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Name: Cheryl Thomson
Date: 2019-08-05
Homepage URL:
Hi Derek,
My name is Cheryl Anne Thomson (née Hiscox). My father is Denzil Claude Hiscox.
I was looking at a family ancestory page of which you are the author. I am requesting you change the date of my Dad’s birth date as it is incorrectly noted. Dad was born 14 March 1916 and NOT 14 May 1916.
Please advise when you have corrected this. Today is 42 years since we lost Dad and I still miss him terribly. He was a very quiet unassuming man with a keen sense of humour only shared by those close to him. Bless him. Kind regards
Cheryl Thomson

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Name: Donna Ryan
Date: 2017-08-17
Homepage URL: Sydney Australia
Grandaughter of Nora Verdyne Bullock and Denis Robert Ryan (only one 'n' in Denis) just stopping in to say , "Hi". I guess we are related in some way but I'm not sure how, yet. :).
Email me if you want more information for the Bullock side though it probably doesn't affect you directly?
Donna Ryan
daughter of Keith Donovan Ryan
only child of Norah and Denis

Name: Leyland Ingram.
Date: 2017-11-10
Hi, I just came upon this history. Not a great deal to add, not a Grandad yet but feel free to get in touch.
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Good to hear from you, Leyland. Thanks for visiting and I hope you found it worthwhile. If you have anything you would like me to add, (or remove), please let me know. Likewise, if I've got anything wrong, please don't hesitate to correct me!.
Trust all is well with you and the family.

Name: Priscilla Amstar
Date: 2017-09-30
I found your site on the Internet.
I am trying to trace more about my grandfather Charles Ernest Walze who was the brother of Ethel Beatrice Walze. Her name was Ethel not Ether. I did meet her in Melbourne many years ago and all her daughters from the Bullock side. I am hitting a brick wall trying to find the Father of my grandfather his name is Mark Walze I can’t find anything more accept he married an Ida Radcliffe.
I wonder if you could help.
Warm Regards Priscilla

Hi Priscilla,
Thanks for visiting and for the heads up on the typo. All fixed! I have responded to your enquiry separately by email.

Name: Donna Ryan
Date: 2017-08-17
Homepage URL sydney australia
Grandaughter of Nora Verdyne Bullock and Denis Robert Ryan (only one 'n' in Denis) just stopping in to say , "Hi". I guess we are related in some way but I'm not sure how, yet. :).
Email me if you want more information for the Bullock side though it probably doesn't affect you directly?

Donna Ryan
daughter of Keith Donovan Ryan
only child of Norah and Denis

Name: Graeme Simpson
Date: 2017-02-01
Re: St john's Cemetery (kalpali) Bangalore
Yes, you are welcome to use the pictures, it was very nice of you to ask me. They were taken in 2003 on our first visit to India.
It may depend on when you visited as to the condition of the cemetery. We visited one to see my wife's GG Grandmother's grave and it was supposed to be well kept, but it was not long after the monsoon and the place was overgrown with lillies!! They apparently will clean it up eventually.
Did you have the grave locations when you visited? My wife's father (whose father and grandfather are buried there) wrote a letter to the minister and he emailed the location and other grave details back to me before we left for India. I have subsequently found another ancestor on my wife's mothers side and emailed the church but sadly without a response. I may try a snail mail approach and see if that helps.

All the best with your research.

Graeme Simpson

Name: Tanya Dickson
Date: 2016-12-22
Hi! I am the great granddaughter of William Oswald Bullock (son of Thomas William and grandson of James Bullock). My grandmother Anne Is His daughter and still alive. We have some photos to share! Email me :)

Name: Barbara Teague
Date: 2015-11-29
How you found us Searching for Boddington shoemakers
My great-grandmother was Alice Dinah Boddington, daughter of Charles Boddington(1830-1908) and Harriet Roe (1830-1902. Alice was born in 1855 in Northampton and died in 1897 in Chicago, IL. She married Frederick Balmer in 1875 in Toronto, Ontario. Her sister Elizabeth Eaton Boddington married Frederick Balmer's brother George Hawkes Balmer. Alice & Elizabeth's father Charles was the son of Thomas (1801-1880)and Frances Watkins Boddington (1805-1881). Thomas's parents were William Boddington and Elizabeth Lester.

