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Documentation for the Dillon Coat of Arms design can be found in "Burke's General Armory"

For the shield:

"Ar. a lion ramp. betw. three crescents an estoile issuant from each gu. over all a fess az."
For above the helmet and shield the crest is described as:

"On a chapeau gu. turned up erm. a falcon rising ar. belled or."

The lion clutching the star may instead be a sky looking falcon! Also there should be stars above the crescents.
Generally, the coat of arms above is accepted as the Dillon Crest.

Histories, papers, photos, and genealogy of the Dillon, Abbott, Johnson, Farrell, and Wood families.

Visit the Biography pages, some interesting stories from the Pioneer days of Rolette County North Dakota.

Lots and lots of photos. Some photos of the farm in Dakota and a later picture of Dorothea Wood

Visit the Certificates and Clippings page for Marriage Licenses, Naturalization Papers, Newspaper Clippings and other family interest articles.

See the Newspaper Page for old articles from the Turtle Mountain Star from Rolla North Dakota and the Carrolton Gazette from Carrolton Illinois.

Dillon's Ditty is a collection of past family newsletters. Information in the newsletters contains much of the information on other pages of this website.

I have added another page to this site discussing present research of individuals showing potential ties to the families. Take a look! If there is something you can add shoot me an e-mail.

There is also a short discussion regarding some small grave sites on Christopher Dillon's homestead. Click on the link "Present Research" on the left.

I have added a "Gravestone" page. Grave stones from various family members. Thanks to Edd Abbott for sending me the Abbott stones from the homestead in Illinois.

I have also added some additional airdrop photos to the Veitnam page taken from inside the plane during the Ben Het Seige in June of 1969.

Thought a few photos of a couple of my cars would be nice. The Model A came from Bottineau, North Dakota in 1960. Still runs and drives. The Olds is a sister to the one I bought in 1969.

Visit the link below to see Dillon, Abbott, Farrell, & Wood Genealogy.

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