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Aug 8, 2001

Time passes and it's time again to put together another issue. This issue will be bits and pieces of new information obtained. If any of you have something to contribute, I would certainly appreciate it.

A correction from the last issue on James Roy Williamson. The correct lineage is 1) John Roscoe Williamson, died 1889; 2) James Roy Williamson, 2 May 1877/22 Jun 1948, married Mary Luella Dillon, 27 Dec 1883/3 Jun 1969; 3) Floyd Wilson Williamson, 19 Aug 1919/11 Oct 1979, married Nadine Estelle David; 4) James Frank Williamson, 20 Sep 1948/5 Jul 1998. My apologies for the confusion.

Frances Ellen Abbott Dillon is listed as living with James Roy Williamson and her daughter Mary Luella Dillon in the 1920 Census for Floyd County, Texas. Christopher is not listed. He is likewise not listed in Hardeman County living with Charles Dillon, his son. We know he is in Texas but nowhere to be found.

I checked the 1910 Census for Polk County, Arkansas to see if Chris and Ellen were still living on the homestead in Eagle Gap Township. Sure enough, there they were living on Mountain Road. This time Chris was on the Census! Jessie was still at home at age twenty. Chris was listed at age 63 and Ellen at age 61. The Census was taken on the 20th of April 1910.

1910 Polk County, Arkansas Census

The Census noted Chris was born in Gr or Cr or Sr Germany as were his parents. I suspect the "G" or "C" or "S" is a "P" indicating Prussia but will be checking a map to see if I can piece together. Here's a copy, any thoughts??

The census also lists an immigration date of 1861. Now, this really throws a wrench in the works. According to

family legend, Chris immigrated when he was seven years old. This date makes him fourteen.

1910 Polk County, Arkansas Census

Based on the 1870 Census for Greene County, Illinois, there is a Dillms family living near the Abbotts. They are from Prussia with the exception of the second son who is born in Illinois and is twelve years old. "C Dillm is twenty. I believe this to be Christopher with the wrong age entered by the census taker. A thirty year old housekeeper is listed and she is to young to be Christopher's mother, but certainly old enough to be "H" Dillm's mother. This bit of information would fit being Christopher's mother died on the voyage to America and his father remarried. This info would put the marriage date at 1857, to early for the 1861 immigration date listed in the 1910 census but fitting with family legend. At any rate, the listing in this census is too close to be discounted.

1870 Greene County, Illinois Census

The 1910 Arkansas Census also shows no activity for Civil War questions after Christopher. There are two Christopher Dillons listed for the Civil War. One from Peoria, Illinois who is a shoemaker about ten years too old. This Christopher deserted. The other Christopher enlisted in Varick, New York at age 18 in 1864. This is close in age, but with no Civil War activity from this census I wonder.

Margaret Crofoot sent a copy of Allan Wood's (the father of Dorothea Wood, the wife of Harmon "Bud" Dillon) Certificate of Horsemanship from The Berry School of Horsemanship. Thanks Margaret!!

Some new information on Charles Dillon. He married Minnie Miller in 1900. Charles shows up in the 1920 Census for Hardeman County, Texas. He is living in Quanah. There are four children listed, 1) Howard born in 1904; 2) Leon, born in 1909; Ozzie Mae, born in 1913; and Rosie G. born in 1915. In checking with some of the books available for Hardeman County I found a male child was born 19 Oct 1905 per county records. "Male born to Charley and Minnie Dillon" Early Hardeman County Records by Lois Edwards. Charlie and Minnie may have had another son.

There is a Howard and Leon Dillon listed in the Social Security Index born about the right time from central Texas. I received their Social Security applications and they confirm these are indeed the same persons.

I recently made a connection with Lynn Denton and John Dillon. Lynn's mother married Leon Dillon, the son of Charlie Dillon. John is also the son of Leon Dillon.

Lynn has the children of Charlie Dillon and Minnie Miller as:

1. Howard E; born 8 Nov 1903 in Acme, Hardeman, TX and died 11 Oct 1973 in Midland, TX. He married Beatrice Harmon. He worked at the Liberty Café in Quanah in 1936.

2. Leon David; born 8 May 1908 in Dallas, TX and died 16 Dec 1984 in Kermit, TX. He married Pauline Beall and then Lynn Denton's mother Retha. SS application states 1 May 1904 (7 months after Howard?). He worked at the Kermit Garage in Kermit, Texas in 1937.

