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January 28, 2001

I trust everyone's Thanksgiving and Christmas was fruitful and joyous. As promised last issue, Christopher Dillon and Frances Ellen Abbott will be the main thrust. I want to remind everyone to let me know of inaccuracies and additional information you have. And, send some articles to share!!!

Christopher Dillon
11 Nov 1847 - 13 Jul 1926

Courtesy of George & Agnes Funk

Not much is known about the early days of Christopher. Some of the stories tell of a three month voyage across the water on a sick boat where Christopher's mother, a sibling, an aunt and uncle die. Ellen Williamson Cockrell, grand daughter of Christopher writes in a letter to Agnes Dillon:

"I don't know much history of the Dillon family; Christopher S Dilm born Nov. 11, 1847 and died July 13, 1926 at Floydada, Texas. Born in Germany and crossed the Atlantic Ocean when he was 7 years old. When they started there was seven of them but when they landed just grandpa and his father were all that was left. Mother, father, aunt, uncle, brother and himself. They [were] three months on the water."

Other information states Christopher was a bright boy and the clergy wanted him for the priesthood. The family did not want that and quietly left the country (Mary Hubert). Christopher was supposedly born in Germany. As of yet I have not located any ship manifests with the Dillons sailing around 1854. Family legend says they made two different voyages through Ireland or England.

On 29 Jul 1871 Christopher married Frances Ellen Abbott, the eldest daughter of Howard William Abbott and Mary Ann Moore. She was born 20 Aug 1851 in Troy, Madison County, Illinois and died in Floydada, Texas on 17 Feb 1925.

Certified copy of marriage certificate from Greene County Illinois, marriage of Christopher Dillon and Frances E Abbott, courtesy Denny Dillon

Their first child Charles is born in 1875 in Illinois. Then we find Christopher and Frances Ellen in Freeman, Missouri, south of Kansas City where their second child is born. Mary Luella is born on 27 Dec 1883 in Freeman, Cass County, Missouri and the last name is now Dilm. The Cass County Historical Society in Harrisonville has the birth record on a three by five card. The third child, Jessie Dillon, is also born in Missouri in April of 1890. The fourth child, Harmon Abbott, is born 15 May 1892 in Missouri and I speculate both Jessie and Harmon were born in Cass County even though there is no record. Births were not always reported during this time.


1) Charles Dillon married Minnie Miller on 25 Mar 1900 in Mena, Arkansas. Since Minnie was under eighteen, a parent's permission slip was enclosed with the marriage license application. Family history says Charles raised hunting dogs and was in and out of prison. One story says he was convicted of murder, spent eight years in prison and was released after they found out someone else did the crime. He was given twelve dollars, a cheap suit and set free (Mary Hubert).

Mary Luella Dillon
Courtesy of
George & Agnes Funk.

2) Mary Luella married James Roy Williamson on 18 Dec 1901. He was born in Lamar County, Texas on 2 May 1877 and died in Duncan, Oklahoma on 22 Jun 1948. James shows up on the 1900 Polk County Arkansas Census on the same page with Frances Ellen and the rest of the family. He was a log hauler.

Mary and James had 5 children, Ellen, 4 Apr 1904; Ozrah, 5 Dec 1907; Jewel, 21 Feb 1917; and twins, Floyd and Loyd, 19 Aug 1919. Floyd and Loyd were born in Floydada County, Texas. I was able to see the birth register there. They had no information on the other children. Mary Luella is listed as "Minnie" Dillon.

Left to right, 1st photo, Jewel, Ellen, 2nd photo, Floyd & Loyd. Courtesy of George & Agnes Funk,

This photo was taken sometime in the late twenties somewhere in Kansas. Ellen married a Cockrell and lives in Duncan, Oklahoma.

3) Jessie Dillon entered the army for the Expeditionary Force sometime in 1917/18. I have two dates for Jessie's death, 16 Sep 1918 and 10 Nov 1918. The story goes: Jessie had been wounded in the leg and two soldiers were carrying him to safety. Both the soldiers were shot and Jessie ended up bleeding to death.

Jessie Dillon
Courtesy of George & Agnes Funk

The family is in Texas at the time Jessie entered the service, however Texas has no record of his induction. There were 137,000 American deaths attributed to the First World War. Of these, 47,000 were battlefield deaths. Jessie is not listed among them. He could have also died in the Influenza Epidemic in 1918. We do know that there was an insurance policy as Harmon or the family was the payee of this policy.