All my Boddingtons were shoemakers and appear to have arrived in Northampton by the birth of Charles in 1830. Charles & family emigrated to Canada in about 1871, settling in Toronto.

I would be interested in finding out if my Boddingtons are connected in some way to yours.

Name: Adrian Boddington
Date: 2015-08-19
Dear Derek
My name is Adrian Boddington & live in Northampton.
My grandparents were Charles & Winifred Boddington who had 3 sons Eric, Ray & Keith.
Keith is my father & is still alive at 84. Eric & Ray have now passed away. I have 2 older brothers Nigel 62, Andrew 60 & I am 57.
I have 3 children John 32, Emma 27 & Lewis 24.
If you like further information about us I will forward it to you over the next few weeks.
Regards Adrian

Name: Peter Such
Date: 2015-08-05
My Ingram connection is from Florence Ingram, (daughter to Edward John Ingram, son of John Page Ingram, son of Robert Ingram). As far as we are aware Robert's line ended with Alfred, the Indian connection. As the next eldest in line Florence's children took Ingram as a family name: "Ingram Such". Florence had 6 sons and 1 daughter who died in infancy. Having completed her family, legend has it, she refused to buy heather from a gypsy who then cursed her (in the middle of the road!) that her family would have no more sons. Between them her sons proceeded to have 7 daughters. By amazing coincidence my grandmother, newly married to the youngest of Florence's sons, bought heather from a gypsy who told her that she would lift a great curse from the family (instructing her to kneel in the middle of the road). She very soon after had her only child, my father, who had two sons. As the eldest I have been blessed with three sons to continue the Ingram Such line. There have been no more daughters!

I was interested to read in my grandfather's notes some more information about the Southend tram occupation of John Page and Edward John (definitely just "John" in the family). We have a large glass plate picture hanging in my grandmother's living room of the tram with an endless succession of Ingram's lining in parade formation down the side. I could try and get a copy of this made if it is of interest. I also had, but have now infuriatingly lost, a photocopy of a Royal Warrant of Appointment for the Steam Baths owned by Robert's brother Thomas. I understand that this family connection led to the John's taking on the tram when the pier was built over the old bath premises.

John Page was a keen amateur carpenter which might explain his 1881 census entry. Indeed, this hobby was kept up by his son Edward John and handed down to one of his grandsons by Florence (my late great-uncle), Reginald. We still have some furniture made by Reg and tools that were handed to him by Edward John which I still use today.

One more small detail which interest. My grandfather noted that when Alfred got his medal for "Best Man-at-Arms" he was actually presented to George V and Queen Mary. It seems to have caused a family sensation back home!

Many thanks again for your most informative website. In sketchy form I can provide the next 3 generations for Edward John if this would be of use to your research.

Name: Prem Rao
Date: 2015-07-05
I am an Old Lawrencian who studied at Lovedale from 1959-67. I was fascinated to see mention of Major A V Richardson and others associated with the School. Some of us OLs are writing an informal history of the School and we would welcome your inputs. I would love to get in touch with you. Thanks and regards,

Name: Fred Fisher
Date: 2014-05-24
How you found us Looking for information on Madras of 1800s
Thank you for the opportunity of browsing your website. I was looking for something about a church in George Town, old Madras - and I found just what I was looking for amongst your treasures. The Holy Emanuel Church in George Town is where my great-grandfather's brother was married in 1862, and I've never been able to find where the church was situated. His name was William Noah Fisher and he married Elizabeth Easthaugh. Both of them lived in Royapuram, William being an engineer with the Madras Railway Company. Apparently Elizabeth was Methodist; William was CofE. Any idea where I can find out more about them apart from the usual Census data? And, please may I use your photo of the church building in my family story?
I'd love to hear from you sometime. I was born in India in 1933 but my family migrated to Australia in 1946. My school days in India were spent at Lovedale.
Kind regards,
Fred Fisher
38 Elizabeth Street, Kalamunda 6076. Western Australia.

