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Towler Family History



This Towler family have been researched by Margaret Armstrong Towler, Major Silas H. Towler, and his father, Dr. Thomas Sturrock Towler and the papers original copies were found at Margaret's home when she died in 1979.  I have put them all together in a software package, RootsMagic, and published a hard copy book from this software for the current generation of the George Hutchins Towler family  of Minnesota.

Major Silas Howell Towler was the commander of the Old Soldiers Home in Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1900 to his death in 1930.  He was a member of the John A. Rawlings post of the Grand Army of the Republic, along with L. A. Hancock, A. G. Dunlop, Captain A. M. Shuey, Governor Samuel R. Van Sant, Judge Eli Torrance, and W. L. Humason. These names appeared on an article in Minneapolis Tribune.  [no date on copy of original] Article is entitled "Seven Youths of 70 Years ago Recollect Memories of Marching Off to the Civil War"

Silas was also a member of the in J. C. McCoy Post No. 1. in Columbus Ohio.

In the article it states " Major Silas H. Towler, commandant of the Minnesota Soldiers Home, 83 year old veteran of the 85th Ohio, [83 = probably means a 1929 issue of the newspaper] chairman of the national executive committee of the G. A. R"   Other valuable family information is also in this article.   A picture in a magazine [no label as to what publication this is] is a picture by Harry Pogue  of 5 couples celebrating Marriage Ties more than 50 years old  GAR post John A. Rawlings.

History of Christopher Towler   England to Barbados to Virginia


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