4) Harmon "Bud' Abbott Dillon spent some time on the King Ranch in lower Texas according to my dad. Joni and I traveled there a few years ago and stopped at the museum in Kingville. The university was researching payroll records and we asked if they could check for a record on Harmon. I checked again last year and was told they were not researching that area any longer. Harmon traveled to North Dakota and he shows up in Rolla/St John in 1914. He married Dorothea Wood on 10 Feb 1916.

Also showing up in Cass County is the marriage of Frances Ellen's youngest sister, Luella Patience Abbott, who marries Joseph Lemuel Lott, son of John Vincent Lott and Amanda Lott ___. The Cass County marriage information lists: " Groom of Freeman, Bride of Lone Jack. Married at Harrissonville by A H Deane, BC 4 - 194 Marriage Book of Cass County". Lonejack is in the southeast corner of Jackson County just across the border from Cass County. The 1895 Atlas of Lone Jack lists the population at 118 people but there is no record of Abbott listed in available Lone Jack information in the Jackson County Historical Society in Independence, Missouri. Jackson County contains the southern half of Kansas City.


Frances Ellen's mother, Mary Ann Moore Abbott married Simon Van Meter 24 March 1871, after Howard died in 1867 and before Christopher and Frances were married in July of 1871. It appears Frances Ellen's mother, her new husband and her youngest daughter might have been traveling west with Christopher and Frances Ellen. There seems to be a migration westward of this family, although the remaining Abbotts stayed in Illinois. The homestead continues to be in the Abbott name today. We also see the name change to Dilm during this time. What prompted the move to Missouri? Why the name change?

We see the family further migrating to Mena, Arkansas where "Cris Dilm" takes out a homestead in Acorn Township on 12 Nov 1896. His signature is marked with an "X" on the homestead application. The final application date is 26 Feb 1902 so in theory, the family would have been in Arkansas in 1896. It also looks like he "improved" the wrong part of the section as there is a statement in the homestead file changing the legal description of the filing. The homestead application gives information about the improvements of the land and that twenty-two acres were cleared. An orchard was planted and I believe it is still there today by the look of topographical maps and aerial photographs.

A check of the 1900 Census for Polk County Arkansas lists Frances Ellen Dillon and the children, but does not list Christopher. Ruby Abbott Postlewait, in her article on Abbotts in the Sesquicentennial Edition of Jersey County History makes reference to Frances Ellen and a Mr Scott living in Elkhart Texas in 1911. Frances Ellen's death certificate confirms she was in Texas in 1911. It is a mystery on where Ruby Postlewait picked up a marriage to a Mr Scott.

Sometime in 1921, Christopher and Frances Ellen moved to Floydada, County Texas. Frances Ellen died on Feb 17, 1925 and Christopher died on July 13, 1926. Joni and I traveled to Floydada this summer and visited their graves. We spent a few hours in the historical society searching for any additional information they had. Very helpful people.

Christopher Dillon's grave stone, courtesy Denny Dillon

Christopher Dillon's obit reads:

Chris Dillon, 78, died at his home in Silverton Tuesday morning from kidney trouble, attending physicians said. Rev G W Tubbs, city, conducted the funeral services held at 5:30 Tuesday afternoon at the Floydada Cemetery, where interment was made.

Deceased formally lived in Carrs' Chapel Community and removed to Silverton about a year ago. One daughter and two sons survive"

From the Floyd County Hisperian July 15, 1926

Frances Ellen's grave stone courtesy Denny Dillon

Frances Ellen's obit reads:


Mrs Frances E Dillion, of Allmon Community died at the home of her daughter, Mrs J R Williamson, in that community., Tuesday, and her remains were buried in the Floydada Cemetery Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock following funeral services conducted by Rev G W Tubbs, of this city.

The deceased was a native of Illinois, where she was born on August 20th 1851. She has been a resident of this county for some years. Besides the daughter and grandchildren, Mrs Dillon is also survived by a sister, who is not a resident of Floyd County"

From The Floyd County Hisperian February 19, 1925

(Notice they have Dillon spelled right once. Also, I have found that the Abbotts used Frances' middle name.)

Frances Ellen is said to have smoked a pipe and chewed tobacco.

