Osie Mae is on the left and Flossie on the right, children on Charles Dillon. This photo is taken circa 1921/1922 by the age of the kids. Can any one identify the other people??

Plains, Kansas (I think)

Christopher Dillon

Christopher Dillon, may have been taken in Kansas but probably Texas. Looking at the background, it appears to be the same as the photo above. The other children may be Charlie Dillon's and Mary Luella Williamson's or a combination.

Seated in the back seat is Sarah Raymond Wood. Car belonged to Allan Wood.

1911 Model T Ford

Ginnie the mule

Seated on Ginnie front to rear, Jess Dillon, Buster Dillon, Doreen Wood, Dorothy Wood, & Agnes Dillon.

A later picture of Sarah Raymond Wood. It is said she liked cats.

Sarah Raymond Wood

The first photo is taken circa 1943. It is a picture of Dorothy Johnson Dillon at the family farm in St John, North Dakota. Notice the barn in the background. The photo on the bottom was taken in the late 1980's after the barn collapsed.

Grandma as we remember her. One of the very few pictures she looked at the camera for.

Dorothea Wood Dillon

These are photos of the Abbott homestead west of Kane, Illinois. I understand the property is still in the family. About half the acreage is used for farming. A very pretty place on a hill overlooking the Macoupin Creek.

This is Flossie Dillon, daughter of Charles Dillon.

Jesse W Dillon's grave stone in Arlington National Cemetery.

Photo of the Tri County Museum in Cornwall, Ontario. The house was built by William Wood, son of Jonas Wood UEL, the brother of Roger, our ancestrial line. I believe the house was used as an inn.

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