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Sherburne, Martin County, Minnesota  founded in 1879. 

Although the "A Centennial History of Sherburn"  states it started about 1866.  It was originally spelled Sherburne and named after Sherburne S. Merrill, a Milwaukee RR official.  Miss Elizabeth Rooney, our High School principal, has documented the history very well in the above mentioned book.

Our family lived there from 1947 to 1957. We were sent there to serve the new Methodist Church which was formed out of the Federated Church. To help build a building and let the congregation grow.  Building was built in 1950 and some of the pictures are in the story.  This Church closed on 18 Jun 2006.  56 years of history.

Sherburn School Class of 1957  

50 years  

was celebrated 21 July 2007  Fairmont, MN Sirloin House.



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