In 1870 a "Dillins" family shows up in the Green County Illinois Census living near the Abbotts in Kane, Illinois. Kane is roughly 45 miles north of St Louis. The census


taker only listed first initials of this family but notes they were from Prussia and Illinois. The person who I think is Christopher is noted as a twenty year old who was born in Prussia and could not read or write. He has a twelve year old brother born in Illinois, a thirty year old mother born in Illinois and a father born in Prussia. The information fits our Christopher, except for age and the mother being born in Illinois suggests his father remarried after arriving in Illinois.

I have been unable to tie Christopher to his father. In checking the 1860 Census for Greene, Jersey, and Madison Counties in Illinois the above is the only trace. In checking the Index for the 1860 Illinois Census under different variations of "C Dillon" I have been unable to link any of the information to our Christopher.

I am checking the complete 1860 Census for Greene County looking for a twelve, thirteen year old Christopher living with another family. I am also looking at some information on the Orphan Train that started shipping New York orphans out "west" in 1853. I found reference of a Reverend W C Van Meter who was transporting orphans to Illinois in the 1850s. Perhaps the Van Meter connection is greater than it appears. There is a Christopher Dillon who enlisted in the 3rd Regiment, Company D, New York Light Artillery in 1864 in Seneca County who is of the right age. I am also looking at immigration ship manifests. If any of you can offer additional information, let me know.

Frances Ellen Abbott
20 Aug 1851 - 17 Feb 1925

Frances Ellen Abbott, courtesy of George & Agnes Funk

Born on 20 Aug 1851, Frances Ellen was the oldest daughter of Howard William Abbott and Mary Ann Moore.

Ruby Abbott Postelwait published the following in the "History of Jersey County Illinois" Sesquicentennial Edition ISBN:0-88107-182-X Curtis Media 1991. Ruby Abbott Postlewait is a grand niece of Frances Ellen.

"Howard was a private in Company A, 1st Regiment, Indiana Volunteers enlisting on 13 June 1846 and was mustered in on 16 June 1847 for service in the Mexican War in Captain Josiah Lyttle's 4th Regiment, Illinois Mounted Volunteers at Alton, Illinois. He was again enrolled on 22 February 1848 in Mexico City. He mustered out (of the service) in Alton, Illinois on the 25th of July 1848. His family was in Putnam County Indiana at the 1840 Census and came to Illinois about 1845. He became a close friend of Samuel W Moore of the same unit. Samuel said, "Howard, when this war is over, I want you to come home with me. I have a sister who would make you a good wife." Howard married Mary Ann Moore on 6 October 1850 in Troy, Madison County. Mary Ann was born 24 March 1833 in St Clair County, the daughter of Whaley and Mary Wood Moore and the sister of Samuel. Twenty years after Howard's death and forty years after his service in Mexico, Mary Ann was given $35.00 for the horse that Howard lost in Mexico. Samuel Moore was awarded $57.30."

"Mary Ann Moore's grandfather Samuel Wood Sr. was born 2 May 1737 in Leicestershire, England and came to America with his brothers Thomas and John in 1755 on the ship "Hopewell". [This is not the same Wood line as Allan Wood.] He enlisted in the Virginia Military at age 18 and "since he was a fine scholar and scribe, he served as one of Colonel George Washington's secretaries and was said to have been with Washington's forces when Braddock met defeat at Fort Duquesne near the forks of the Ohio on 9 July 1755."

"Samuel Wood Sr. married Mary Robertson who died shortly after the birth of their daughter Mary, who married James Hendricks. He married second to Sarah Reives, daughter of James and Sara Bean Reives. Sara Bean's mother had died when Sara was "quite young". Her step-mother bribed her nurse to take Sara aboard a vessel going to America, whether because of jealousy or to obtain the father's property. The nurse left her in care of the captain and Sara was brought to America when she was 12 years old. She was bound over to a Virginia planter, a Mr Pierson as an indentured servant until she worked out her passage."


"She married her master's son who died soon after the marriage. She than married James Reives and they had Sarah Reives. Sara Bean Pierson Reives then married a Mr Moore in Loudoun County, Virginia and had three more children, William (Whaley), Thomas, and Nancy Moore. Thomas married Nancy Fletcher and they were the parents of Merriman, Levi, Polly, and Whaley Moore. Whaley married Mary Wood, daughter of Samuel Wood Jr and Naomi Renfro Wood. Sara Bean Pierson Reives Moore was the grandmother of Whaley Moore and the great grandmother of Mary Wood!"

