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Place & Date of Research


Campbell County Courthouse Alexandria, KY

22, 23 June 2004

23 Aug 2007

Will of William DeCoursey/DeCourcy was found while searching the Alexandria Court House in Campbell County, Kentucky, on June 22, 2004.  Never found the original, it was re copied in Will Book C, and is not listed in the index in the front of Will Book C.  It was a fluke that I found it, Edward Porteus Ball one of my other grandfather's will was listed on page 51, and after I was done making copies, I looked at pages going forward knowing that William DeCoursey died in 1844 and the dates were close.  Then I saw the name DeCourcy and thought he or the second William were being witnesses to another will.  When I realized there were three pages with the name, I looked closer.  I re check Dr. Adam's work and notes, and he had said there were no DeCoursey/DeCourcy's listed in Will Book C. See new information on hyperlink to William DeCourcy
Bracken County Courthouse, Brooksville,

30 Jun 2004

Found original will of George Mains, Mary Mains and settlement of estate (Rev. Peter Mains helping) with the help of Rosemarie Bonwell Pell, author of all the excellent research books that are being published by Bracken Co Historical Society. (She is using original records to publish her work)
Pendleton County Courthouse, Falmouth, KY

27 Jun 2004

Found marriage records of Mains, Lewis and land records for Lewis Lewis and George Lewis.
DNA  DeCourcy and Mains

1985 & 2016 ancestry.com

results see the home page for hyperlinks, no links for 2016 DNA
2013- 2017   Researching Thomas Balch Library, Leesburg, VA and Library of VA in Richmond, VA Leonard's Frolick search finding proof of ownership to Leonard DeCause/DeCoursey naming William DeCoursey born 1756 as son of Leonard. Visited the land in Oct 2016 which is an hour drive north of where I am now living .

Found other abstracted copies of wills for William Ball and wife Margaret Williamson to compare with already found will copies. Visited Mary Ball Washington Library in Lancaster County, VA Aug 2016. And Churches where our Ball and Downman families lived in the late 1600-1700's.

Found Gloucester County early maps and other information for Porteus and Smith families.

Visited Washington DC, in 1954 and 2014. 60 years later, how the city has changed.

Nov Dec 2011

Online research of Maryland Archives records

Finding Leonard's Frolick land records and maps of location in Prince George county also Frederick County.

All record books that have alpha for a book number are at Alexandria Court house.  Record Books that are at Newport Court House are all numeric.  Dr. Adams book says differently. This was clarified for me when I visited the Newport Court House looking for the same records Dr. Adams had in his notes June 2004.

Pdf files for the NE KY families.    

Colorful double cousins chart for Balls & Ellis, Campbell Co KY

William DeCourcy /DeCoursey/Corsi and Elizabeth Irvin

William Downman, Gent and descendants including the Ball line to Edward Porteus Ball

Edward Porteus Ball & Jeannette Davis

Frank Spilman/Spillman and Elizabeth  Erskine

George Lewis & Unknown wife, & Mary Humphrey

George Mains /Maines & Mary Unknown

Rees Evans and Bridget ________

Dudley Brown Ellis and Elizabeth Watts 



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