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Excerpts from the Turtle Mountain Star Rolette County North Dakota.

7 Nov 1889 p.4 col.2 --- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Markell Saturday evening Nov 23, a sweet baby girl.

14 Nov 1889 p.4 col.2 --- Miss Edna Shaver, who has been spending the summer with her brother's family, departed Tuesday for her home in Wales, Ontario. Miss Shaver will be greatly missed among the young people hereabouts, with whom she has become a general favorite.

5 Dec 1889 p.4 col.1 --- H.W.Wood started Monday for Wales, Ontario, by way of the Canadian Pacific. He will be gone about two months.

27 Feb 1890 p.4 col.1 --- H.W.Wood of Fairview, was a pleasant caller Saturday, and from him w?????ira(we learn) that during his pilgrimage back to Ontario, he did some good missionary work and as a result expects several of his converts out during the summer to look the country over. While in Winnipeg he was the listener to many harrowing tales of starvation existing in this region, which, of course, he refuted in his best manner.

Thomas Henderson is at home again, after several months' sojourn in Montana. From him we learn that the weather in Montana can in no way compare with our famous all-around bracing weather. The warm wind blows out there carry(ing) the snow off before a person can get a sleigh ride, while here we have no such complaints to offer; out there a person does not experience the exquisite pleasure found in the continuous use of the fur coat, like we do here; that blarsted country permits a man to work out doors without mufflers or overcoat. While here we don't have to. Only two inches of snow in Montana when he left., while here we can go them fifty eight inches better. No Montana in ours, thank you. We prefer to dwell where the wild blizzard takes its pathway cross the hemisphere; where the snow drifts rear their majestic heads toward the skies; where the ice king reigns in all his congealing sumptuousness.

18 Dec 1890 p.4 col.2 --- Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Markell who have been visiting with relatives and friends in this vicinity for some time, left last Thursday for Portland, Oregon where they have a son living.

Also a side bar........Mat Henderson put up a building near the mill and put in a feed mill which will be run by steam.

3 Aug 1890 --- Noted in a sidebar:.............Earth quake in Rolla Friday July 27th (?) 1890

25 Dec 1890 --- Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Markell left for the east on Tuesday. Mrs. Markell goes to Stillwater, Minn. where she will visit with relatives during the winter. Mr Markell goes to Chicago, where he will pursue a course of study preparatory to entering the ministry.

12 March 1891 p.4 col.3 --- Fairview Town Meeting

The result of the election in Fairview township on the 3rd instant was as follows:
For supervisor, Chairman Owen Charbonneau, 37 Johnathan Ireland, 38 James Mahoney, 37 M.g. Markell, 9.
For clerk, H.W.Wood, 30 Hart, 12.
For treasurer, Alfred Bourrassa, 17 Joseph Darrah, 22
For assessor, S. Warner, 27 A Calhn, 16
For constables F. McKnight, Allen Wood,
Overseer of the poor Wm. Hamilton
Road supervisors O. Charbonneau, D. McKinnen, J. Stewart, Jas. Woods for districts number one, two, three, and four respectively.
Pound masters, J. Ieland, Thomas Maloney, Hector Bourrassa and W. Hamilton.

A one mill tax was voted for all purposes. The next annual town meeting will be held at the Darrah school house.

Also a side bar.........Thomas Henderson elected to Road Supervisor March 5th 1891

2 April 1891 p.4 col.2 --- Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Markell who have been east during the winter arrived home Tuesday. Mrs Brownell, Mrs Markell's mother returned with them and will spend the summer here.