"Whaley Moore was enumerated in the 1818 census of Illinois: Whaley Moore, head of household, two other white inhabitants and 1 slave. They were the parents of Merriman, Euphemia, Naomi, Nancy, Samuel Whaley, Andrew, Mary Ann, Thomas, and Jane."

"As stated above, Mary Ann Moore married Howard W Abbott, Mexican War veteran, and they bought land in Kane Township, (Illinois) just across the boundary line of English Township, at one time owning 403 acres of land. Their children were: 1) Frances Ellen, who married Christopher Dillon on 27 June 1871 and lived in Elkhart, Texas in 1911, later marrying a ___Scott [????] 2) Albert Andrew, born 27 Jan 1853 in Troy, Madison County, married Elizabeth Filinda Seago. 3) Elizabeth A (1854-1856) 4) Thomas Moore, born 26 Sep 1856-1893. 5) Annie, born or died 1858. 6) Horton H (1860-1861) 7) Mary J., born 14 Nov 1862, married R W Layson and lived in Olathe, Kansas in 1911. 8) Christopher Columbus (15 Jan 1864 - 1 July 1918) married Nellie Spencer, daughter of Allen and Sarah Rowden Spencer on 7 Sep 1892 in Greene County. They had one daughter Jessie (1893-1895). The three of them are buried in Fieldon Cemetery. 9) Luella Patience, born about two months after the death of her father on 13 Sep 1867, but her birth date was recorded as Aug 1867, so she could be claimed on the pension application. She married Joseph L Lott and they were parents of John H, born July 1898, a child who was deceased before 1900, Harold (Howard) born 1903 and Julia Drusilla, born 8 Feb 1907. All the children were born in Missouri, probably Freeman, but the family moved to Allen County, Kansas and lived in La Harpe and Olathe Kansas. Howard, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Thomas, Annie, and Horton are buried in the Abbott Cemetery near the homestead."

"After Howard's death, Mary Ann married Simon Peter Van Meter, son of Amasa and Elizabeth Pinkstaff Van Meter. They were the parents of Simon Preston, Wina "Winnie" and Samuel Telden. Simon Preston married Ethel ____[Fanny Ethel Quinn].........."

The rest goes on with the Van Meter line. If any one is interested, I have the majority of the line to the present date.

Simon Peter Van Meter died in Oklahoma, probably Dacoma, in 1902. Mary Ann returned to Kane, Illinois and lived with her son Albert Andrew on the homestead. She died 3 Jan 1911 and is buried with her first husband, Howard, in Kane, Illinois.

Mrs. Mary Van Meter died Tuesday of last week at son's home Albert Abbott west of Kane. Over 70, Twice married--second husband died some 10 or 11 years ago.
From the Carrollton Patriot, 12 Jan 1911

While in St Louis on business last spring, I took an afternoon and traveled up to Kane Illinois, about 45 miles across the Alton Bridge into Illinois and looked for the old homestead. I didn't go far enough west and couldn't seem to find the place. I went back the next day and found it. I walked the half section looking for a gravesite. My understanding is that its a flat rock with their names on it. After an hour I gave up, although I may try again next time I'm in St Louis. I did bring back a brick from the old homestead so the trip was not wasted.

Abbott homestead in Kane Illinois, courtesy Denny Dillon The grave site is supposed to be over the hill to the left.

Abbott homestead in Kane Illinois, courtesy Denny Dillon


Stephen Abbott and Sarah Wilson are the grandparents of Frances Ellen's father Howard. Ruby Abbott Postelwait published the following in the "History of Jersey County Illinois" Sesquicentennial Edition ISBN:0-88107-182-X Curtis Media 1991. Ruby Abbott Postlewait is a grand neice of Frances Ellen.

"Stephen Abbott married Sarah Wilson on 29 May 1796 in Winslow, Kennebec County, Maine. Sarah was born 27 July 1776 "adjacent near Winslow", the daughter of Eunice and Ephraim Wilson. They had 8 children or more, all born in Winslow.
1) Wilson, born 12 Dec 1796, married Patience Newell (Newhall, Newall, Nowall) on 27 Aug 1820. Patience was born 9 Jan 1801 in Winslow to George and Winniford Newall.
2) Hannah (31 Jan 1799 - 23 Feb 1849) was single.
3) Stephen, born 28 Jun 1801.
4) Scruton, born 19 Apr 1803.
5) Eunice, born 1 Dec 1804 married S W Reed on 9 Mar 1854.
6) Thomas (12 Apr 1806 - 21 May 1859 married Rachel ___.
7) James M married Mary Ann ___.
8) Sarah married Seth Wentworth 18 Apr 1846."