Name: eileen
Date: 2013-05-11
wonderful to see these photos

Name: H Brown
Date: 2013-03-12
How you found us Looking for Vogts
I have Vogts in my Family - my grandfather was Albert b1896, his father Emmanuel c1860, and his father Francis who was from Cochin c1830.

I have seen the Vogts you have in your tree as I found these names some time ago, and have been trying to find a connection between them - I am sure there is one, but can't find it as yet. Have you any info on Francis Vogt at all c1830? Do you have any other info at all you can let me have?

Look forward to your reply.
Kind regards

Name: Jack Verduyn Lunel
Date: 2011-10-09
How you found us By referral
Subject: ann verdyn

Dear Derek,

I'm sure the name of Ann Verdyn is Ann (or Anna) Verduijn. I don't know who her father is, but I'm almost sure about her grandfather and her great-grandfather. Her aunt is Anna Petronella Verduijn and a female ancestor of my family (Anna Petronalle was born in Cochin in 1780) and married in 1812 with a P.F.A. Lunel and so they started my familyname:
Verduyn Lunel or Verduijn Lunel. Anna Petronella had five brothers and I think was of these five is your Ann's father. The father of this Verduijn-family was Hendrik Jacob Verduijn (married with Anna Elisabeth Philipsz). And his father was Hendrik Verduijn (also Voorduijn), who leaved his town Rotterdam to go to the east.

greatings, Jack Verduyn Lunel

Derek Boddington 09.10.2011 08:05
Eureka! Wonderful news! At last we might have the connection to our Dutch ancestors. Reply follows separately by email. (At great length and with many more questions)!

Thanks Jack!

Name: Glenn Halyburton
Date: 2011-08-11
How you found us looking for the the Bullocks
42 F i. Ivy Myrtle BULLOCK was born on 18 Jun 1900 in Chennai, (Madras), Tamil Nadu, India and was christened on 30 Jun 1900 in Chennai, (Madras), Tamil Nadu, India.
Ivy married Osborn CHAPMAN 6 Mar1922 in St. Thomas Mount, Chennai (Madras) Tamil Nadu, India. Osborn was born in 1893 in <..Tamil Nadu, India>.

my mother Beryl Halyburton was Beryl Chapman - daughter of Ivy & Osborn Chapman

Name: Andy Thomson
Date: 2011-07-12
How you found us By chance
Friday, 8 July 2011 08:09 Host:

I am married to Cheryl (nee Hiscox) daughter of Jean Hiscox. Jean is the daughter of David Robertson who appears in Gen 3 of your tree. Jean is still alive (87) as is her sister Maxine. There are a number of descendants from these two who do not appear on your tree. If you want information let me know. I have several birth/death/marriage certificates from the India period. I use FTM (2010) for my own research but must admit I have done little on my wife's side of the family. I guess I will now!

Andy Thomson

Derek Boddington Friday, 8 July 2011 11:42

Thanks Andy.
I was just about to set off to visit my daughter in Somerset when I got notification of your GB entry. Very happy to exchange information. I will respond at greater length by email when I return on Monday next.
Derek Boddington

Name: Stuka
Date: 2011-03-19
A lovely website which was a pleasure to read.

Name: Julia Caroline Ingram <Julia_Ingram[at]>
Date: 2010-04-26
Dear Derek!

I'm really happy i found this website.
My mother, daughter of George Ingram, told me about this site! I couldnt believe that i found out something about my own family! It's amazing!

My grandparents went to Canada this year to visit Thelma Ingram, my gandpa's mother! Maybe i can give you more informations about my part of this family.

I hope for an answer.

regards from Julia
(Dortmund, Germany)

Derek Boddington Wednesday, 9 December 2009 22:14

Dear Julia,
Wonderful to hear from you and many thanks for visiting. I have responded at greater length separately by email. Keep in touch and please get back soon.
P.S If you are the granddaughter of my cousin George, that makes you my first cousin twice removed....(I think)!