9 May 1891 p.4 col.4 --- Took to the Woods

Rev. W.D.Rees was invited to attend at the residence of H.W.Wood in Fairview, Wednesday at 3 o'clock p.m. for the purpose of solemnizing the marriage of that gentleman's daughter, but it was the pleasure of the Reverend Rees to perform the nuptial rites that joined together two couples instead of one. The occasion was the marriage of Mr. Owen Furneybough, of Sidney, to Miss Annie Woods of Fairview, the daughter of H.W.Wood; also Mrs. Sarah M. Furneybough to Hiram W. Wood. The contracting parties are among the leading citizens of the vicinity and have hosts of friends who will extend best wishes. The Star feels so felicitous over the occasion that we could not help perpetrating the pun at the head of this notice, even at the risk of offering an apology.

13 Jun 1891 p.4 col.1 --- Levi Markell brought down Thursday a bunch of wheat taken from his farm in Fairview which measured eleven and a half inches. This is evidence of the growth grain is making in this country.

29 Oct 1891 p.3 col.1 --- Levi Markell, Fairview, can sound the praise of grand old Rolette with as good a grace as any other man. He to is one of the pioneer's and has yet to meet with a failure of crops. This years yield was a fair average; 126 acres of wheat, 3,169 bushels; just a little over 25 bushels to the acre; also 30 acres of oats, 1,613 bushels; 6 acres of barley 214 bushels.

Dec 3 1891 p.6 col.2 --- John Markell, a brother of Mrs. C.J. Andrews, M.G. and Willis Markell, arrived from the west last week and will spend the winter here.

Dec 10 1891 p.6 col.3 --- Married: Wednesday evening December 2nd at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Henderson, Susan Pogue and John Henderson, the Rev. W.D. Rees officiating. The happy couple are not unknown in the locality where they have resided for several years, the bride being the daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Andrew Pogue, the groom, one of the steady industrious farmers in this vicinity. The Star joins with their numerous friends in extending best wishes.

24 Dec 1891 p.8 col.2 --- Born Sunday December 20 to Mr. and Mrs. James Wood, Fairview, a son.

14 Jan 1892 p.8 col.3 --- Married Boyd-Markell

The marriage of David C. Boyd and Miss Annie Markell was solemnized on Tuesday evening January 12, 1892, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Levi Markell, Fairview. The Rev. W.D. Rees officiating, the immediate friends and relatives of the couple being present. The bride has been a resident of Fairview for several years and is well known and highly esteemed. Of the groom, Rolla's respected postmaster, one of the early settlers of this county, who is so well and favorably known that it needs but to be known that he has formed an alliance with a noble woman to call forth from his friends one universal acclaim of: "Bravo! old boy. there's nothing too rich for your blood and everybody congratulates you and yours on the felicitous event." and the Star joins in extending best wishes.

28 Jan 1892 p.6 col.3 --- Some villain without the fear of God or A.T. Henderson one day last week tore down and hauled off about two loads of poles from his pasture fence and Mr. Henderson says he will give $10.00 for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the fence thief.

Side note.......... John and Willis Markell started up a photography shop 22 Feb 1892.

5 May 1892 p.6 col.2 --- Married at the residence of the bride's father, A.T. Henderson, on May 3, 1892, by Rev D.G. McKay, Mr. Allen Wood to Miss Maggie Henderson, all of Rolla.

9 Jun 1892 p.6 col.2 --- E.A. Graham sold his building to Levi Markell last week. Mr. Markell contemplates putting in a stock of dry goods and groceries.

11 Aug 1892 p.6 col.4 --- Married On Wednesday, August 3rd 1892, William T Perry to Miss Ellen Wood. The ceremony was performed at the residence of Allen Wood, brother of the groom (this has to be a misprint, brother of the bride), by Rev. D G McKay

20 Oct 1892--- Rolette County Fair Prize List Best crock of butter A.T. Henderson special prize N.O. Wilkes $ 1.00

17 Nov 1892 p.6 col.4 --- A.T. Henderson circulated a petition here Monday in favor of a bridge over the couhe (?) just beyond the cemetery. This has been a bad place all summer and something should certainly be done about it.