"Wilson and Patience Newhall Abbott left Maine with their children and appeared in the Putnam County, Indiana census in 1840. By 1850 they were in Madison County, Illinois. They had 11 or more children all born in Maine except Drusilla who was born in Indiana.; 1) Howard W; 2) Perlina, born about 1821, married Stephen Sanders and they had Edward, born in Indiana, and William, born in Illinois; 3) Philomena married Aaron Smith on 17 July 1852 in St Clair County, Illinois, their children were Charles, Mark, Hallick, and Alamanza; 4) Joshua (1826 - 22 Feb 1879) never married; 5) Sarah (Feb 1833 - Apr 1905) married Thomas S Smith on 29 Mar 1855 in St Louis. They gave birth to Thomas S, 1865, Mary (Thompson), and Jessie, 1873, all born in Illinois. They had 2 grandchildren, Jessie and Achor Thompson; 6) Betsy born 1836; 7) Martha Jane, born about 1837, married John Crawford on 2 Jun 1852 in Madison County; 8) Cyrietha, Married ___ Weseman. Her children were Ellen, Bessie, and Alfred; 9) Mary, died in maine 26 Aug 1833; 10) Wilder, died in Maine 19 Sep 1833; 11) Drusilla, (July 1844 - 5 Mar 1914) married James M Seybold in 1889. He was born Nov 1820 in Illinois, son of Samuel and Tamer Pickering Seybold. Samuel fought as a soldier in the Black Hawk War and the War of 1812. His grandfather, Robert Seybold had 6 brothers who fought in the Revolutionary War, serving through the entire 7 years. James served in Company I, 2nd Regiment during the 6 Aug 1833; 10) Wilder, died in Maine 19 Sep 1833; 11) Drusilla, (July 1844 - 5 Mar 1914) married James M Seybold in 1889. He was born Nov 1820 in Illinois, son of Samuel and Tamer Pickering Seybold. Samuel fought as a soldier in the Black Hawk War and the War of 1812. His grandfather, Robert Seybold had 6 brothers who fought in the Revolutionary War, serving through the entire 7 years. James served in Company I, 2nd Regiment during the Mexican War."

"Wilson died between 1850 - 1860 in Madison County and Patience between 1870 - 1880."

The following can be found in the Newspaper page of this site.

I went through a newspaper microfilm of old Turtle Mountain Star articles from Rolla, North Dakota. The following are some of them:

5 Dec 1889 p.4 col.1 --- H.W.Wood started Monday for Wales, Ontario, by way of the Canadian Pacific. He will be gone about two months.

27 Feb 1890 p.4 col.1 --- H.W.Wood of Fairview, was a pleasant caller Saturday, and from him w?????ira [we learn] that during his pilgrimage back to Ontario, he did some good missionary work and as a result expects several of his converts out during the summer to look the country over. While in Winnipeg he was the listener to many harrowing tales of starvation existing in this region, which, of course, he refuted in his best manner.

Thomas Henderson is at home again, after several months' sojourn in Montana. From him we learn that the weather in Montana can in no way compare with our famous all-around bracing weather. The warm wind blows out there carry(ing) the snow off before a person can get a sleigh ride, while here we have no such complaints to offer; out there a person does not experience the exquisite pleasure found in the continuous use of the fur coat, like we do here; that blarsted country permits a man to work out doors without mufflers or overcoat. While here we don't have to. Only two inches of snow in Montana when he left., while here we can go them fifty eight inches better. No Montana in ours, thank you. We prefer to dwell where the wild blizzard takes its pathway cross the hemisphere; where the snow drifts rear their majestic heads toward the skies; where the ice king reigns in all his congealing sumptuousness.

3 Aug 1890 --- Noted in a sidebar:.............Earth quake in Rolla Friday July 27th (?) 1890

12 March 1891 p.4 col.3 --- Fairview Town Meeting

The result of the election in Fairview township on the 3rd instant was as follows:

For supervisor, Chairman Owen Charbonneau, 37 Johnathan Ireland, 38 James Mahoney, 37 M.G. Markell, 9.

