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My grandfather Shirrell put together a genealogy of his family around the turn of the century for his daughter Esther. It goes back to the Norman invasion. Eventually I hope to have most of the material linked and up on the web.

My first wife Shreela was born in India- and though she lived in the United States for 30 years , never took American citizenship. Her mother and father each had many siblings and so I began to keep a record of them which came in handy when we visited in 1977 and again after Shreela's death in 1994.

My father came from the Netherlands in the 1920s. His nephew Gerard has been working on the history of the de Leeuws for some time now.

After my wife died in 1994 I met Barbara .We were married on June 21 1998 . Her family is from Detroit and Toronto. Her younger son Amahl is in the Navy .He is married with 3 children

My sister Shirrell married Roald Buhler - and they have 4 children

My brother Johan (Fell ) married Virginia Wolney - they have 3 children

The format for the links is a standard HTML table. The parentage of each person is on top... children at the bottom- along with any notes. The font for each person is enlarged

The family is spread all over the world.

There are Buhlers in New Jersey, Seattle and Australia.

de Leeuws range from Mexico to Seattle, Rochester, and the Netherlands. The Patnaiks and Rays are in India, the United States and the UK.

There are also connections with Zimbabwe and Chile

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The latest addition to this genealogy was:

December 21- with Ahmal and Monica Williams