2 Feb 1893 p.6 col.2 --- M.G. Markell and family are settled at Pelican Rapids, Minnesota.

6 Feb 1893 p.6 col.2 --- A little girl arrived at the home of E.A. Markell

Mrs. Alice L. Wood made a trip to Cando Thursday returning Saturday.

13 Apr 1893 p.6 col.2 --- E.A. Markell was appointed deputy register of deeds last week by Mr. Stageberg.

1 Feb 1894 p.1 col.4 --- E. A. Markell

E.A. Markell began business here last fall in a building 24x32 feet in size, and carries a stock of staple and fancy groceries, fruits, nuts, confections, candies, stationery, etc. He has been a resident of this community for twelve years. He is also special agent of the Northwestern Life Insurance Company of Minneapolis. His great specialty is Yaggy's Geographical Portfolio, for which he has the state agency. He employs five assistants. This portfolio comprises a comprehensive and lucid illustration of geographical, geological, and astronomical subjects. It is of undoubted benefit to the beginner as well as the graduate. By means of this chart four or five years, instruction can be compressed into one school year. Intricate points that are usually considered beyond the comprehension of the student are made clear and are easily understood. One school director has said in substance: " If you cannot afford to purchase the portfolio at once, stop the school for a month and with the amount of expense saved purchase the chart and you will be ahead at the end of the year"

1 March 1894 p.6 col.2 --- The following persons were drawn Monday to act as petit jurors at the regular term of the district court to commence Wednesday, March 21: J.C.Tucker, Lemuel G.Welton, Thomas Craig, Jacob Kotschevar, George Porteous, Joseph Burgoyne, Ales Fassett, John Munro, Antoine Nicholas, Wm.R. Hamilton, Thomas Henderson, Frank Rosscup, Napoleon LaFrance, Wm.Darling, Jonathan Ireland, Martin Christianson, Geo,Richards, W.F.Scripture, John Commo, Charles Meneiur, Charles K.Bradley, Joseph Plante, Eugene Turcotte, F.X.A. Bourassa, Louis Cota, Wm. Byrnes, Euclyde Lamoreux, H.A.Scott, W.V. Marsh, Christian Lundy.

8 March 1894 p.6 col.3 --- Mrs Charles Andrews died last Friday evening, March 2nd, 1894, after a short illness of one week. The funeral took place from the Presbyterian church last Sabbath afternoon. She was born near Cornwall, Province of Ontario, Canada on May 2nd, 1861. Her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. William Markell, and six brothers are now all in this country, located principally in the states of Oregon and Washington. Thus distance prevented them from being present at the funeral and paying the last sad respects to the remains of their beloved daughter and sister. The deceased is the first one in this family to enter the heavenly home. While a young girls she made a profession of religion and joined the Presbyterian church, and has always maintained a consistent life. She leaves behind her a sorrowing husband and two little children, who have the deep sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement.

3 May 1894 p.6 col.3 --- Thomas Henderson will serve on the United States grand jury which meets at Fargo on the 15th. Ex-Com. Cooper has been drawn for the United States petit jury which is called to meet on the 22nd.

9 January 1896 p.6 col.3 --- The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Henderson will sympathize with them in the death of their little daughter, which sad event occurred on Friday last. The child was born Sept. 9th 1895, and was consequently nearly four months old. The funeral was held Saturday.

5 March 1896 p.8 col.3 --- Mrs. Henry Shaver returned Saturday from a three month visit with relatives and friends in Eastern Ontario.

16 April 1896 p.6 col.2 --- Mrs. M.G. Markell, of Pelican Rapids, Minn., is visiting her relatives in Rolla.

Republican County Convention

The Republican County Convention for the purpose of electing seven delegates to the state convention at Fargo, Wednesday, April 15, 1896 was held at the court house at 2 p.m. Saturday. The convention was called to order by the chairman of the county committee, C.F. Wilbur, who read the call.

On motion, C.F. Wilbur, was chosen chairman of the convention, and John A. Wayne, secretary.

On motion, the chair appointed Job Taylor, James Smith, and Wm. F.Gurr as a committee on credentials.