For clerk, H.W.Wood, 30 Hart, 12.

For treasurer, Alfred Bourrassa, 17 Joseph Darrah, 22

For assessor, S. Warner, 27 A Calhn, 16

For constables F. McKnight, Allen Wood,


Overseer of the poor Wm. Hamilton

Road supervisors O. Charbonneau, D. McKinnen, J. Stewart, Jas. Woods for districts number one, two, three, and four respectively.

Pound masters, J. Ieland, Thomas Maloney, Hector Bourrassa and W. Hamilton. A one mill tax was voted for all purposes. The next annual town meeting will be held at the Darrah school house.

Also a side bar.........Thomas Henderson elected to Road Supervisor March 5th 1891

9 May 1891 p.4 col.4 ---Took to the Woods

Rev. W.D.Rees was invited to attend at the residence of H.W.Wood in Fairview, Wednesday at 3 o'clock p.m. for the purpose of solemnizing the marriage of that gentleman's daughter, but it was the pleasure of the Reverend Rees to perform the nuptial rites that joined together two couples instead of one. The occasion was the marriage of Mr. Owen Furneybough, of Sidney, to Miss Annie Woods of Fairview, the daughter of H.W.Wood; also Mrs. Sarah M. Furneybough to Hiram W. Wood. The contracting parties are among the leading citizens of the vicinity and have hosts of friends who will extend best wishes. The Star feels so felicitous over the occasion that we could not help perpetrating the pun at the head of this notice, even at the risk of offering an apology.

13 Jun 1891 p.4 col.1 --- Levi Markell brought down Thursday a bunch of wheat taken from his farm in Fairview which measured eleven and a half inches. This is evidence of the growth grain is making in this country.

29 Oct 1891 p.3 col.1 --- Levi Markell, Fairview, can sound the praise of grand old Rolette with as good a grace as any other man. He to is one of the pioneer's and has yet to meet with a failure of crops. This years yield was a fair average; 126 acres of wheat, 3,169 bushels; just a little over 25 bushels to the acre; also 30 acres of oats, 1,613 bushels; 6 acres of barley 214 bushels.

Dec 10 1891 p.6 col.3 --- Married: Wednesday evening December 2nd at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Henderson, Susan Pogue and John Henderson, the Rev. W.D. Rees officiating. The happy couple are not unknown in the locality where they have resided for several years, the bride being the daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Andrew Pogue, the groom, one of the steady industrious farmers in this vicinity. The Star joins with their numerous friends in extending best wishes.

24 Dec 1891 p.8 col.2 --- Born Sunday December 20 to Mr. and Mrs. James Wood, Fairview, a son.

14 Jan 1892 p.8 col.3 --- Married Boyd-Markell

The marriage of David C. Boyd and Miss Annie Markell was solemnized on Tuesday evening, January 12, 1892, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Levi Markell, Fairview. The Rev. W.D. Rees officiating, the immediate friends and relatives of the couple being present. The bride has been a resident of Fairview for several years and is well known and highly esteemed. Of the groom, Rolla's respected postmaster, one of the early settlers of this county, who is so well and favorably known that it needs but to be known that he has formed an alliance with a noble woman to call forth from his friends one universal acclaim of: "Bravo! old boy. there's nothing too rich for your blood and everybody congratulates you and yours on the felicitous event." and the Star joins in extending best wishes.

28 Jan 1892 p.6 col.3 --- Some villain without the fear of God or A.T. Henderson one day last week tore down and hauled off about two loads of poles from his pasture fence and Mr. Henderson says he will give $10.00 for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the fence thief.

5 May 1892 p.6 col.2 --- Married at the residence of the bride's father, A.T. Henderson, on May 3, 1892, by Rev D.G. McKay, Mr. Allen Wood to Miss Maggie Henderson, all of Rolla.

9 Jun 1892 p.6 col.2 --- E.A. Graham sold his building to Levi Markell last week. Mr. Markell contemplates putting in a stock of dry goods and groceries.

11 Aug 1892 p.6 col.4 --- Married On Wednesday, August 3rd 1892, William T Perry to Miss Ellen Wood. The ceremony was performed at the residence of Allen Wood, brother of the groom [this has to be a misprint, brother of the bride], by Rev. D G McKay

20 Oct 1892--- Rolette County Fair Prize List Best crock of butter A.T. Henderson special prize N.O. Wilkes $ 1.00

17 Nov 1892 p.6 col.4 --- A.T. Henderson circulated a petition here Monday in favor of a bridge over the couhe (?) just beyond the cemetery. This has been a bad place all summer and something should certainly be done about it.