3. Osie Mae; born in 1913, probably in Quanah, TX

4. Leila Belle; born 1915, probably Quanah, and died 19 Nov 1968 in Quanah, TX. She married Albert Morgan I believe.

5. There may also be a Bessie.

John is putting together some pictures to send and I will post them on the internet site for identification. He says he doesn't know anyone in the photos and I'm sure I don't either. I sent him a picture of Flossie (Could this be Osie?) Dillon I have from Aunt Agnes and he may have found a match. What do you think, Flossie is on the right

Are these two the same person?

Now, some family information Lynn Denton shared with me.

Evidently, Minnie left Charlie and ran off with another man leaving her children behind. The story was that Charlie was not very good to her.

Howard was a chef, and Howard, Leon and Leila were of small stature.


Leon was an exceptional machinist who ran an automotive machine shop in Kermit, Texas. Lynn says race car drivers came to him for machine work from all over the country. He stood 5' 5" and said he was of German descent. He was known as "Shorty" around town and a well respected member of the community. He was hit by a car when he was young and crippled a leg resulting in limp. Leon shot trap and was an avid hunter. He raised Great Dane dogs. He was a master gunsmith and shot in competition across the US.

Buster Dillon and Irene Gendron
26 Jun 1940

Contributed by Margaret Crofoot.

Buster is the son of Harmon Dillon & Dorothea Wood.

Other happenings:

The Funk Clan held a reunion at Yosemite National Park the end of June We were unable to attend.

The Skoog Clan (my mother's side of the family) held a reunion the week of June 10th. We did not make that one either. I recently obtained a five generation picture. Included were my great grandmother, Mary Skoog and her mother Bertha Klausen Skoog. The photo is posted on the internet site.

I also came in touch with a William and Vera Wood of Missouri. In their book, "Samuel Wood and his Seven Sons and their Descendents" reference is made to Christopher Dillon listing his birthdate and death. I sent a letter to them inquiring as to the source. Well, the source ended up being Ellen Cockrell! They were kind enough to send group sheets from Samuel Wood forward and even some notes provided by Ellen Cockrell and Ruby Postelwait, Ruby is a descendent of Howard Abbott. I corresponded with Ruby last year.

Gen sheet provided by Bill & Vera Wood written by Ellen Williamson Cockrell

I wonder if Ellen would recognize this? I have confirmed Mary Luella Dillon was born in Freeman, Cass County, Missouri, in 1883, not Kane, Illinois, in 1882.

Ellen's husband's name was Parker Cockrell.

Ozrah Williamson's first name was Christopher.

Mary Luella Dillon and James Roy Williamson were married 18 Dec 1901 in Acme, Hardeman County, Texas. Acme was a small mining town near Childress on the western border of the county. Just happen to have a picture…..
Acme Information and credit for photo
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Ellen Williamson was born back in Polk County, Arkansas.


Ozrah Williamson was born in Rush Springs, Grady County, Oklahoma. Rush Springs is north of Duncan.

Jewel Williamson was born in Lamesa, Dawson County, Texas south of Lubbock.

Jesse Dillon is buried in Section 18 of Arlington Cemetery (southeast side). Also, his middle name was Wilson according to the paper I received from the army. His military records were destroyed in the fire of 1973. He entered the service on 16 Jul 1917. We plan a trip out east in September and will stop in Arlington.

Allen Wood's sister, Alice K Wood married William C Richardson sometime in the early 1900s and moved to Armourdale, North Dakota. Allan Wood's biography confirms she lived in Armourdale in 1936.

I also checked the census for Towner County, next to Rolette County, in North Dakota. William Richardson is listed with Alice married and with five children. Looks like Jamamia, age 17 [Does any one have any ideas on this?]; Arthur, age 14; Mary A, age 12; Laura V, age 8; and Annie M, age 5. Census was enumerated on the 6 and 7 of January, 1920. William Richardson is also listed in the 1910 Census as a boarder with the family of Andrew T Henderson.

Don't forget the website……………..


One last photo, that of the military service confirmation paper I received from the military on Jessie Dillon.

This will be the last newsletter for awhile until I discover new information. New stuff will always be added to the web site as I receive it.


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