The committee found the following delegates entitled to seats in the convention:
Oxford--Wm. Craig, Thor Syverson.
St. John--James Smith, C.R. Lyman.
Maryville--Canute LaFrance, Moses LaFrance.
South Valley-- Wm. F Gurr.
Mt. Pleasant--W.F. Hoskins, C.F. Wilbur, John A. Wayne, Wm. Clarke, A.A. Taylor, Job Taylor, Wm. Mountford, A.T. Henderson, W.A. Duncan.

On motion, the chair appointed W.J. Hoskins, Wm. Craig, and Wm. F. Gurr, as committee on resolutions, who reported as follows:

The Republicans of Rolette county, in convention assembled, renew their allegiance to the principles of the Republican party and resolve:

1. That the persons chosen at this convention be instructed to use their influence in the election of delegates to St. Louis who favor the nomonation of Wm. McKinley for president.
2. That we pledge our hearty support to the Hon. H.C. Hansbrough for U.S. Senator, beleivinf that his distinguished services in behalf of the people of North Dakota fairly entitle him to a second term.
3. That we hereby tender to the Republicans of Towner county our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the very courteous indorsement of our esteemed citizen, C,F, Wilbur, as delegate to the St Louis convention, and we promise to reciprocate this honor whenever a suitable opportunity occurs.

Signed Committee W.J. Hoskins, Wm. F Gurr, Wm. Craig

--At the Mt. Pleasant Republican caucus held at the town hall Thursday afternoon for the purpose of electing 9 delegates to the county convention Saturday. A.O. Graham was made chairman and C.F. Wilbur secretary. The following delegates were chosen: W.J. Hoskins, C.F. Wilbur, John A. Wayne, Wm Clark, A.A. Taylor, Job Taylor, Wm. Mountford, A.T. Henderson, W.A.Duncan

4 June 1896 p.8 col.2 --- Mat Henderson is visiting Ireland. It is highly rumored that the mission to the Emerald Isle is of a tender nature.

4 June 1896 p.8 col.3 --- Mrs. E. A. Markell and children left Wednesday for a two months visit with relatives in Wisconsin, Ohio, and New Jersey.

Excerpt from the Cornwall Ontario Standard-Freeholder

22 September 1939 --- E. A. Markell Dies At Eugene, Oregon.

Friends in Wales have received word of the death at the home of his sister, Mrs. D. C. Boyd, at Eugene, Oregon, of E. A. Markell. Mr. Markell was born in Wales, Ont., July 5, 1862, and passed his 77th birthday in July last. He was a son of Levi Markell, who conducted a general store at Wales. As a young man he went West and was said to be the first white man to spend a winter in Rolette county. He was one of a group of pioneers from Ontario who went to Rolette county in 1881 and filed on land in Fairview township. Others in the group were his father Levi Markell, Fraser Brassard, Alien Wood, who is still in Fairview, John Hunt and Barney Cain.

Mr. Markell lived in Fairview until 1892, when he moved to Rolla, N.D., and carried on a general mercantile business for 25 years. In 1918, he disposed of his property there and moved to Grand Forks where he was a clothing salesman. He moved to Klamath Agency, Ore., in 1926, where he managed the Elliott Store for ten years, retiring at the age of 71 years. He had since made his home with his sister, Mrs. Boyd, and his children, at Eugene, Ore.

Mr. Markell helped establish the M.E. Church at Fairview, which later became the Rolla Methodist Church. He was interested in Sunday School work and was a member of the Masonic, Yeoman and A.O.U.W. Lodges.

He married Miss Margaret Brownell, at Aultsville, Ont., December 18, 1888. He leaves his wife, three daughters and a son - Mrs. 0. R. Anderson (Minnie), Hansboro; Mrs. Seymour E. Anderson (Vera), Leupps, Arizona; Mrs. W. N. Hamilton (Mollie), Hoquiam; Raymond Levi Markell, Hoquiam; a sister, Mrs. D. C. Boyd, Eugene, Ore; an uncle, Alex Markell, Sydney, Australia; and ten grandchildren.