6 Feb 1893 p.6 col.2 --- Mrs. Alice L. Wood made a trip to Cando Thursday returning Saturday.

1 March 1894 p.6 col.2 --- The following persons were drawn Monday to act as petit jurors at the regular term of the district court to commence Wednesday, March 21: J.C.Tucker, Lemuel G.Welton, Thomas Craig, Jacob Kotschevar, George Porteous, Joseph Burgoyne, Ales


Fassett, John Munro, Antoine Nicholas, Wm.R. Hamilton, Thomas Henderson, Frank Rosscup, Napoleon LaFrance, Wm.Darling, Jonathan Ireland, Martin Christianson, Geo,Richards, W.F.Scripture, John Commo, Charles Meneiur, Charles K.Bradley, Joseph Plante, Eugene Turcotte, F.X.A. Bourassa, Louis Cota, Wm. Byrnes, Euclyde Lamoreux, H.A.Scott, W.V. Marsh, Christian Lundy.

May 1894 p.6 col.3 --- Thomas Henderson will serve on the United States grand jury which meets at Fargo on the 15th. Ex-Com. Cooper has been drawn for the United States petit jury which is called to meet on the 22nd.

9 January 1896 p.6 col.3 --- The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Henderson will sympathize with them in the death of their little daughter, which sad event occurred on Friday last. The child was born Sept. 9th 1895, and was consequently nearly four months old. The funeral was held Saturday.

16 April 1896 p.6 col.2 --- Republican County Convention The Republican County Convention for the purpose of electing seven delegates to the state convention at Fargo, Wednesday, April 15, 1896 was held at the court house at 2 p.m. Saturday. The convention was called to order by the chairman of the county committee, C.F. Wilbur, who read the call. On motion, C.F. Wilbur, was chosen chairman of the convention, and John A. Wayne, secretary. On motion, the chair appointed Job Taylor, James Smith, and Wm. F.Gurr as a committee on credentials. The committee found the following delegates entitled to seats in the convention:

Oxford--Wm. Craig, Thor Syverson.

St. John--James Smith, C.R. Lyman.

Maryville--Canute LaFrance, Moses LaFrance.

South Valley-- Wm. F Gurr.

Mt. Pleasant--W.F. Hoskins, C.F. Wilbur, John A. Wayne, Wm. Clarke, A.A. Taylor, Job Taylor, Wm. Mountford, A.T. Henderson, W.A. Duncan.

On motion, the chair appointed W.J. Hoskins, Wm. Craig, and Wm. F. Gurr, as committee on resolutions, who reported as follows: The Republicans of Rolette County, in convention assembled, renew their allegiance to the principles of the Republican Party and resolve:

1. That the persons chosen at this convention be instructed to use their influence in the election of delegates to St. Louis who favor the nomination of Wm. McKinley for president.

2. That we pledge our hearty support to the Hon. HC Hansbrough for U.S. Senator, believing that his distinguished services in behalf of the people of North Dakota fairly entitle him to a second term.

3. That we hereby tender to the Republicans of Towner county our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the very courteous indorsement of our esteemed citizen, C,F, Wilbur, as delegate to the St Louis convention, and we promise to reciprocate this honor whenever a suitable opportunity occurs.

Signed Committee W.J. Hoskins, Wm. F Gurr, Wm. Craig

--At the Mt. Pleasant Republican caucus held at the town hall Thursday afternoon for the purpose of electing 9 delegates to the county convention Saturday. A.O. Graham was made chairman and C.F. Wilbur secretary. The following delegates were chosen: W.J. Hoskins, C.F. Wilbur, John A. Wayne, Wm Clark, A.A. Taylor, Job Taylor, Wm. Mountford, A.T. Henderson, W.A.Duncan

4 June 1896 p.8 col.2 --- Mat Henderson is visiting Ireland. It is highly rumored that the mission to the Emerald Isle is of a tender nature.

We will miss Betty Dillon Dethloff. Betty passed on Dec 17 after a long battle with cancer.

I hope you have enjoyed this "page" in family history. Next time, Jonas Wood UEL. Can anyone guess what the "UEL" stands for? Please send some articles to pass on to the rest of the family. I'm running out of material!!!!

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