KY Photos, DeCourcy, Pack, Wessling
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KY Photos, DeCourcy, Pack, Wessling


Dudley Brown Ellis b. 1760
KY Photos, DeCourcy, Pack, Wessling
William Ball immigrated about 1650, Ball Ancestors
Mains, George


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These photos are originals owned by the Rev. Frank DeCourcy family, if you take a copy of the photo you are stealing and that is in violation of many state and federal laws.  Some of these have been put on, which I have asked to have removed.

All pictures can be double clicked and you will see them enlarged.
DeCourcy, Campell Co KY to Ford Co., IL to Walnut Grove, MN to Redwood Falls, MN

MN and KY families visiting at Walnut Grove, MN 218 Chestnut St., Redwood Falls, MN 1940's Catherine, Aunt Nettie Ellis, Oliver Miles DeCourcy 1894 Map of California KY, where O. M. DeCourcy Sr had a grocery Store on the Wharf
Pack Johnson Co KY up the Ohio River,  then Mississippi river to New Boston IL, to Paton IA,  to Walnut Grove, MN
The famous fire escape from the Walnut Grove High School that Mother and Dad went down on fire drills,  Dad was always the first one down. He was small. Charles and Lavina Chandler Pack, taken before 1900 in (Sip) Johnson Co., KY Rebecca Fairchild LeMasters Sayler Sunday Gathering. Early 1900's. Is Published on the Johnson Co KY Web site with wrong names  see author of Web page for correct names. Ben Sayler and Rebecca Fairchild 
Trip to KY. Picture on back says Swinging Bridge into Paintsville, KY Sherman Pack's family walking the Swinging Bridge PO Chandlersville, KY where Sherman Pack was Post Master prior to 1895. Son, Lloyd, daughters, Erline, & Louverna, visited with their Aunt Pearl Pack Slone in 1948. Home of Sherman Pack at Sip? Kentucky before moving to Paton, Greene Co., IA
Trip to KY. Picture of the well apparently on Sherman's place, KY Sherman Pack's family by the old barn that was there when Louverna and Lloyd were small.

L to R: Dorn Carlson, Grace Wessling Pack, Louverna Pack Magner, Ira Magner, Erline Pack Carlson, Ernest Carlson,  & Lloyd Pack

Cemetery at Paintsville ?, KY, Aunt Pearl Pack Slone's husband Willam H. Slone's stone taken in 1948.  
Wessling  Hanover Germany to North Northfield, IL, to Geneseo, IL to Paton, IA,

1885 Taken at Silas Brand house in North Northfield the day of the funeral of Johann Gerhardt Wessling, father of the people dressed in Black.  for names contact web author Wedding Picture on a tin plate of Martin Wessling and Lena/Wendelena Sommers  20 Feb 1879, Geneseo, IL Children of Johann Gerhardt Wessling and Wilhimina Plagge taken about 18 Nov 1885, Silas Brand home. Copy of Land Grant for IL for Johann Gerhard Wessling

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