Rev. Mr. Witmer conducted the funeral service. Burial was made in Eugene, Oregon.

Contributed by Lyall Manson, Cornwall, Ontario.

Information obtained at the Greene County Illinois Historical Society 28 Apr 2000

Abbott Cemetery

Howard W 1820-1867
Mary A 1833-1911
Elizabeth A 1854-1856
Thomas M 1856-1893
Horton H 1860-1861
Annie 1858

Excerpts from the Carrollton Patriot [ Greene County, Illinois]

10 Sep 1897 --- Jesse C Ashlock and Emily E Abbott were married Wednesday

11 Nov 1909 --- Mount Gilead, An infant child of Mr and Mrs Albert Abbott died and was taken to Kane for burial last Friday November 11.

8 Dec 1910 --- There is a new arrival at the home of Albert Asbbott and wife, a hearty boy born Saturday evening, December 3. (Ethelbert Henkel Abbott)

12 Jan 1911 --- Mrs Mary Van Meter died Tuesday of last week at son's home, Albert Abbott west of Kane. Over 70, twice married, second husband died some 10 or 11 years ago.

5 Sep 1912 --- 20 Years ago. --- Christopher Abbott and Nellie Spencer of Kane were married.

9 Oct 1913 --- Samuel Abbott of Kane and Maude Keown of Jersey County married last Thursday.

5 Aug 1915 --- Son born to Mr and Mrs Albert Abbott 1885. (thirty years ago) (Spanky)

18 Jul 1918 --- Kane - Christoipher Abbott, age 53 years found dead in his room in E St Louis July 2. He was the brother of 1.1. Abbott of Kane. Burial at Fieldon.

3 May 1923 --- Thomas Abbott - died in Jacksonvilkle Hospital, was buried at Kane - He was thirty years old. (thirty years ago)

30 Jun 1921 --- Mrs Elizabeth Abbott, 62, died June 22. She was buried at Lax Cemetery. She was the daughter of William and Emmaline Seago and was born in Jersey County % Nov 1858. She married A A Abbott on 12 Oct 1877. She leaves a husband; 7 children; Howard W of Dextor MO.; Eddison S.; Albert A.; Samuel S.; Gilbert all of Kane; Emily E, wife of J C Ashlock; Mary E, wife of John T Williams, both of Kane. Three sisters, Mrs Martha Ann Dunkham of Fieldon; Mrs Ellen Scott of Harrisonville, MO; and Mrs Jennie McDonald of Santa Cruz, Calif.

15 Mar 1928 --- Kane - Albert A Abbott, 75 years, 1 month and 13 days. Son of Howard and Mary Abbott died Sunday of cerebral hemorrhage. Buried in Lax Cemetery.

6 Nov 1930 --- Arnold Crotchett bought the Standard Oil filling station of A A Abbott. Took possesion Monday.

Excerpts from the Carrollton Gazette [ Greene County, Illinois]

9 Sep 1892 --- Christopher Abbott 27, and Nellie Spencer, 18, Kane, marriage license Nellie's father Frank.

Excerpts from the White Hall Registrar [ Greene County, Illinois]

1 Oct 1897 --- Jesse C Ashlock, age 22 and Emily E Abbott, 19 both of Kane, issued marriage license.

Unknown source
Eddison Lynn Abbott born 2 Aug 1885 in Greene County died 6 Apr 1947.

Excerpts from the Bellingham Times [Lac Que Parle County, Minnesota]

18 Jun 1896 --- J P Johnson and wife are visiting friends at Webster SD this week.

2 Jul 1896 --- John Conor has returned from Watertown where he has been working.

20 Aug 1896 --- Aug Skoog has received a new seperator and will pound out wheat at the rate of 2,000 per day.

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