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NRW at the End of the
18th Century
Historische Karte des Fürstentums Nassau-Siegen, 1789
Historical Map of the Principality of Nassau-Siegen, 1789
Carte historique de la principauté de Nassau-Siegen

Interactive NRW map, Detailed map, Search of places and territories as well.
Also, If you are interested in researching other historical regions of what is now Germany, you can click on: Deutschland 1789. You can also research Prussia, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Europe through links to other sites.
From the website of Thomas Höckmann (in German).
The History of NRW 1946-2002 Below is a message received from Philipp Sanke about an exciting new NRW history site:

I am pleased to inform you that a new internet-site covering the history of Northrhine-Westphalia 1946-2002 has been launched by our institution, the Central for Civic Education of the State of Northrhine-Westphalia. Most of the information on this site is bilingual, so you can access the site in a german and in an english version. For the english version just type the URL and hit the "English"-button located on the lower right of the first screen.

NRW Online
Geography, history, current events, statistics, politics, the people of NRW

Historical territories of NRW
From the website of Thomas Höckmann, this site, which is in German, could prove valuable to you in researching the place of your ancestors. He also has pages on Dortmund-Brechten, the Greek N. Ionian island of Corfu and the NRW state election of 2000.

Landtag Nordrhein-Westfalen
The NRW State Parliament and what's happening.

Preußen Museum NRW
Why have a Prussian Museum in NRW? Up until present times Rhineland and Westphalia were much more identified with their Prussian past than is comonly known. Therefore, much of the politics, education, and administration of these areas are affected by their Prussian influence.
Ev.-Luth. Churches This is a listing of Evangelical and Lutheran churches that have websites on the Evangelical Church of Westphalia's websuite. Thanks is given to Jim Jensen for showing us this site.

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