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Frontenac Methodist Campus, Old Frontenac, MN

  Off of Highway 61 between Red Wing and Lake City, MN

Down the Hill from Frontenac State Park

  Help create some memories of Frontenac

This page is dedicated to 

Rev. Frank LeRoy DeCourcy (1911 - 1980) member of the Minnesota Conference from 1937-1980, a Dean and Counselor was part of the work crew that set up Frontenac Methodist Campus (May 16, 1940).
Genevieve May Pack DeCourcy,(1912-2005) an Asbury School of Nursing of 1933 graduate as a nurse from 1940 to 1957 for Winona and Mankato Districts (now SE and SW Districts)

Rev & Mrs. Paul (Genevieve) Wilkinson wrote this song which is on a postcard.

"By Lake Pepin's rippling waters

'Neath the towering hills

Building temples of the spirit

Visions to fulfill.

Going onward.  looking upward

Searching for Thy truth

Building in our hearts fond mem'ries

Frontenac of you."

sung to the tune of  Cornell University Alumni song:

 "Far Above Cuyuga's Waters."

 information furnished by Rev. David Wilkinson, (son of Paul and Genevieve) 30 Mar 2006

Let's create some memories of Frontenac

WE need your Help identifying people in pictures.

Those bus rides,  Mankato District?????

Vespers at the point

Swimming in Lake Pepin

Hiking up to the Villa Marie

Who road the banister from the second floor hotel to the first floor lobby?

Sneaking out of the cabins (our former Vice President of the U. S....

and many others )

Night patrol because of the public road.

How about the night visitor's 'the Bats'?

The Frontenac Foundation would like to hear from you,  please contact via

E mail Annette  with your stories.

We are looking for pictures, postcards (most are in the archives), programs, news stories, artifacts of Frontenac.

Stories of 'Mom' & 'Pop' Wagner

A couple of Stories


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