Name: Christopher Ingram
Date: 2009-08-09
My father was William Gordon Ingram born in Wandsworth. Father Gordon Ingram married to Edith. Any relation?

Name: Lisa Gardiner
Date: 2009-08-09
Sunday, 22 February 2009 20:05 Host:

Dear Derek
Am delighted to have found your website. My Great Grandmother was Rebecca (Hannah) Ingram.

I will send more detailed information on Rebecca's children etc via email.

Kind Regards


Name: Paul Richardson
Date: 2009-08-09
Friday, 5 December 2008 20:28 Host:
my grandad was frank boddington . he was born in raunds northants in approx.
1907 anything you might know would be of great interest to me.

Name: Denis Keane
Date: 2009-08-09
Hi Dereck, what wonderful information, my late grandpa was Tom Boddington and I always wanted to know his/our ancestry, I wonder if he sits on one of your branches.

As you have been talking to my brother Les I'm sure he/we do.

Tom was a bookmaker, I can remember he had a workshop out the back of their Balmain (Sydney, Australia) home and once worked in Wilmot St in the city of Sydney.

Could you please place me on your Email list and keep me updated, thank you in advance.

Kindest regards,
Denis Keane

Name: Bill Ellis
Date: 2009-08-09
Friday, 13 June 2008 18:19 IP:

Dear Sir,I wonder if you can help or do I contact the Registrar in Poole to find when my friend Agnes Teresa Doherty got married to Rodney Clements. Her daughter was born in December 1962 so could have been married in 1962 or just before.Teresa and husband were in Rhyl in 1967 or 1968. Hope you can help.

Many thanks.

Name: Rona Langston
Date: 2009-08-09
Homepage URL
Monday, 28 January 2008 08:19 Host:

Hi Derek,
Many thanks for your kind words upon visiting my 'Ingram Family' Website.
I too am pleased to have discovered your Boddington-Ingram Website, where I have discovered new information in regards to your 'branch' of the Family.
...and as you said in an earlier email, it's reassuring to find that another's research confirms your own efforts!
Happy to have made the connection!
Kind Regards,
Rona Langston (nee Ingram)

Name: Jack Ingram
Date: 2009-08-09
Monday, 21 January 2008 07:29 Host:
Hi Derek
I sent you a message but it did not go because I took so long to write it!
My niece Rona Langston (she was an Ingram) will be in touch about her Web site. I haven't got one.
Jack Ingram

Name: Lynda Boddington
Date: 2009-08-09
Monday, 17 September 2007 11:48 Host:
I'm just going to send you a picture that goes with this....cannot attach here so will send with contact email address.
All the Best Lynda

"Dear Ms Boddington,
The index is made up of information provided to the museum by the public, so it covers all dates. I have searched the index for your family members and I am afraid we do not hold a record of your father but you were correct about your garndfather's involvement with the museum he was involved in the setting up of the cobbler's shop in 1913, I have attached a photo of the cobbler's shop, unforetuinatley we do not have any names for the gentlemen in the photo, could one of them be Ebenezar Boddington? I also could not find any record of donations from the Boddington family- could they have been donated under another name?

The Royal Airforce Museum may be able to assist you further with your search for your father they can be contacted via their website at

The information you have provided has been added to the shoemakers index together with your name and address. These details can then be passed on if anyone enquires about the Boddington family. If you have any objection to your name and address being recorded for this purpose please let me know.

Kind regards

Name: Lynda Boddington
Date: 2009-08-09
Wednesday, 15 August 2007 18:46 Host:
Hi Derek,
Usually I'm so busy....never get round to looking at anything 'properly'. Had a bit of spare time - and was just visiting your web site, and trying to take in all the information! What a lot of work you've done. I just wanted to you to know, it has been very interesting for myself and and brother in London.
Hope you are in good health.
All the best Lynda