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God Bless America,
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Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
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16 Mar 2011  Veteran's Index Harry Addison Appleby  gr-son of John Quincy Appleby & Sarah Wade 
16 Mar 2011  Veteran's Index George Addison Appleby    son of Harry Addison Appleby   New!!!
21 Feb  2011   Descendent Index George Appleby & Gertrude Bayor Appleby  Edited w/corrections
21 Feb  2011  Descendent Index John Tate Appleby Chart    Edited w/corrections/additions
10 Feb  2011 Descendent Index John Tate Appleby Chart   Eliz. Stearns & Raymond Stubblefield    New!!
12 Aug 2010  Descendent Index George Wilder Appleby & Nellie Everett    New picture!!
12 Aug 2010  Veteran's Index     Lloyd Everett Appleby                New!!!  Veteran   WWI    Picture   
11 Aug 2010 Veteran's Index Robert Michael Appleby    Veteran!!  New Picture!!   
18 Aug 2010 Veteran's Index David Patrick Appleby  Veteran!!   New Picture!!
14 Aug 2010  Descendent Index Zephrey Appleby Family Obits    
10 Sept 2010 Veteran's Index Robert Lee Appleby        New!!!     Veteran    New Picture!!
10 Sept 2010 Veteran's Index George Kenneth Appleby    Marine Veteran WWII !!  Picture


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